Send money to anyone for free from a linked bank account; with small fees via credit cards

It wasn't a headline part of the Google I/O 2013 keynote, but the Google Commerce Blog has just dropped a pretty sweet feature on us -- the ability to send money to anyone from Gmail with Google Wallet. The option is being rolled into Gmail as just another thing that you can attach when sending a message. Right next to the paperclip for attaching files you'll see a "$" icon where you can click and send money free of charge to the recipient -- who doesn't have to have a Gmail account -- if you have a bank account connected to your Google Wallet account. Transfers sent by an attached credit or debit card are assessed a small transaction fee, and it is clearly shown when sending whether or not there will be a fee.

The ability to send money via Gmail will roll out over the coming months to U.S. residents over the age of 18, and won't be available on mobile through the Gmail app but will be possible with the Google Wallet mobile website. We would expect that once the security aspect of sending money on mobile gets figured out that the feature will hit the Gmail for Android app eventually.

Source: Google Commerce Blog

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xx_blam_xx says:

Absolutely amazing. Now I don't have to feel the pain of refusing to make a PayPal account. Awesome job, Google! Again!

Jay Holm says:

Still no Android 4.3 announcement? Did I miss it?

dkotoric says:

thank god can't stand ebay and paypal anymore cause both have become ridiculous with fees.

nexusberry says:


ojocell says:

So, is this goodbye to Western Union? It sounds like it may be for me. My daughter in the mainland likes to ask me to wire her money rather than waiting for a check to get there from Hawaii. A hassle for me - driving to the nearest Western Union place (usually a supermarket)- and around a $5 fee which I subtract from the amount she requests. This sound eminently better.

Cory S says:

Little do you know she added it to the amount she requested :P

ojocell says:

You're probably right. Ha,ha.

ojocell says:

Does the recipient have to have Google Wallet to "claim: the money?

icebike says:

If you read the blog page in the last link, it says Yes.

Then they need a way to get the money out of their wallet to something they can really use, like a credit card or debit card or bank account. Its still slower than Western Union.

ojocell says:

Thanks. I missed that.

chrismage says:

Does nothing for me, still not supported in Canada.

U.S. only.

Seryozha says:

i don't see a way to add a bank account. maybe i wont until its rolled out?

vulcZ says:

I'd imagine, yeah. I don't see the option to add a bank account to Wallet, either.

bangishotyou says:

Maybe it's tied to your debit card which is tied to your bank account.

macEVOlution says:

Go to Google Wallet page, settings, and verify your identity once you're verified you can add a bank account to payment methods

KathyJN says:

Thanks for that information! I searched everywhere and couldn't find out how to add a bank account. Verifying my identity is what I needed to do, even though it wasn't mentioned anywhere in Google help.

They need to integrate this into the Play Store so we can gift apps to our friends.

eahinrichsen says:

Hey guys, if anyone wants to test this out, you're welcome to my Gmail address. :)

tim242 says:

Will not work on mobile.

Mat Helm says:


Mat Helm says:

Still waiting for Gbay.....

deadlock4400 says:

@Andrew Martonik

Thanks for the post.

wow that's very active work from Google.

Thanks in Advance

Patrikios P says:

I'm from Australia and I don't have the "Send Money" option. I'm guessing its only available in the US only. I hope Google rolls this out here soon because I'm getting sick of PayPal fees.