Android unleashed on unsuspecting Australians

South Korea might have some real competition on its hands from Australia for title of "Most Random Android Promotion Strategy." The mighty robot you see above is part of Vodaphone Australia's plan to improve customer awareness of the Android OS, but we aren't sure how exactly it does that. Perhaps it yells catchphrases like "Open Source!", "Widgets!", "Flash!", or "Multitasking!" at unsuspecting humans as it wanders the streets, but no one really knows. But we can all agree it might be best to bow down to our new robot Android overlords, and remember, they know what you are saying. [Android Australia via Engadget]

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chefkeyser says:

They let it lose? Maybe loose perhaps.

wyatt_e says:

I think perhaps it did 'lose'. I wonder how many people tried to use it as a trash can.

chefkeyser says:

Creepy. It kind of looks like a recycling bin.

A1C says:

Now all we need is for it to walk, then it would be a demonstration of how powerful android is.

Better keep the male dogs away from it.LOL

JohnnyKat says:

It looks a bit drunk in this picture! Better lay off the "source"

GyratoryTech says:

excellent read

msm_portata says:

I am sure there is some back story on how this Android ended up drunk, leaning against a wall in a back alley in Australia.

CaptainYoshi says:

The best would be if it was a person inside, and it kept completely still until someone came up to it.