GetGlue, a popular web-based and iOS social networking application, has announced its new Android application. For those who are unfamiliar with GetGlue, it is a social networking game, similar to Foursquare, except you don't even have to leave the comfort of your house. Users are able to "check in" to share with their friends what book they are reading or what movie they are about to watch. Once you check into a few of a particular category, the system can pick up your trend and it will actually begin to provide you with suggestions of other books, movies, or musicians you may be interested in.  In addition to the release of their Android application, they are also announcing some new partnerships with companies like HBO, PBS, Universal, and more, which just helps expand their game.

Instead of receiving badges upon check in's, users receive stickers instead as part of the game. One of the neatest features is that a user can go online to their website at any time and request physical copies of any stickers that they may have earned. GetGlue will send you, free of charge, a copy of the stickers and all they ask in return is a picture showing where you used the sticker. With over 500,000 users, and nearly five million check ins and ratings a month, this application is bound to keep those looking for new material on their toes. Finally, in addition to their iOS, web based, and Android application they will be offering a very light mobile web version so you can keep up with your friends on the BlackBerry and webOS devices for the time being, so spread the word! Download link and screenshots are after the break.




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GetGlue releases Android application


Been messing with it for a bit, seems pretty neat. I'm always into finding new and good stuff to read / listen to.

Yea GetGlue is awesome. Make sure you install the Google Chrome extension or the FireFox add-on.

Also if you want to subscribe to me (I sub back) my username is Moe_Gunz

I been using it for a while now.

oh wow.this is sooo much better than clicker.i think i shall delete my account today.they even have an option for renting things you havent seen on Netflix.thats a pretty darn great idea

Was not able to download using ScanLife to read the barcode above. I did, however, find it available in the App Market. Looking forward to trying it out.