Virtual Reality does not have to be a solo experience.

Samsung has been hard at work shipping Gear VR units to folks who got them free as part of the Galaxy S7 pre-order, and that means there is now a massive surge in people trying this headset out for the first time. If you've been fortunate enough to watch the Oculus Store grow and improve in the Gear VR, you know there's a ton of things to do in this VR world right now, which is fantastic. No matter how much experience you've had in the Gear VR, there's a good chance you haven't had a ton of opportunities to enjoy multiplayer gameplay with the Gear VR.

Here are a few games to get you started with multiplayer Gear VR gaming.

  • Shooting Showdown 2 — This game is essentially a really advanced target practice sim in VR, with a ton of options for what to shoot and what environments to shoot it, but the real fun comes in when you jump into multiplayer. The game allows for head-to-heat shot counters to see who is the best with their finger on the -trigger- plastic button on the side of your head. It's good for quick fun, and a great way to introduce someone to immersive VR.

  • Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes — This game doesn't require multiple Gear VR headsets, but it absolutely requires multiple people. The person wearing the Gear VR needs to disable a complex explosive before the time runs out, but the only way to know exactly what to do is rely on the second person with the manual. The person not in VR land has a massive bomb diffusal guide to sort through based on the first player's description of the bomb, and as long as both players work together everyone lives.

  • AltSpace VR — This is currently a beta that you install separate from the Oculus Store, but the experience is all about interacting socially with the rest of the VR world. A big part of that experience is simple tabletop gaming and watching videos, and at least one of those things is a lot more fun to do with someone physically near you. If you're into trying something that isn't quite finished with your fellow Gear VR users, this is a lot of fun.

  • VR Karts: Sprint — Racing with friends is something every generation of gamer has done, and in the Gear VR you can look to your left and right and see your fellow racers from a unique perspective. VR Karts: Sprint is vaguely reminiscent of Mario Kart in nature, and with the right controller you can have a lot of fun with this setup.

  • Oculus Social — While not technically a game, Oculus Social users have been doing some fun things to shake up the overall experience as Oculus perfects the features. Live Twitch streaming has turned into impromptu Karaoke sessions on more than a couple of occasions, which is is a lot more fun than it sounds when the person singing before you is a weird floating head that tracks the real human's movements.

It's strange to think about being social and play in a multi-user space when you're wearing something that removes your ability to see the person sitting in the room with you, but the experiences being created here are too much fun to pass up. If you have the opportunity to enjoy one of these apps with someone else, give it a shot. In the mean time, if we left a killer multiplayer experience from this list you should share it with us in the comments section below.