An unholy marriage between Windows and Android takes place in this high-resolution, convertible tablet​

It's Windows. It's Android. It's Windows. It's Android. It's Windows. It's Android.

It's the Samsung ATIV Q, just announced today in London. And it takes a convertible 13-inch tablet -- that is, it's got a keyboard that you can abuse in a couple different positions -- puts Android on one side, Windows 8 on the other, and leaves you and your brain to deal with the aftermath.

Look, we're not going ot get the full feel for this thing in a few short minutes, but this much stood out: There are something like three buttons that will take you to Android -- and one of them is the Windows logo. Somewhere, even Christopher Nolan is scratching his head.

Enjoy this first-look video.

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SlimJ87D says:


A895 says:

I wish it would be affordable, but I doubt it.

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droidhead_1 says:

I would pay $800 for it but it will be twice that.

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Exactly my prediction too. If it is $500 or under I'm definitely buying

How can a magnesium encased, Haswell powered, with such a high resolution screen cost as little as that. Be realistic, this is an all out high end ultra pc and it'll cost a premium.

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natefish says:

Agreed. I'm guessing $1200, which is about twice what I'd pay.

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JR A says:

For the right price, I'd get it.

phor11 says:

So is it just running an Android VM on top of an x86 Windows 8 setup?
Or is it built on ARM and running Android beside Windows RT?

Lancer033 says:

that's my question. the potential is awesome if the execution is right. For the right price, this could be the thing to have. I think I remember something about Intel making a version of Android for x86 intel chips, so there is hope, although i don't remember the exact details of that. Potentially both operating systems running at the same time on the intel processor and just switching the display back and forth.

Barton82 says:

It's VM.

atremorer says:

That definitely has to be a Virtual Machine. When he swipes past the edge of the screen, he pulls up the Win8 charm for the Metro interface.

Jeff Stroup says:

I'd get one in a sec. I have an Android phone, work on a Windows PC, have a Nexus 7, iPad 3 and MacBook Air. This would be a great addition.

drdeath91 says:

If the specs and price are right, I think I may have found a new toy.

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closers7 says:


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mdye says:

What a terrible idea.

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one80oneday says:

Install bluestacks on any windows machine for the same...

Lancer033 says:

yeah, but the interface on bluestacks isn't that great. It works, but isn't what i would call ideal.

mathiasjk says:

Wauw, it runs Angry Birds!

ranallia says:

Never saw a feather flutter better

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cerebasan says:

I wish bluestacks ran on windows rt

John Nemesh says:

RT users wish they could run ANYTHING on it!

jpkerr1 says:


We all need to figure out what the maximum "right price" would be for this beauty... Anything above $800 and I'm not going..

Also notice that there are no mentions of camera specs.

I think you're a little deluded there buddy. This is a high end ultrabook and a super-high resolution tablet in one package. Either product alone already sell separately for north of a grand and when you combine the two... Pricing for this will be on a par with high end ultrabooks - $1200 - $1500 or more (a lot more in Aust where I am based). You have to remember that this is a full featured ultra-slim/light Windows 8 laptop, with tablet functionality as a bonus. This isn't an ASUS Transformer tablet with a detachable keyboard - this will sell for laptop prices, not tablet prices. Having said that it could well be the perfect replacement for my MacBook Air dual booting OS-X and Win 7 via bootcamp. I honestly never even use the Mac partition anymore. Replace that with Android and add Win 8 running a touch screen... colour me happy.

StuartV says:

What's the filesystem? Can either OS see all the same files that the other OS sees?

What about multitasking? Can you start something running on Windows, then flip over to Android to play Angry Birds, and your Windows task keeps running?

It's just running on top of Windows. I'd rather use Android for a low power mode than simultaneous with W8.

John Nemesh says:

Looks like they finally found a solution for Windows lack of apps!

Plz sammy dont be an apple and make this device affordable

tylerb2002 says:


nasellok says:

by +1000 do you mean it will be +1000$, because im thinking this device starts at like 1,199$, which means its probably a no-go for me. I need a new Laptop, and have a surface RT that will get sold as soon as the right device is released. I really like the Windows 8, and Android combo, but I think that the form factor of the Asus Trio is better, I just hate how in tablet form it will only run Android and not Windows.

Sh3ngLong says:

Dammit. I already ordered the new 14" Razer Blade laptop w/ GTX 765M.

Now I have this very strong urge to buy this Windroid also!! Then when the Note 3 comes out, I'll get that too! Then the PS4 and Xbox One!!

When will it ever end~!!!

When you're broke.

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Jack in NC says:

In my job, I can spend most of the day being completely productive with an android tablet. I did it today with my Note 8. But on rare occasions, I need to work with an office doc actually in ms office. Google Drive, Quick Office and Libre Office meet most needs, but sometimes I *need* MS Office. It's rare, but it happens and its always something that is customer-impacting. I just have to have that capability and my employer will pay for me to have it.

So, when the Asus Windroid Laptablet was announced a few weeks ago, I was giddy like a grey beard with his first Palm-like S-Pen. But, I honestly thought, "if only Samsung made it..."

Strangely, this ain't it.

I don't want convertible, and I don't want vm. I want (un)dockable, and OS-specific processors.

So far, it's still looking like Asus for me.

True but with the Asus, if you want to run windows you'll have to carry the keyboard dock as that's where the pc part is.

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androidalais says:

From the looks of it it's just emulating android or running it in a virtual machine style mode. The reason i still say this is because in the video he accessed a windows menu.

Jack in NC says:

Actually, maybe this is it. I still prefer dual processors, but...

Half an inch thick, under three pounds, screaming resolution and an S-Pen?

I'm definitely curious.

I do believe I've found my next laptop.

derek5l says:


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zackmack7 says:

No doubt. For the right price this thing will be a hit

Wow a Samsung device that isn't from the Galaxy line. I was expecting something along the lines of "Samsung Galaxy WinTab"

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altared90319 says:

"Somewhere, even Christopher Nolan is scratching his head." good one.

jamelta says:

Two of my favorite platforms. For the right price I would buy, for personal use (android) and for work (windows).

BB10fanatic says:

Prefere the Asus trio implementation. Wish there were an integrated stylus in the Asus though.

TroyBoy30 says:

'its very smooth' but i cant put this icon where i want it or scroll between screens! lol

RobJBR says:

But is it smooth?