Just a few months ago Google added Tim Bray to their team as an Android Advocate, and today Erick Tseng has announced he will be leaving Google and Android and joining forces with Facebook. For those unaware, Erick is the senior product manager for Android at Google, a very crucial part of the Android team. It is currently unknown how Google will react, and how they will fill the position, but odds are that an opening will be posted soon to get that spot filled quickly. [Erick Tseng (Twitter) via Engadget]


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Erick Tseng leaves Google and Android to join Facebook


Wow...he's leaving the fastest-growing mobile platform in the world to work for a social network that is, at this very moment, circling the bowl among anyone who knows the first thing about privacy? Nearly everyone I know is in the process of shutting down their Facebook accounts. Seems like a short-sighted decision, unless they're breaking the bank in an effort to stop the free-fall.

Like jumping off a modern aircraft carrier and jumping aboard the titanic. Facebook is on the fast track to extinction right now.

Facebook ain't goin' nowhere. I doubt 5% of Facebook users know what privacy changes have been made.

But here's to hoping for a Facebook app that actually works. Bloo has potential but still needs some work.