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Ordering pizza is important. Pizza is the everyman's food, and without it, countless people wouldn't know what to eat at birthday parties, late night gaming sessions, or when they're just hanging out with friends.

Giving people the easiest, most seamless way to order said pizza hasn't always been a priority for the Android faithful, but now there is change, thanks to the Domino's Pizza USA app. (There's also a killer promotion for a free Android phone, too!)

The Domino's Pizza USA application is the standard by which all pizza ordering apps should be held. It's clean, visually appealing, and incredibly easy to navigate. All the options you could ever dream of are there for you to use, be it extra cheese, more pepperoni, or something else on the menu that isn't pizza at all! With everything just a single tap away, you'll wonder how you ever called in an order in the era before smartphones.

Once your order is complete, you're taken to one final confirmation screen to review your options, and if everything looks good, you move to the checkout screen to input your payment information. This is pretty standard stuff, but the fact it all looks so good and works so well keeps me singing its praises. (And you will, too.)

Perhaps the coolest part of the app is the pizza tracker, which lets you follow the progress of your pizza all from your phone, as soon as you've placed your order. With each passing second, your excitement will grow, as you watch your order blossom from a few bits of data into a hot, delicious pizza, on its way to your domain.

If all of this pizza talk has got you hungry and salivating, we've got download links after the break.


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Domino's Pizza USA [Android App Review]


Trying to keep off pizza but this App doesn't help. It's well designed but the only negative I find is that it doesn't let you login to your profile to review orders, reorder, etc.

Can you include the tip for the driver when paying by CC?

Will it remember your prior orders so you can re-order easily?
(Checking the app-store: Yes it does remember!!)

When at home, thanks to the wonders of caller ID, I can pick up the phone, speed dial Domino's and just say "The Usual and two side salads". They have my history in the computer.

But I still have to read a CC# to yet another minimum wage worker, so if this handles payment without the store actually seeing that info it would be great.

But 14meg? Why?
And why does it need the permission to call phone numbers as well as full internet access?

As someone who used to work at Domino's, I'm not sure where the "minimum wage worker" comment is related to any other part of the discussion. As a driver, I made $5 an hour plus tips (and more than once had to be paid more by the company in order to reach minimum wage) and I can assure you that I worked with people who made a whole lot more money than I did who screwed up stuff a whole lot more frequently.

Paying someone more money doesn't mean they are going to produce better results. Hiring people who aren't idiots tends to work a lot better for that.

And would you like your credit card number stored in an insecure database, filed under your name? Consider what you're asking for.

The guy is a troll. He can't post a comment on here without trying to insult someone. Look at his post to see that he clearly has no idea what he is talking about. Not to mention that he insults minimum wage workers yet from his own admission calls Dominos enough that they know exactly what he wants because they see his number on the caller ID and keep his info. I could easily throw a few insults in here. I mean, if you're calling Dominos soo much that they know who you are and what you want by caller ID alone, might want to start making a few less calls.

I've been working at Walmart at minimum wage for 3 months now and I bet I work much harder than this guy. With the blisters and pulled muscles to prove it. He's posting on here 24/7 so I seriously doubt he even has a job unless cleaning mom's basement/his bedroom counts as a job.

WOW....You're a joke

Just because a person makes minimum wage they can't be trusted? Also, I love how you automatically assume that's all they make because they work at Dominoes Pizza. Oh and let me get this right, you don't understand why an app like this would need those specific permissions? If you're seriously asking that, then you're clueless and should stop coming off as an expert on Android when all you do is copy and paste from other sites when you try to sound technical in some of your posts.

I hope you're single because if not, I feel sorry for whoever has to spend their life with such a negative person like you.

Yes, smartass, I am wondering why the app needs to make phone calls.

Perhaps you can explain it to me with your infinite wisdom.

And FTR, I have had my credit card number stolen by, yes, a "minimum wage" order taker at a Domino's. She skimmed thirty CC numbers in her first day on the job. She and her friends had quite a shopping spree. 2700 bucks before my bank locked the door, and backed out all the charges except for $50. A month later she was arrested, and I got a letter from Domino's and a check for $50 as well as a pile of vouchers. Domino's stepped up, which is the only reason i'm still a customer.

I call BS on that story.

Not going to explain the permissions. Any basic Android user should be able to figure those permissions out lmao. Let's see how long it takes you to figure it out. Also, thanks for the smartass comment. Better than being a troll living under a bridge living off Domino's Pizza.

Regardless of the truthfulness of this story, (and I don't know you, so I have no way to prove if it is or isn't, nor do I care.) but I still don't see how being a minimum wage work means someone is a bad person or is untrustworthy. Sure, you may have gotten scammed by one. So that means there's a stigma attached to all minimum wage workers now? People have to start somewhere. I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth, so I had to get a job doing something, and it definitely wasn't going to be managing a Fortune 500 company right out of the box.

The only complaint I have is I cannot login to my shoprunner account via this app to get my free delivery. So for now I will still have to do it via the browser on the phone. Not that big a deal but other than this minor thing it is overall a decent app. I agree the tracker is cool.

It's Domino's, should pizza have quotes around it? (or really any suggestion of edible food for that matter?)

yeah cuz someone always gets butthurt when someone makes an insulting comment. grow up people stop policing everything even when its a rude comment just ignore it and skip over it

I use that as well, and they have WAY better pizza imho. Doesn't matter how good (or bad) the app is, Dominos pizza is just plain terrible.

Since they opened a Papa Murphy's here, as far as I'm concerned there is no other pizza. I'm waiting for their app :)

Question - I have a Huawei phone through Consumer Cellular. I rarely use my phone, but it's nice to use some of the apps. It says I have Android version 2.2.2

I have NEVER been able to successfully place an order. I get all the way to the checkout, select CASH, and then when I hit "Place Your Order" I get this message:
We are sorry, but we are unable to process your payment. Please verify the information and try again or use a different payment type. If errors persist, contact the store for assistance.

No one has been able to figure out why this isn't working. Can't order paying with cash or valid cards - get the same error. I've even talked to the companies web developers and they can't tell my why it's failing. Anyone else run into this problem?