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Something big is coming from Samsung -- as they just let the world know with their latest video for Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2011. The event this year will be held during CTIA in San Diego, CA where we're expecting to see the Nexus Prime fully revealed.

You can hit the break for the video - not much to go on really but you could say it certainly has our interest piqued. Also, can't help but note the timing for release of this video. You can skip to 0:19 if you simply cannot wait.

More in the Nexus Prime Forums! Thanks, everyone who sent this in!


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Did Samsung just tease us all with a glimpse of the Nexus Prime?


I blew this picture up and got out a ruler. If my math is correct, the phone will be 6.7 mm thick in the center, and 9.4 mm thick at the thickest(bottom).

In comparison, the iphone 4 is 9.3mm thick. Now, I could be wrong, but if this is true, while it will not technically take the crown from the iphone (stupid .1 mm wider at its thickest), it will obviously be way thinner on most of it.

I don't see how they can do this and have any battery life what-so-ever though.

OMG me and this phone goes TOGETHER:D and is it me or do you notice the phone might be curved and simply thin as a razor blade? Hehe and i just cant wait to see the faces of Apple and all the iPhone lovers when this is revealed lol

I was looking at this clip all wrong. My initial impression was that we were seeing a protruding camera, which would make the device in the video more elongated. It is actually the chin, which is the bottom of the phone. The blue curve extends infinitely beyond the chin, giving the impression that the device has a greater concave than it actually has. In reality, the curve on this Nexus is about the same as the Nexus S. Looks sweet the charging connector dots, this will look awesome in the dock!

I'm really hoping the camera placement is well thought out. The lens on my DInc came off, and then came off again on my replacement phone. I'm hoping that's more a flaw in HTC build than in smartphone cameras in general. Glad to know that it's not looking like a protruding camera!

THOSE are contact points for charging accessories like desk and car docks, a la Nexus One.

Yeah. Get excited.

LOL... I think that curvy light beam is creating an optical illusion that makes the whole phone look curvy. I'm sure the screen is flat with everything else (edges, corners, and back) being rounded.

The nexus s has a curved screen. Even apple has been reportedly working on curved screen tech. I think this will be no different. Just hope the screen is at least 4.3 and it comes to sprint.

But it's gotta be curved, or Apple will sue for patent infringement for its flatness.

I'm hoping so bad that this is VZW bound. I'm so looking forward to leaving my HTC T-bolt for this.

Surely buying a Verizon version is like buying the hardware only flavour a la HTC Desire instead of the Nexus One

Isn't Verizon the Mother of all bloatware, bundled fluff and nonsense?

I think I may treat myself and buy the prime out right for crimbo (Christmas)

If Verizon doesn't get a good phone by the end of this year, I am seriously going to reconsider going to another carrier. The Droid Bionic is crap and ugly as hell. The last cool phone they offered was the Droid Charge. I was sooo disappointed when they did not get the SGSII and I was thinking that it was because they were going to get the Samsung Note and then I find out that's going to AT&T. WTF VERIZON????? Get a phone for your customers or I'm firing your ass. Seriously -__-

I would like to seriously discourage your from going to AT&T. Been with them for two years now and let's talk dropped calls and slow data speeds. and yes I currently have the iPhone 4. I'm not going to buy a 4S. I'm going to go with Verizon and the Nexus Prime. Can't way to move to Droid!! May the force be with you,,,Always!!

Considering some of the massive problems with the iphone 4's antenna.... dropped calls arent that big a surprise. i've yet to drop a call and i'm indoors without windows around me much..

yea, i'm hoping the reason they passed on galaxy s2 is because they are getting this one instead.

the three dots look like the two on the bottom oh the xoom I got today. :D the xoom will get ics soon after the prime is out says bmx. I'm thinking a dock to put the FULL Tablet ics on your tv.

yeah i hope its not really as much as it seems in the pic. i prefer a flat screen, although if the curve is not so much i guess i could live with that.

It looks more pronounced because of the blue line. I bet it will be the same as the Nexus S, so if that bothers you then this might not be the phone for you.

its awesome looking and the video makes it look way more curved then it is,
but razon thin.

no wonder why apple is sueing samsung to high hell!

What impresses me the most about this is how consumer-oriented the marketing tone is.

No more Droid techno-geek, this will be the first major consumer push for the masses - and the Nexus brand will start to get into the larger conversation for buyers.

There's been some good marketing before, but this looks to be some of the best so far, from the 30 seconds we've seen.

Samsung have absolutely marketed the SGSII in the UK to bits. Anywhere you look with an electronic billboard in London has the SGSII advert and its not geektech based at all. It's good and I like it, it makes a change :)

I wonder. If the Nexus is always essentially the developer phone, will it really ever be the phone for the masses? I agree with you on the marketing tone, but look at the Nexus S. It had NFC way before there was any reason to have NFC... unless you're a dev who needs the tech well in advance so you can brainstorm and test ideas and plan your roadmap. That was never going to be a selling point to the masses. I kind of think of Nexuses as preview phones - a preview of what's to come.

Wow, can't wait. I still can't find the UNPACKED app on the market yet though.

Also to all the people saying it looks way too curvy(which was me when I saw the picture), put the video in 1080p and full screen then pause at the actual device. The black shadow and blue arc makes it look WAY more curvy than it is once you look close enough.

I just tore apart the APK and I could not find any information regarding new devices. It says to update the app on the day of the event, so I assume it will download the appropriate icons and information then.

I put my phone clock to after 10/11/11 and it told me to update the app at launch.

Maybe someone else can glean more info from the APK...

Holy shit. What was that? I just peed a little. Also, I'm excited to see some marketing that's up-beat and interesting. Thank Prime for that! Look at that contour display! So pumped.

Finally some real news not some played out version of last years phone which looks just like the phone from two years ago. Lol

With the way the last couple of phones that have been released I dont see why we both cant win gsm & cdma ???

Thin Curved Object + Flat Surface + Pressure = Snap*Crackle*Pop* (think, Pringle) Don't leave that thing laying around. Still, glad to see they kept the concave look. I liked it on the Nexus S, it stands out, especially from their standard(iphonesque)design. I wonder it this was the newly designed phone that was "lost" at the Samsung BBQ. Can't wait to see the final specs. if this is the Nextus.

That was my thought. This thing is going to break easily if it is sat on with even a little pressure. Unless the materials are really good.

I'm thinking the phone is extremely thin... anyone else worried it will have big power small battery? Only time will tell.

nexus s seemed like a slight downgrade from my epic(no microsd, no 720p). i very much hope that it will not be the case this year compared to epic touch. i hope it will be at least the same spec-wise so that i have no hesitation when i pick it up. would be nice to have a dual cdma/gsm model like the i4s (hey one can dream, right? even though it likely will not be)

I LOVE THE VIDEO! It's like it has subliminal messages...

When it said "A Better Snack", I thought of Ice Cream Sandwich.

When it said "Planner... Fountain Pen... A Better Plan", I thought of the Galaxy Note.

And when it said "Another perfect combination is just around the corner" (with "perfect" being blue and "combination" being green), I thought of Samsung + Google together. They definitely make a perfect combo. :)

That image definitely makes things clearer. The only thing I cannot tell is if that is a merged picture of the Galaxy Tab and a Nexus S, or is an attempt to cover the actual form of the Nexus Prime?

If you watch it on full screen 1080p, you will see that the phone is slightly curved. The blue line makes an optical illusion of more severe curve.

So far I'm very excited about this phone, even just based on the few things we actually know (leaving aside the rumor mill that's been working overtime for the past two months). The big question mark is "what carrier(s)?" With Apple expanding to a third national carrier, I think it's increasingly important for Google to get these flagship Nexus devices on multiple networks quickly. Releasing for one, then having the others come out 6-9 months later just isn't going to cut it in the future. Besides, if they want to push it as hard as they seem to be gearing up for, and position themselves to challenge Apple on all fronts, they'll want this to be available to the broadest market segment possible.

Still, I'm fearful that it will be more of the same. Exclusivity agreements really irk me, but they make money. I hope Google doesn't fall into that trap any more than they already have restricting Google Wallet's release to Sprint.

I would literally be asked to leave this event because I don't think I could contain myself from yelling out " HOLY S**T!"

OMG I must be getting this blade!
Prime time has got to come more quickly! I seriously can't wait anymore! And with that iP4S news everywhere.

Damn that phone looks sexy!! I just hope they improve on the specs at least a little and please please microsd slot. If that happens then I'm sold.

I LOVE that they kept the chin at the bottom. That's one of my favorite features on my Nexus S. Makes it so unexpectedly ergonomic.

But don't forget this is a android launch well show u the phone but you wait 2-6 months before its released. Apple does it right announced phone bam two weeks phone for sale.

This'll definitely be a candidate when I decide to retire my Desire early next year. Looking darn good...

I like my women curvy, not my phones. I hope it just looks that curved in the picture. But then again, it won't be available to me anyway if it goes to Verizon. :|

People always find SOMETHING.

You can have a light, thin phone or a thick brick with no protruding camera. Take your pick.

Actually, if you look closer it's not curvy at all.
It's just the blue line.
It also has that bump at the bottom like the nexus s and the galaxy where the antenna is.

About the good combinations thing...I think the last example is a clue for this having a display that can handle both accurate an inaccurate touch (pen/finger). or maybe a display that merges the super amoled with a kindle-like display.

I just hope that saying that a big thing is around the corner doesn't mean it's a tablet ;) (but the bump on the left probably says it's not)

it is curved ;) same glass as nexus s. just bigger,but not more curvy.

and the bump isnt where the antenna is from the nexus s. just saying.

and yes i know. i opened up my nexus.

and im 100% sure about it not being a tablet ;)

weird, are you sure? always thought its for the antenna since the bottom of the phone is the place where they usually put it to minimize radiation to the brain and the extra space around it would benefit with the signal when holding it.

Yes it is curved..but a very slight one compared to what it seems at first glance.

Like, 'moshest' I wonder if the emphasis on BIG is referring to how much hype it's going to get or the physical size of it? If this is all for a tablet, I'm going to be PISSED!

Now this is interesting. For the first time, an Android and Apple flagship is actually launching at almost the same time. We'll be seeing a huge battle between these two platforms!

But not alot folks will buy this phone. When Jane blow walks in sees gs2 and nexus side by shell buy the gs2 because it has eye candy.

If it's not a world phone, then yawn. I really hope it doesn't curve like that. If so, then no. I'll pass. I guess we'll find out next week.

f**k this phone, samsung makes s**t quality hardware, i am so disappointed htc did not take back the reign of the nexus. i will not EVER bother to purchase this sub-par quality piece of garbage. i know tons of you will comment on the fact a nexus phone gets the updates first, who cares? only people that are scared to root thier phone. bottomline, as long as my next phone can be rooted it will have a better OS than a stock vanilla samsung product.

sorry if i sound rude to the samsung fanboys but srsly, their phones are crap, hardware wise. thin plastic crap. this is the main reason why samsung decided to hoard their screens. because they knew HTC was a better product and they needed something to brag about.

samsung and motorola can blow me.

you say this. and yet google choses samsung instead of all the others.

samsung is the one with the top notch hardware.its the fastes and the most stable!

im not a samsung fan. but its darn true!
its plastic.yes.
but its durable plastic,i dropped my nexus S 5 times.and stil no scratch or what ever.
i have it for almost 6 months already.
and nothing is wrong with it.

you go get your bloatwared HTC with its slow preformance.
you wont be missed.

you probably never had a nexus s in use.
holding it in your hand in the store's dont count buddy.

im not a fan of samsung.
but i am defending against your flout arguments.

Ever considered the possibility that maybe, just maybe, they're upping their game a bit with this one? I'm no fan of Samsung's past and current models either, but there's always the chance that companies, like people, change.

@dankblaze ... U sound like a pre-pubescent little prick having a tantrum cuz mommy wont give u a cookie. Grow up queer! If u don't like it don't fuckin buy it. Simple as that. Nobody here cares about your opinion, that much I can promise you.

I have had HTC phones up til I just got the Epic Touch 4g, and let me tell you that holding that stupidly thin, light phone in my hand is bliss.

Plastic or not, it is a very nice piece of hardware. Do you prefer carbon fiber? Steel?

My EVO 4g is plastic as well, but weighs heavier and smaller screen adn thicker and smaller battery.

The Epic Touch 4g is in every way better than my EVO. Never thought I would buy Samsung, but it is a solid device I would recommend to ANYONE on Sprint looking for an excellent device.

i hope it is a GSM phone.and not verizon exclusif in the start.

that would suck big time.and would be a big let down.
cuz VZ phones wont work in europe!

I hope the world (or just the US for starters) decide on a standard for these things. It's absurd that phones are only released on some networks in the US because of these things.

the world(in this case) is all GSM.
only in the US you have CDMA and crap.

and i want to import the nexus prime once it comes out. but if its gona be a VZ phone. than i can kiss that option goodbye

I'm pretty sure it'll be inevitably released on all carriers even if Verizon DID have an exclusive on the Prime (which would only be temporary).

And actually there are few markets outside the US that are CDMA but the majority are GSM. It's not ALL GSM.

My only hope is that whatever Verizon's version will be can also be a world phone...but probably not. :-(

the nexus prime wont change in design.
only in radio.

but i dont care if it will be released 1 month later on GSM or w/e or on what carrier.

i want it on day 1! without a carrier sim or w/e just like my nexus s also imported out of the US.

Actually, South Korea has CDMA, and they had the system up and running before U.S. (Qualcomm field tested CDMA in South Korea before selling it to VZW and Sprint)

You know if they put a quad core chip in this apple will go bankrupt! even without the quad core apple will be hurt! this is amazing!!!

Actually, this is exactly why Apple went after Samsung in court. Apple will actually profit from this phone, as well as Microsoft.

I would hope and think that the nexus prime will be a true Iphone competitor and be a world phone, one phone that works on all carriers.

It being a world phone is the only reason I'd even consider it. That curve just isn't working for me though. I REALLY hope that's not what it looks like.

Should be exciting. Too bad it has to be so big though. It's more like a mini tablet. I guess if the next version of Android is more like honeycomb that makes sense though.

The size has been concerning me too. But the more I think about how I use my current DInc, I could really use a bigger screen - even 4.6, as rumors have it. Small phones were great when they were being used exclusively as phones, but now phone calls have been bumped down on the "most used feature" list for smart phones. I've come to use my phone for web browsing, GPS, YouTube, Kindle in a pinch, occasional tv shows and a game here and there. My calendar is perhaps my most relied upon app. I use CalenGoo, which is amazing because it displays your full month calendar (and week, too) with full text and color coding. The text is tiny, though, and scheduling will be so much easier on my eyes with a significantly larger screen. These are all things a tablet can do, yet still just small enough for easy transport, back pocket, etc. As I rely on my phone more and more for daily tasks, my ideal size "sweet spot" is definitely changing.

Yes - tried Jorte a while back. I don't even remember why I stopped, LOL! After Jorte, I discovered IRT Calnder Pro and loved it. It's the closest thing I've found to DateBk from my Palm days. That was by far the best calendar app I've seen, and still, nothing out there really compares. Right now I'm experimenting with CalenGoo and am liking it so far. Seems to be on par with Irt, so the jury is still out. Irt is a bit of a sleeper app - not a huge following - so I'm always concerned they'll fade away and always keep an eye out for something I like as much. I'll have to revisit what Jorte is offering these days. Thanks! I'm always up for a good calendar discussion! :)

the Jorte 4x4 monthly calendar widget is critical for me. it is one of only 3 screens on my EVO 4G. best and most often used app out there bar none IMO. and free too!

i love their philosophy - Japanese and "Zen" inspired - simplicity, beauty, and practicality -

Schedule books must be practical and have a good design. You may look for personal organizer at the stationary shops to meet these qualities. There hasn't been an appointment organizer so practical as to replace with the paper organizers.
This personal organizer application "Jorte" pursued the looks and the easiness to use, by making it close to the real personal organizer.
This application "Jorte" is a personal organizer. Our objective was to create an app with the look and feel of real paper personal organizer with an appealing appearance and easy practical use.

i like the fact that they don't mention a specific carrier. this is good news - hopefully it means a roll out to all carriers around the same time. i think everyone learned from Apple's (IMO) mistake that carrier exclusivity can hurt you in the long run.

i would love to see a roll out to all carriers. let each one brand it their own way if they'd like - variations of "Prime" for marketing purposes - like "Droid Prime" for Verizon etc. or just "Nexus Prime" for others as desired.

i want to see a 4.5"+ display and an LED indicator. also please no cheap plasticky build quality (like Nexus S) - these are all critical. i love HTC but may have to jump to this unless HTC/Sprint offer a killer EVO HD soon.

I was looking at this clip all wrong. My initial impression was that we were seeing a protruding camera, which would make the device in the video more elongated. It is actually the chin, which is the bottom of the phone. The blue curve extends infinitely beyond the chin, giving the impression that the device has a greater concave than it actually has. In reality, the curve on this Nexus is about the same as the Nexus S. Looks sweet the charging connector dots, this will look awesome in the dock!

I can't wait for this device to come out! This will be my next phone for sure since I love my Nexus S =]

THIS is my next verizon phone, well after i get my droid charge today thats replacing my tbolt. i canot wait for this!

FYI sprint may not get this as you guys just received the sg2, its verizons time boys!

Its either this or the Vigor that will be replacing my Droid 2. This thing is on its last legs, and it doesnt help this was a refurbished replacement for my broken OG Droid.

Ad states some things go "better together"

- cookies + milk = a better snack
- newspaper + coffee = a better morning
- planner + fountain pen = a better plan
- wine + candles = a better moment
then show the image...

- phone + tablet = a better ... (find out next tuesday)

If that's a tablet, then it's half the thickness of the phone. I doubt that's what it is. I interpreted the last "better together" as being Samsung + Google (or Android).

Samsung + Google have already been together for the Nexus S, that is not "something BIG". Think BIG on this one. A Nexus Phone + a Nexus Tablet.

All the other things they show in the ad are tangible items, as will be the two things Samsung has to show next Tuesday. I guess there is a possibility it is not a tablet, but I would bet there is something else to go along with the Nexus Prime to make it "better together".

The best thing they could do would be to release a tablet dock with a giant battery, a high pixel density (Retina type) display for $200. That might have a shot at making the Kindle Fire be stillborn and possibly doing serious damage to the iPad market.

Why is this even looked at as unknown?

Phone(Gingerbread) + Tablet(Honeycomb) =
Phone/Tablet(Ice Cream Sandwich)

or phone + tablet = better Android

I don't want to get too excited. The letdown could be as big as what many iPhone fans are feeling today.

Maybe Samsung will show off the Note as well. I would consider that Phone + Tablet. Or Honeycomb + Gingerbread = ICS OR....... Or we could post our opinions all day or even all week long.

I need to stop reading these posts, I have been putting off way too much work. To me ICS means: Imma Crack Smoker, because I'm fiendin' for the updates and go through withdrawls when I don't get my FIX.

It's definitely one of the best ads for an Android device. It's about lifestyle. Not just an amazing spec sheet.

I would like to see more phones with this type of charging. My old roommate had a palm pre with this and i was always jealous. it seems like it made life easier. Don't know why so many phones don't use it