Delta Android app

Delta Air Lines' Android app just got a little update that brings a couple of cool features. If you're logged in, you can now view and change your seat assignments (provided there are any seats left), as well as view the standby/upgrade lists. It's not going to help you get to first class any quicker (you peasant), but it's another nice addition to a very nice mobile travel app.

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technomom says:

Airplane seating is actual size.

El Jefe says:


eahinrichsen says:

This is great! The Delta app has worked really well since it was released, and being able to check my upgrade status is the only feature I really wanted them to add. Seat selection is a nice touch too, but I usually do that at the time of booking, so I don't see myself using it much.

It seems to log in a little faster now, too.

themuffinman says:

Same here with the upgrade status. I am gold medallion and i love getting those upgrades. The rest of the app is basically useless to me.

Does the app give you the ability to put out a contract hit on the brat 3 rows behind you that won't STFU?