Delta Android app

Delta Air Lines' Android app just got a little update that brings a couple of cool features. If you're logged in, you can now view and change your seat assignments (provided there are any seats left), as well as view the standby/upgrade lists. It's not going to help you get to first class any quicker (you peasant), but it's another nice addition to a very nice mobile travel app.

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Reader comments

Delta Air Lines updates its Android app -- view upgrade/standby list, change your seats


This is great! The Delta app has worked really well since it was released, and being able to check my upgrade status is the only feature I really wanted them to add. Seat selection is a nice touch too, but I usually do that at the time of booking, so I don't see myself using it much.

It seems to log in a little faster now, too.

Same here with the upgrade status. I am gold medallion and i love getting those upgrades. The rest of the app is basically useless to me.