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Ask and ye shall receive. We've just rolled out Version 1.2.5 of the Android Central app, adding (among other things) a dark-themed widget, which you can see here.

We've also squashed a couple of pressing bugs. Want the full changelog? Of course you do.

Here's what's new in Version 1.2.5:

  • Fix for read and unread status in forums
  • Widget now picks up theme preference - dark widgets!
  • Added refresh icon to forum thread lists (latest, participated, etc)
  • Fix for login state persistence issues
  • Fix crash in forums when touching header banner

The update should be available now, and you can check out previous changelogs at As always, thanks for your support.


Reader comments

Dark widgets invade v1.2.5 of the Android Central App


Oh good, a fix for the log-in bug. I'm not big on dark themes, but that's why we have a choice, right?

My hat's off to the dev. Good work, sir! (The dev is a guy, right? I think I remember that right, but please correct me if I'm wrong.)

Posted from my HTC EVO 4G LTE via Android Central App

Nice job. I haven't experienced any issues, but if you found some and squashed them, kudos!

Posted from my Verizon Galaxy S III via Android Central App

AC's attentiveness to what people are asking for and their quick turn around for implementing it in the app is really impressing me.

+1. The old 2x2 widget with 4-5 headlines was perfect for having on the home screen with my other top apps/widgets. Making it scrollable would be the icing on the proverbial cake. Great job overall though!

This new widget is gorgeous. I always use dark everything and this is the final dark widget I needed! Thanks!

Posted via Android Central App

Nice, I finally was able to uninstall and get rid of the old AC Widget 1.4 and install the AC app. This is very sleek. Great work!