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Should Google purchase RIM and BlackBerry? That's the question our pals at CrackBerry are asking, offering just shy of a dozen reasons why acquiring the struggling Research in Motion might be appealing.

For our money, RIM's excellent Enterprise support and patent portfolio might be reason enough. Tossing in RIM's new QNX-based operating system would be icing the cake.

As for whether any of this would ever -- ever! -- happen is another story, though.

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CrackBerry's 10 Reasons why Google will buy Research In Motion


I highly doubt that Google will be allowed by the trade commission in the US to do that. RIM is still the third biggest competition and buying them would completely flatten the rest of the playing field, including Apple.

That's a pretty good point. I guess we'll have to see. It would be nice if Google was armed with the Blackberry Patents to defend Android a little better.

I guess the 4th Google phone will be a RIM Nexus Berry, then? :P

Correction, "that didn't stop AT&T from TRYING to acquire T-Mobile."

AT&T will never acquire T-Mobile, the FCC has said numerous times it will be very suspicious of allowing the top carriers to buy each other out.

That argument may not be relevant, specially if AT&T is allowed to buy T-Mobile. In other words if anyone can show benefit to the buyer, "without" harming users, then the Trade commission will let it through.

From a business proposition this would be a great thing for Android. Tow things are big for BB users BBM and the enterprise support. Two things that no other phone maker have been able to get fully implemented.

Apple has failed at really taking on the enterprise sector, with some gains but no where near BB yet. Android seems to be more utilized, but IMHO, mostly by the techie folks, and a sprinkle of employees that are allowed to use their devices.

If Google were to but BB and incorporate the enterprise structure to android would be thrust android to center stage in the corporate world, and with the new global android phones, the iPhone would really have to come up with something to stay competitive.

Add to that a fully integrated BBM, which is one of the biggest selling point of BB to the mass populous, and Android would be an OS without comparison!!!!

Do it Google!!!!!

Google is a search company... Android is Open Source... they aren't exactly direct competiion if you look at it like that...

But like the Article Says "RIM's excellent Enterprise support and patent portfolio might be reason enough"

IMO let RIM die like the dinosaur that they are. Then pick up some of the bones for pennies on the dollar. No need to burn money on a dumb acquisition of a dying company with nothing to offer.

I was thinking the same, except not so brutal :-) iOS and Android are just dominating the market. Except for patents what is the real value of the acquisition. Also how much are they asking?

I'm ok with this idea, so long as Android keeps Exchange syncing, and they lose Blackberry's OWA access.

Our Exchange server at work went down a couple of weeks ago. Everyone with a Blackberry had to revalidate their passwords, and no one (all the people I work with are as un-tech savvy as imaginable) could figure out how to do it. The rest of us with Androids and iPhones came back up when the Exchange server did with no added steps. Plus it took me an eternity to figure out how to connect Blackberries to the Exchange server in the first place.

The writer of that article makes it seem like Google is in need of BlackBerry/RIM. I disagree, I think it's BlackBerry who is in dire need of Google.

I still want RIM to succeed and to be independent.No one can handle email like RIM.Maybe a joint Google-RIM mobile email service venture?

Google handles email much better than blackberry did.
BIS was a joke. Lots of outages. Gmail syncs up great on Android, hardly any delays, shows all your folders.
Syncs much better.

Blackberry was a joke.

Gmail is delayed about 10 minutes on Android. Sometimes 4 or 5, one time I got an e-mail closer to 15 minutes after it was in my inbox on my computer.

And if you're using a BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS), e-mails are also delayed by up to 15 minutes!

Until I made the switch to Android not too long ago, I was a long-term BlackBerry user and unless they've changed it in the last twelve months, this is the way the BIS has always worked...

"Gmail is delayed about 10 minutes on Android"

This has not been my experience at all. Maybe you need to review your settings.

on the subject of QNX and the better security with rooting, etc. let me just say that google would never put out a nexus phone with the inability to be rooted (and hacked in general). Other than, that I see pretty much all of the arguments and would love to see android with more enterprise and all of the other benefits blackberry and RIM would bring to the table

There's only one logic behind Google buying RIM and that's simple. They just lost the Nortel bid to Apple, RIM and Microsoft(I think Microsoft, maybe Sony as well?...) and with everyone that's suing them lately, they NEED those patents to protect themselves.

Well RIM still has it's massive legion of followers as we all know. BBM and the BIS/BES email seem to be what most people who love BlackBerry will never give up no matter how good another OS is. RIM is still a company to not mess with in terms of sales either, they are far from hurting, their CEO just stated that they made over 600 million in pure profit last quarter. And have nearly a billion in cash with no debt.

The US Trade Commission would have no say in the matter either as RIM is a Canadian company.

I think it would be cool for RIM to make BBM and various other BES services available on Android - they did it before with Windows Mobile. But I doubt that would ever happen.

I really think Microsoft should buy RIM instead to keep this a 3 man race. Competition is good for everyone

Fuck Microsoft.. parson my French but no.. after all the whiney belly aching over what Google was doing with Android not being fair, and two almost three failed attempts at the mobile world.. they don't deserve to be in the game. KIN was terrible, WP7 is meh but its not doing so hot against iOS and Android.. and in my opinion WinMo was always just kinda there not innovative but merely existing.

Ef no! Keep dirty blackberry OS AWAY from Android please!!!!
I've had a crapberry, and I won't go back. If they merge, I'll switch to iPhone.

Ef no! Keep dirty blackberry OS AWAY from Android please!!!!
I've had a crapberry, and I won't go back. If they merge, I'll switch to iPhone.

But you'd give up a well-run Android OS.
Blackberry has lags, ridiculously slow web browser. All data connectivity has to run through RIM's server.
As someone mentioned, it's a prehistoric dinosaur, and needs to die.
Except no one should buy it.

Wow.. someone hasn't been paying attention.. you know that the OS6+ essentially share a webkit browser with us right?

I think this would be smart on Google to get a foot in the door of enterprise.

Then why is it still slow as hell? B/c the browser's data (every time you click a link) runs through Rim's servers.

That doesn't happen with Android. Someone wasn't paying attention, but it certainly wasn't me.

I believe it will not happen, as Google would be crazy to make hardware in house and compete with all the other hardware manufacturers. In addition, it would be a large price to pay for patents. If they really wanted patents to protect them, they would have been more serious about the Nortel patents.

I think what might happen is more of a partnership, like the MS/Nokia deal. Blackberry will keep making the hardware, while using Android software that they add additional security/features to make it more Enterprise friendly.

Its not that Google wasn't serious about the nortel patents, the consortium Apple got started against Google getting them with all the other companies is what made their bid worthless.

What I meant was 5 billion (or whatever they would have had to bid to win) was cheaper than 25-30 billion for RIM if they are only really interested in patents.

About 3-6 months ago, I would have said yes, today, I say no.

RIM are where they are because of their own doing, it is their fault, and no one else's, they've been ignorant to the changing consumer demands from mobile devices, and while they may have had "devices in the pipeline" their pipeline is too slow for the market they're in. It simply doesn't work.

I'd like to see Microsoft acquire RIM or maybe see a Palm (now HP) and RIM collaboration. I don't think Google will have any interest in them. Microsoft have already shown interest to some extent simply in their willingness to collaborate with RIM, as was seen at BlackBerry World.

If Google did buy RIM, I'd probably leave Android, simply because I cannot see anything good coming out of it, unless they were to buy them, only for the intelligent minds, and toss the IP and existing software and devices out.

RIMM in not in great shape. The only thing that's keeping them from falling of a cliff is the BBM for it enterprise connection & no debt. Most of the reason given on crackberry is nonsense.

Google could by RIMM for 2 reasons: BBM & possible mobile/wireless patents (they have been at it for quite some time now)

Reasons not to buy:

1)I don't think Google could or would want to digest a company the size of RIMM (around 17,000 employees).

2)Doesn't want to be in the hardware business. Chrome OS & Android phone/tablet, three opportunities to be in the hardware business & they passed it up.

3)Doesn't need QNX. Linux is not perfect but the developer community is massive. Has James Gosling, creator of Java.

4)I get a Scott McNealy (former CEO Sun Microsoft) vibe from Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie (who own 10% of the company).

My 2 cents.

Please keep RIM far away from Google. the last thing we need is those losers at RIM screwing up Android.

I've said for the last year, that it would be great to see a blackberry skinned in android. I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Especially if it had the battery life a blackberry has.

that'd be like putting a Ferrari chassis on a Ford Fusion frame and engine. if you want a Ferrari, buy a Ferrari.

there are definitely parts of RIM which would be attractive to Google, but they don't want a company of this size, nor do they want to be a hardware manufacturer. if they could pair up with a hardware manufacturer, and basically just buy the enterprise stuff and bbm, maybe it would make sense, but I don't see it as likely.

Thanks for the comment inspiring question. Should Google buy Blackberry/Rim. To me the ten reasons (no offense intended) in favor of the above mentioned buy sound like they were written by that guy (disgruntled employee) who just declared for all to see that Rim is a looser who is circling the drain. Why by losers? Leave that to Microsoft. Example -Microsoft buys Nokia because nobody wants to make hardware for a puny minority OS that is ms mobile. Let the losers jump on the back of the Android juggernaut. Google pays nothing for that. The argument really ends there. The enterprise users are rich guys that wont even buy there own phones. Now how big of a market can that be compared to the hundreds of millions of users that Google wants, and will have without Rim. Secure mail is a matter of perception. If you define it by, does my boss use whatever email service, and I must also use the same one because the phone is free. Than there you have it. But if you want your OS on every cell phone on earth than the Google way - Android is working well. Please comment. Thanks

"secure mail is a matter of perception"

Good God. If I read nothing else here, this statement would be more than enough to disregard this site as a humor portal on par with lolcats, or simply a refuge for the dim.

A better way of putting it would be: Blackberry's superiority when it comes to email is a matter of perception.

I had a Blackberry Curve. It was a great phone, but a lousy smart phone. It was so slow as to be almost unusable for anything but making and receiving calls. I had to pull the battery every day when it froze (a common problem for even ardent BB users).

What about email? Well, my company no longer offered the BES because it was just way too expensive, especially since Active Sync is built into Microsoft Exchange. I now have "secure mail" with my Android and Exchange via Active Sync and works way better than Blackberry. First off, the speed at which I can open an email, see it in all of its HTML glory without having to zoom, and act on it is incredible. It's like night and day.

All of the people touting Blackberry as better for email are simply nostalgic for the days when that was true. It isn't any more. Well, unless you are sending classified secrets in your email. I'm not, and would expect the vast majority of Americans aren't either.

The more the merrier for google. Rim needs help google rules regardless I can see them doing something down the road. As far as At&t and tmobile THAT WILL BE SHOT DEAD.

I want them to buy RIM for one reason, Magnetic Sensor Holsters. I loved how I had my BB set for different settings when it was in and out of it's holster. It also saved a lot of battery life when it shut the screen off when holstered.

I hope that Google acquiring them would allow the phone makers to add this to their devices.

"I want them to buy RIM for one reason, Magnetic Sensor Holsters."

Yeah, since that is such a universal must-have feature.

Wow. When THE BlackBerry site is almost asking Google to pick up BB things must really be bad. My how things change in a couple of years. And RIM is destined to continue on this path if their execs keep thinking Apple is the one thats beating them.

I don't know if it helps Google outside the patents as everyone jumping ship from BB is going to Android. I guess it does give them an instant boost in enterprise clout.

Here's how I see it going down:

1. Google would buy certain entities and divisions from Research in Motion including their software development, intellectual properties, patents, security architecture and enterprise services.

2. Research in Motion would continue to manufacture BlackBerry smartphones with Android as the operating system. Android would incorporate the finer points of QNX. BlackBerry handsets would feature cutting-edge hardware similar to other manufacturers with the support of Google behind it.

3. Android-powered BlackBerrys would feature value-added customized software (like HTC does) and keep BlackBerry Messenger exclusively on their phones. Google would then release a new flagship instant messaging app, the only IM that would allow interaction with BBM contacts.

4. Former RIM software engineers would help develop an industry-leading application for Google+. I'm sure Google would like to hit the ground running with this.

5. In an effort to gain market share, Google would merge QNX with any future versions of their tablet OS. This could create momentum and allow Google to catch up to the iPad in the same remarkable way they did with their handsets.

I'm a bit of a technophyte, and I'm not sure of the technological feasibility of this, but if I were RIM, my business model would change to offer the "BB Experience" to any phone on a subscription basis. I would pay $5 a month for BBM and their e-mail service.

Unfortunately I don't see Apple digesting any code that isn't an App, but It would be a boon to Android and especially Windows users.