Lance Armstrong doping app

Because think of all those AdSense dollars that would otherwise be going to waste if someone didn't aggregate this week's already overhyped Lance Armstrong news.

It's in Google Play if that's your thing.


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Of course there's a 'Lance Armstrong Doping' Android app


Well, to me it shows that Android Central is actively searching for news to bring to us rather than sitting back watching the other tech blogs or looking for press releases to see what to report. Plus, it's probably a relatively slow Android news day.

Is there a "ban the evil guns like they can kill things on their own" app yet?

No, but I bet I could throw my GS3 at someone in a theater and hit them in the temple and kill them. But then GS3's would get banned in the US for being weapons!!!!

Sorry, for this non-related app response, but...The term doping is a contradiction in itself. Just like this drug-free fairytale everyone wants to be in. So, if we take away #1's spot and give it to the runner-up who is, low and behold, the second dopiest among them all. What is it proving? We shower these atheletes with promises & anything else we can throw at them. Then we wonder why were they doping their way to #1 or to just keep in it. Whoever is in charge of America's public relations has some seriously twisted morals & backward sense of self. oh ya! funny app BTW

C'mon Android Central, do you guys have an article quota? Quality over quantity :P

'If you don't like it, you didn't have to click on the article.' Actually, I'd rather bitch every time they post something dumb like this. At least then, they understand that articles like this are a waste of time for themselves, and for their readers.

Thanks for the explanation of what it does....

I looked into it and it's not even a joke/spoof app, it's an actual news-on-the-subject app, boring.

Poor guy, all he did was cheat better than all the other cheats (80% of the field).