Although Verizon has just rolled out their first 4G LTE device being the HTC Thunderbolt that doesn't mean they're going to stop there. One of the next devices aside from the Motorola Droid Bionic is the Samsung 4G Droid Stealth. We've seen plenty of the device since it was announced at CES 2011.

We've gone hands-on with it, it's been spotted in the wild and its even crossed paths with the FCC but despite all of that, the closest anyone has got to an actual recent date is April. New info, as seen above from Costco pegs the device as going up for pre-order on March 24 with a tentative launch date of April 7.

Although the Samsung 4G Droid Stealth may not be a top priority for everyone to pick up, the fact we'll have another 4G LTE device to choose from is a pretty awesome. If nothing else, we can compare the battery life of it to that of the HTC Thunderbolt. [Thanks, anon for the tip!]


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Costco taking pre-orders for the Samsung Stealth March 24, tentative launch April 7


I love the screen on my Fascinate, so I would consider this phone. But I really don't want to wait forever for it to get an OS update. And no, I'm not going to wait for custom ROM's to flash.

Hopefully since it's got the Droid branding Verizon won't tamper with the software bloat quite so much and Samsung will be able to release updates at least close to par with their international versions.

Yeah, good point. I didn't realize it was going to be a part of the Droid line. I want the Thunderbolt, but don't want to give up my SAMOLED, so then this might be a viable choice.

so this gets the Droid branding and thunderbolt doesn't! seems little odd to me. FYI I'm not spam!

If this phone looked more like the Fascinate but with a 4.3" screen, it'd be one thing...

But the buttons on the bottom really turn me off of this thing. It looks ugly to me.

I'm kind of glad I didn't buy the TB (with financial aid, no less, PHEW!); I saved my monies for summer sessions! :D

Annnyhoo, I'll hold out for this one. Reason? I'd rather have no LED than a 2-colour LED. But seriously, PHONE = SEXY.

Wow, very surprised to see another 4G device launching so close to the Thunderbolt.

I like the overall design of this phone better than the Thunderbolt, but I'm not digging the materials. All that glossy plastic just reeks of cheap.

And someone said this doesn't have an LED notifier? Seriously?

And what's up with the abandonment of physical camera buttons on this and the Thunderbolt? I was super excited about my Thunderbolt order until I read that there was no physical camera button.