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7 years ago

Docs To Go and RoadSync Exchange Client Shown on Android


I just got finished getting a full demo of Docs To Go and RoadSync for Google Android on the G1. Short version: very very impressive. Docs To Go, with support for editing Word Documents and Spreadsheets, is currently targeted for sometime in March -- unless the Google's framework for Paid apps gets in the way. Pricing isn't quite set yet.

We also got a look at RoadSync, which is a crazy good app that allows you to get Exchange email and contacts pushed out to Android. It does it via 2 separate applications -- one that sits in the background and is an ActiveSync client to allow your email to be pushed out, the other is a full-featured email client for your Exchange emails. If you have both Docs To Go and RoadSync installed, RoadSync will also give you full support for attached documents. The timeline for RoadSync's release is a little less unclear, but if the demo that I saw today is any indication, DataViz doesn't have all that much more work to do on it. As with Docs To Go, pricing isn't yet determined.

That's the global overview. Impressions and a few more photos after the break.

Both Word To Go and Sheet To Go are full-featured editing applications. Word To Go supports inline images, full formatting of text, outlines, and the like. Both work in landscape and portrait modes. The apps really sing on the G1 and look great. DataViz said that Android is a joy to develop for -- in part because the way apps work on Android is some Java on top of Linux and DataViz was able to use much of what they've learned developing their Java-based BlackBerry version.

Sheet To Go is especially impressive. You can set your zoom level, navigate by touch or the trackball (naturally), and formulas work with no problem and are completely live. In other words, if you have an autosum set up and change a value, the autosum changes your total automatically, just like a spreadsheet app should.  As you can see from the image at the top of the post, it's all very readable and usable and feels very much like a desktop app.

RoadSync is also impressive.  As I said, it's a full ActiveSync client -- it nicely sits in your notification's bar and window shade so you know it's active.  You can turn it on and off and set up your server settings -- that's about all there is to it.  The real action comes from their email client -- rather than try to hack into the default email or Gmail clients (which would have caused a lot of pain, likely), DataViz simply created their own separate email client that looks and feels pretty similar to Android's non-Gmail email client.  This was a good decision on their part because it allows them to plug in full support for their Docs To Go suite, meaning you can download attachments for editing in Docs To Go.

Full document editing on Android has been a long time coming. Given DataViz's history of developing excellent office apps on pretty much every other mobile platform out there (including the iPhone, by the way) hopefully means we'll see the same rich feature set coming to Android at launch.

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7 years ago

Voice On The Go for G1 Android


Voice On The Go, a subscription-based voice powered software service previously available for Blackberry, Palm and Symbian users, is now available for Android G1 users. According to the developers of Voice On The Go:

Voice on the Go provides hands-free and eyes-free access to EMAIL BY VOICE using any phone while driving or any time you''re on the go. You can listen to email as well as reply, compose, forward and delete - all by voice.

Voice on the go is accessed by voice (just like calling your voicemail). It''s fast and easy to use with no software download and no voice training. We support most popular email services, including: GMail, Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, AOL mail, .Mac mail.

With more states adopting "hands-free" legislation while driving, Voice On The Go will allow the user to listen to and compose email by voice, leaving hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. It does not require the installation of any software nor any voice training. Get a monthly subscription here.


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7 years ago

Banshee 1.4 Brings Music to G1


Banshee version 1.4 is now available and compatible with the G1 Android phone. It is an open source music player that will support playlists on your G1 and will even import music you have purchased from the Amazon MP3 store. It functions very similar to iTunes and will automatically sync your music library with your G1 mobile device.

Aaron Bockover, the lead developer of Banshee, claims that the Banshee/G1 combination delivers the same kind of music management experience as the iPhone. According to his blog:

"Because the Android platform is open source, I was able to easily figure out optimal ways of implementing Android/G1 support. For instance, I was unsure what the maximum cover art size should be on the device, so I just read the source. It was nice for once to not have to reverse engineer or guess!"  

At this time, Banshee 1.4 is available for Linux and Mac OSX only. Download it here and try it for yourself on your G1.

[ars technica]

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7 years ago

AutoReply App for G1 Android


We take for granted that we carry a phone with us all the time and can be reached anytime, anywhere. Sometimes calls or texts come through at inconvenient times or places, like in meetings or in the bathroom (!). If you need to ignore a call or text, you can use Clacsoft's AutoReply to answer via SMS to the party trying to reach you with a pre-selected automated response message.

All you have to do is set the rules for how AutoReply answers and it will take it from there. You can even set specific rules for certain numbers and a general rule to apply to all others. You can pick up AutoReply for your G1 Android phone right here.


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7 years ago

Tip: MailShadowG on your Desktop Gives you Exchange on your G1


Picture 1.png

Over at Sister Site WMExperts, we had high hopes for MailShadowG, which makes Gmail look like an Exchange server. Sadly, the service turned out to only work for desktop, not mobile.

Well now it looks like the folks at Cemaphore have set their sights on mobile, but they're doing it with Android! Instead of making Google look like Exchange, they're making Exchange work for the G1. Well, technically, they're not doing anything all that different from what they were doing before.

How it works is that MailShadowG is a desktop application that syncs your Outlook email and PIM data with Gmail and Google Calendar. The upshot is that as long as your desktop is on and the MailShadowG client is running, you're synchronizing your Exchange content with Gmail. The downside: you have to have a PC and you have to leave it up and running. The upside: instead of paying an extra service fee, you just purchase MailShadowG once ($29.95 now, $49.95 after Nov 20th). Cemaphore does plan to add a complete server-side Gmail solution in MailShadowX soon

Check it out here [via Brighthand]

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7 years ago

Turn your G1 into a Baby Toy with Toddler Lock!


Score one... er, G1... for the toddlers! Some creative developers have succeeded in rendering a sophisticated G1 into a baby's plaything. Available in the Android Market, Toddler Lock let's your child (or anyone else's child, if you dare hand over your G1) conjure up random shapes, colors and sounds on your G1's touchscreen with just some taps and swipes. This could very well be entertaining for some adults too!

Toddler Lock requires pressing three buttons simultaneously to deactivate to avoid errant data entry (or loss) while your G1 is a toddler's toy, but it can also serve as a creative and fun way to secure your data from adults unfamiliar with your 3-button combination.

Check out a video provided by Rob Jackson over at and then just make sure your toddler isn't teething before you hand over your G1!

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7 years ago

Enhanced Caller ID for Google Android



p align="center">

How is your caller ID working for you on your G1? You may have noticed that pretty much all cell phones, the G1 included, require a contact to be present in your address book which matches up the contact with an incoming call, thus telling you who the heck is calling you. Everything is great if you already have the contact in your phone, but if you don’t, you may hesitate to answer “No Caller ID” or “Unknown Caller”, two phrases that send chills up and down my spine.

Although brand spankin’ new, there are already a bunch of apps available for Google Android, and as you can see in the above YouTube video (courtesy of Wazzucoug) and as posted by, there is already an app to the rescue. Caller ID from will compare an incoming call to the more than 200 million contacts in the database. I’d say there’s a decent chance that Caller ID will match up with a name, and now you can worry a little less that you don’t have every single person you know in your address book. Caller ID is released today, so try it out and let us know right here what you think!

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7 years ago

Android Market Can Has Lolcat Builder


lolcat (via



Grab your G1, open Android Market, and download the Lolcat Builder by David Brown. Once installed, you simply select a photo, add your lolcat captions to the top or bottom (or both), and then there's a convenient button to both save and then share your photo with the world!

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