4 years ago

UnrEVOked - the simple way to root your Evo



If your dying for root access on your Evo 4G but just can’t figure out how ADB works, or custom recoveries confuse you – fear not, my friends. “Unrevoked” might just be for you. It’s a very simple one-click root method which allows you to run root-required apps, and even gives you Super-user protection. All you do is copy the “unrevoked.apk” file onto your SD card and install it using Astro, or some other file manager. Easy enough, right? The only problem is that you have run the app after every reboot, as it’s not permanent. And it also doesn’t give you a custom recovery, so you can’t flash ROMs – but if you’re just looking to run some “root apps”, then this is definitely your cup of tea! After the break are a couple screenshots, and thanks everyone who sent this in!  [via Unrevoked]

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4 years ago

Qik explains why it's gone missing


Qik video chat

Been wondering where the Qik app -- the much heralded video chat service that was (supposed to be) a major part of the Evo 4G launch -- has gone? It's been missing from the Android Market for a little while, and those of you with earlier versions have been awaiting the update for video chat on the Evo 4G (and those premium features, too). Well, it seems that you've been the problem. From the Qik blog:

Earlier in the day we ran into a snag with Qik for HTC EVO 4G not being visible in the Android Market from the HTC EVO 4G devices – even though it was published to the market. Hats off to our great partner Google. Their Android team jumped in, found the issue and came up with a workaround that enabled us to at least get the new Qik Video client out to our users.

We had an unprecedented 20X the amount of workload on our servers. As a result, you were seeing issues connecting to our service on and off. So, our team is now out provisioning more capacity and we expect to have this in control shortly. We feel bad that not all of you got a chance to experience the new Qik Video today and truly appreciate your patience. Rest assured we are not going to rest till this is humming and you are able to video chat with your friends and loved ones.

That's a bad start for the Qik folks, and quite the leg up for Fring at this point. [Qik Blog via Android Central Forums]

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4 years ago

Android Quick App - Trimble Outdoors


t_o1 t_o2

Now that the warmer weather has finally rolled in, many more days are spent outdoors, doing the things we all have grown to love. Sometimes finding a new spot to fish, a new trail to ride, or a new area to swim can be a little difficult if you are unfamiliar with the area you are in. If you are an outdoors person, and love to put your technology to work to help you find new things to do, Trimble Outdoors is the perfect application for you. Take a peek after the jump to see what this application can offer.

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4 years ago

Android Quick App - doubleTwist player


doubleTwist Android appDoubletwist

There's been a lot of chatter about doubleTwist the past few days.  That will happen when you push out a desktop app and a on-device player to go along with it. I've spent the past couple days getting things ready for my HTC Evo, and setting up doubleTwist was one of them.  Hit the break for the run down and see if doubleTwist is something that might work for you too.

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4 years ago

Unlocked Dell Streak Android MID to be available in July


dell streak

If you’ve been itching to get your hands on the near indestructible Dell Streak (aka the Dell Mini 5) you’ll be happy to know that starting next month, it will be available directly through Dell’s own website. Since its being sold unlocked and unsubsidized, it takes a little sting out of the $500 price tag it carries. You’ll have the choice of being able to activate it over AT&T or T-Mobile’s networks, most likely, and you won’t be locked in to any 2-year contract. Even though our European friends are getting the Streak a little earlier than us (this Friday), fear not friends, we’re not too far off. [via Engadget]

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4 years ago

Windows version of doubletwist for Android updated, now with Market search


windows version of doubletwist for android

Just as we reported they would, the folks at doubleTwist have updated their Windows application, and a good program just got better.  Here's the official announcement from their user forums:

Please give a warm welcome to Windows version, released late last night, 5.31.2010 goodies include:

* Upgrade back-end stuff in preparation for our soon to be released Android music player. weWt!!
* Android market for windows. go get those apps. Android App FAQ --> http://forums.doubletwis...mp;m=8057&#post8057
* Support for the Sony X10
* Tons 'o miscellaneous bug fixes.

Enjoy --

We all love bugfixes, and support for new devices is always nice.  But there are two things here that look really interesting - the "soon to be released" music player, and the ability to search the Android Market from within the program.  Search out an app and once it's loaded in doubleTwist's browser (note -- you'll have to have Chrome or Safari installed, support for other browsers is in the works, according to the developers) you can install via QR code with your trusty bar code scanner.  Of course, music and video transfer works as well as it ever did, and doubleTwist still offers excellent podcast subscription management.  It really is shaping up to be iTunes for Android, and it's something definitely worth looking into.

Check out the official doubleTwist FAQ here for answers to more questions, and to see what others have to say about doubleTwist. [doubleTwist]

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4 years ago

Introducing the Android Central widget


Android Central widget

Let's face it, you just can't get enough of us. We understand that. And so without further ado, we bring you the Android Central Widget. It's a simple beast, bringing you the latest headlines from Android Central straight to your home screen. Tap a headline and you're taken to the mobile version of our website. No muss, no fuss. We kept it simple for a reason, folks.

There are two sizes from which you can choose -- a 4x1 horizontal widget, and a 2x2 widget. Just load it up from the Android Market, tap and hold on your home screen and you're ready to go.

Android Central Widget
Market linkApp Brain

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4 years ago

Android Quick App - ADW.Launcher


home moreicons

Yes, you may be thinking oh look, yet another launcher, haven't we seen enough? Well, maybe you have, but if you look past the ADW.Launcher you will be rather sad once you realize all that it has to offer. While the initial look of it may look like your standard Froyo launcher that we have seen covered many times, the options go far beyond that. Well, let's take a look at it after the jump.

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4 years ago

LauncherPro gets a face-lift


We went over the strengths and weaknesses of LauncherPro recently, and if there was one thing really holding it back from taking the number one spot, it had to be the lack of customization – especially when it comes to the dock bar. The author must have heard our prayers, because he released an update that enables us to do just that.  With a simple long press on the icons you can replace them with whatever application you fancy.  You can also change the shortcut to your favorite browser bookmarks – something Helix doesn’t do. Put simply, LauncherPro is a big time contender now, and let’s hope the improvements and features keep on coming. [Market link]

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4 years ago

Skype's Verizon exclusivity waning, app coming to Android Market



A Skype PR rep confirmed to SkatterTech today that an Android app is coming to the Android Market, never mind that it's currently exclusive to Verizon. In an e-mail, the rep wrote:

"We will be bringing a direct to consumer app to the Android marketplace later this year. This application will be available for all consumers globally to download regardless of carriers. (i.e. similar to how we offer the iPhone app today)."

None too soon, and it might get even better, as this Skype "consumer app" (as opposed to ...?) may feature video chat -- though the rep backed off that claim, apparently. Either way, it's another reason to avoid last-minute surprise fees from other video chat apps that you thought were going to be free. [SkatterTech] Thanks, Jeremy.

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4 years ago

How to get your paid apps back in Froyo


Android Market Paid apps in Froyo

Good news for you folks running Froyo who are sorely missing your favorite paid applications from the new and improved Android Market. A fix has actually been around at XDA Developers for a couple of days, and it's as simple as pushing over a new build.prop file that spoofs the Market into thinking you're running an older version of Android (Eclair really is ancient, ya know?) while keeping your Froyo goodness intact. There's really not too much hackery involved, though you'll likely want to run a nandroid backup first, just in case. And if you somehow have Froyo but still have no idea what we're talking about, better to just leave this one alone. [XDA Developers]

Note: Make sure the file you push back to your phone is, in fact, named build.prop and not something else.

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4 years ago

Android Quick App - Sirius XM satellite radio


Sirius XM Satellte Radio for Android

Finally, for those of us waiting patiently for Sirius XM to bring satellite radio to Android, our day has come. The same satellite radio you've come to know and love in your car (it's a life-saver) and on your desktop is now available on your Android phone.

For those of you new to satellite radio, it's a subscription server that has channel after channel of music as well as sports, entertainment, family and heath, comedy, news, pure talk radio, religion -- just about anything and everything you could think of.

The app itself is easy to use and hangs out in your notification tray, so you can access it easily while you're off doing other things. About our only complaint is that it doesn't work in landscape mode, and the app itself is named "Online," which makes it tricky to find in your app drawer at first.

The Sirius XM app itself is free (download the app directly from Sirius here), but the service itself has a monthly fee (there are a number of packages available), though you can try it for 30 days free. More at SiriusXM.com, and more screen shots after the break. Thanks, Jay!

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4 years ago

Sling Player, Android, Evo 4G - 'nuff said


[YouTube link]

Not sure which one of these we wan to see released more -- the Evo 4G, or Sling Player. Regardless, here they are together. That's right, Sling Player on the Evo 4G. It's still in private beta and said to be "coming soon," so you'll have to make do with this teaser for now. Go ahead and watch it again. It'll last longer. Thanks, George!

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4 years ago

Evo 4G's front-facing camera shoots images in reverse


Notice anything unusual in this picture? (Besides the obvious, of course -- I didn't do a thing with my hair today.) That's right, the front-facing 1.3MP camera on the Sprint HTC Evo 4G records things backward, at the moment. (Our pal Andrew from Androinica broke the news in a much cooler test.)

As to if and when it'll be fixed, we caught up with HTC, which told us the following: "We are looking into whether this is strictly a software issue, if, and how soon it can be corrected." Let's hope it's sooner rather than later. I'm not getting any prettier up there.

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4 years ago

Facebook for Android having hiccups today


Facebook for Android

Looks like the Facebook Android app is having a bit of a conniption fit today. Could just be network problems, or maybe it's unhappy that my privacy settings quit grabbing their ankles today. Anybody else having issues? (Thanks, @vizzle07 and @hmdearras)

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