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4 months ago

Samsung's Game Launcher updated with new UI, better discovery options


Game Launcher now has a recommendation service.

Samsung's Game Launcher made its debut earlier this year on the Galaxy S7, and the app is now picking up an update that introduces a new user interface and a discovery feature. Game Launcher lives as a separate folder icon, and the app automatically collates all the games installed on your phone. The service provides a set of tools designed to minimize frustrations while you're in a game, and as such you have the ability to disable the back and recent keys, disable alerts, record in-game video, take screenshots, and more.

With the update to version 2.0, Samsung is rolling out Game Discovery, a recommendation service that suggests games based on your preferences. Then there's My Diary, which analyzes and logs your scores over time. The interface now has a more opaque background, making it easier to read text.

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4 months ago

OnePlus 3 gets its first beta Android 7.0 Nougat build


Manually jump to the latest software right now.

As we tip over to December we're still waiting for an official OTA update to Android 7.0 Nougat on the OnePlus 3, but the most anxious among us can now be the first to see what OnePlus has done with Nougat by installing the latest Open Beta 8 software. Because of the big jump this latest beta will not arrive over the air for current Open Beta users — you'll have to manually apply this update.

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4 months ago

Google's latest Santa Tracker arrives with new game and visual redesign


Get in the spirit of the season.

Google Santa Tracker

Google's yearly refresh of its Santa Tracker always brings some new fun and a fresh take on the Santa story, and the 2016 iteration is now available in Google Play and on the web. As always, the Santa Tracker app and website bring tons of interactive activities and games to help kids pass the time while waiting for Santa to arrive.

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4 months ago

Netflix finally lets you download TV shows and movies


Take Netflix offline with you wherever you go.

Netflix has finally added the ability to download TV shows and movies to watch offline. The option is available for Netflix's own shows — including Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things, The Crown, Narcos, and others — as well as select movies and TV shows, with the company adding that it will offer more titles for offline viewing in due course of time. The ability to download content is included with all plans, and is available for phones as well as tablets.

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5 months ago

The voices of The Grand Tour are now on Waze


These are way better than the default voices.

If you were ever a fan of the TV series Top Gear you've likely seen the news of the spiritual relaunching of the series as The Grand Tour over on Amazon. To get you in the mood, Waze has partnered up with Amazon to offer the voices of Clarkson, Hammond and May to guide you on your next trip.

All you have to do is open up the settings of the Waze app, head to "Sound" and then "Voice Language" and look for "Clarkson, Hammond & May." Going forward, all of the Waze announcements will come from your favorite snarky gearheads. It's really a match made in heaven, and it could lighten up your commute some.

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5 months ago

These apps will make your business a collaboration powerhouse


Improve your productivity and project planning at work with these great apps!

Email is still the go-to communication tool for business, but more often it's taking a backseat to a wide spectrum of cloud-based apps that can have a positive impact on individual productivity.

We'll be highlighting messaging, task management and project-based apps that have the potential to completely revamp how your company communicates and organizes projects.



Slack brings all your company's communications into one app, allowing for real-time messaging and collaboration on projects. With Slack, you can create channels for different departments or projects related to your company — including private channels for more sensitive topics — and everyone in your company can seamlessly communicate and share files with one another via direct messaging, group messages and even voice calls through Slack apps available for web, PC, Mac, iOS and Android. All this helps to cut down internal email, and keeps all your communication in one archivable, searchable place.


It's an ideal fit for smaller or medium-sized businesses. You can try Slack with your company for free, and if your team likes it, you can upgrade to a premium version that offers group calling and more feature integration.

Learn More about Slack

Google Apps / G Suite

If your company has been relying on the ubiquitous services of Microsoft Office, but you're in need of something more collaborative, you should really take a serious look at Google's G Suite.

If you're familiar with Google's offerings (and if you use Android, you should be), you'll know how well Google does at integrating all their apps and services into one another. Beyond the convenience and ease-of-use of services such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive and Google Hangouts, Google also offers their own creation tools that are surprisingly powerful and perfect for collaboration — Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Forms and Google Slides. Perhaps the best part is the cloud-based storage, allowing anyone on the team to access and contribute to documents on all their devices at any time.

You can jump in and try them out for free, and if they more than serve your company's needs, you can upgrade to the G Suite Basic or Business plans and get more of everything that makes Google's products great.

Learn more about Google's G Suite


Odds are you use Dropbox for your personal cloud-storage needs — why not use it for your businesses needs too? With Dropbox for Business, you'll get as much space as needed so you can store and access all the important files for your business via the web client, along with apps for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.

Dropbox is great for collaboration, too, as teams can work out of shared folders uploading and downloading content to their devices as needed. Dropbox also features unlimited third-party integrations and takes your files security seriously, offering password-protected links, and the option to remote wipe a device in the case of a lost phone or laptop.

Learn more about Dropbox for Business


Trello offers a fantastic way to monitor progress and encourage collaboration on projects within your company. Built around the concept of boards and cards, it's an intuitive organization system that can be customized to fit the needs of your company. Anyone on the team is free to create, comment on, or upload relevant files to cards, making Trello a pretty great tool for remote brainstorming sessions. Your team can access Trello on the web, or take it with them always with the mobile app, available for Android and iOS.


Given how simple and flexible Trello is to work with, it just might change the way your company keeps itself organized. You can try it out for free before upgrading to Gold or Business.

Learn more about Trello


Basecamp offers a great all-in-one platform for keeping your company organized and everyone on the team in the loop with what everyone else is working on. It's a great option for a growing team that's feeling overwhelmed by constant internal emails and frequent meetings. Message boards, to-do lists, schedules, and file repositories are all combined via elegant design into a system that's easy to navigate and accessible to the entire team at all times.

Your team can even check in to Basecamp on the go, via the Basecamp app for Android.

Learn more about Basecamp

Your turn

What are your favorite collaboration and communication apps? Let us know!

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5 months ago

SwiftKey adds transliteration support for Hindi and Gujarati


SwiftKey works great with Hindi and Gujarati.

SwiftKey already works with 22 Indian languages, and the keyboard is now gaining transliteration for Hindi and Gujarati. The feature is automatically enabled for those that have Hindi or Gujarati language models installed, and SwiftKey will show predictions for words in English as well as the native language script.

For instance, if you're typing "namaste," you'll see the English word along with the Hindi translation (नमस्ते) in the prediction bar. Users can type in English, their native language script, or a combination of the two.

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5 months ago

The best deals apps


The apps that deliver on the best deal.

Whether it's looking for holiday gifts, or picking up something for yourself getting a deal on the things you buy is easier than you think. There are plenty of awesome apps that say they can deliver you great deals, but not all apps are of the same caliber. If you've ever had a frustrating experience, you're probably well aware of this fact. That's why we've collected the best apps for deals, so that you can get right to finding the best bang for your buck.


eBay is a household name when it comes to finding awesome deals online. They've been popular since back in the days of Beanie Babies, and with good reason too. eBay is the world's largest auction house, and of course you can buy and sell used items. Rather than sending you to manufacturers, sellers on eBay are as varied as people themselves are. But you can also buy brand new products, often at huge discounts.

The app is very well designed, and easy to use which is a good thing, because there are a lot of moving parts within eBay. You can easily search, watch a particular listing, message with other eBay users, see your purchases, and plenty more as well. You can start using eBay without having logged in, but in order to use any of the features you will need to log in or create an account. There are thousands upon thousands of items to search through, and you can find just about anything here for the right price.

Download: eBay (free)


If you're looking for a deal app that is simple, and easy to use, then Woot may be right up your alley. It delivers you deals every day, along with best sellers, and then allows you to browse current deals by category. While you can sign up for an account with Woot, it isn't actually necessary to complete your purchases.

Woot's deals are all over the place. From clothing, to wine, to towels and comforters. They've even got short-term Flash deals that are available in beta right now. While not having an individual search function might be frustrating for some users, the categories are set up broadly enough that you should be able to find what you are looking for. You also have the option when browsing deals to organize them by price, discount and even by the newest deal.

Download: Woot (free)


Coupons are often the easiest way to ensure that you get a good deal on the things you buy the most. While coupons can save you a bundle, many people don't use them on a regular basis. After all, who has the time to go rummaging to find the one coupon you need through dozens of different advertisements? That's where Flipp comes in. They deliver coupons from all of the stores closest to you, so that you always have access to the coupon you need.

While you will still need to search through them to find the relevant coupon, having everything in one place digitally makes things much easier on you. Flipp pulls coupon information from major retailers like Lowe's and GameStop by using your zip code. You can save your favorite coupons so that they're ready when you need them, search for specific items, or just browse by category. They even have the coupons from flyers that are only available for specific sales.

Flipp is busting at the seams with some great features that just keep making things easier for you. Inside of a flyer, if you tap on an item you want to save it will clip that specific coupon and add it to your shopping list. If a flyer is only available for certain locations, the app will tell you as much when you open the flyer.

The shopping list feature lets you take a look at the coupons you have clipped, nearby stores, and lets you build your shopping list in general. It does an absolutely excellent job of helping you to find deals, along with making sure you have the coupon to get the most bang out of your buck.

Download: Flipp (free)


The idea of getting money back just for shopping by using an app seems a bit ludicrous. That's exactly what the deal is with Ebates though. You find the store that you were planning on making a purchase from, and navigate there from within the Ebates app. When you make a purchase, you'll get a percentage in cash back. Different stores have different deals with Ebates and you may see anything from 1% to 10% in cash back rewards.

Previously, you could only get these deals if you purchased the item you were looking for online. However, if you link your credit card to the app, you can now also access these deals at 22 brick and mortar stores. When you open up a particular retailer from inside the Ebates app, you'll also be able to access deals that are currently running.

The combination of discounts on purchases, and cash back for purchases you were already going to make are absolutely fantastic. When you have earned cash back for your purchases, it will pop up into the 'My Cash Back' section of the app. It generally appears a few days after you have completed the transaction, and once the cash is 60 days old it is eligible to be paid out. Cash back rewards are paid out on the 15th of February, May, August and November by either a paper check or by being deposited into your PayPal account.

Download: Ebates (free)


The giant when it comes to finding an awesome deal, with minimum difficulty, is most certainly Amazon. This company delivers more deals than you could ever possibly scroll through, which generally means you can always find a good price when you're looking for one. From running shoes to jewelry to technology, Amazon sells pretty much everything.

While you can use a computer, Amazon works perfectly well right from your phone. You can check on orders, gift cards, and even try Amazon Prime right there. Of course, if you're looking for a deal, Amazon lets you search by voice, specific item, and category, making it easier than ever to find what you are looking for. Depending on your location, you can even use Amazon Prime Fresh to get your groceries delivered directly to your door. For those of you looking to get as much done in one place as possible, Amazon ought to be your go to shopping app.

Download: Amazon Shopping (free)

Your turn

There are plenty of great apps that can cut you a serious deal in a variety of ways. Not all of them offer the same benefits, but if you're looking for an easy way to get a great deal they can definitely help you out. Do you think there is a a great app for deals that we missed? Do you have a favorite deal app? Be sure to leave us a comment below and tell us about it!

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5 months ago

Final Android 7.1 Developer Preview build released, Nexus 9 added to Beta Program


The second and final Android 7.1 Developer Preview is here.

Just a couple days over a month since the first Android 7.1 Developer Preview was released, we now have Developer Preview 2 available for Nexus phones and tablets to get a near-final taste of the latest software. Those who have enrolled in the Android Beta Program for their compatible device — which now includes the Nexus 9 — will receive Developer Preview 2 this week via an OTA update.

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5 months ago

Google Maps now tells you when places are busy in real time


Manage your time better with the new Google Maps update.

Google Maps has received a small update today focusing on improving time rationing at busy stores around the holiday (and beyond). In an update to Google Maps for Android and iOS, the service now tells you not only the general times when a restaurant, bar or store is busy, but, where available, a real-time summary of its popularity.

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5 months ago

Pokémon Go's third global in-game event doubles XP for a week


Another opportunity to score more points is coming.

Pokémon Go is one of the biggest successes of 2016, even if interest in the mobile game hasn't sustained itself since its summer introduction. Certainly, with negative temperatures now creeping up here in Toronto, I certainly have less incentive than a few months ago to get out and level up.

Well, Niantic and The Pokémon Company feel the same way, since it is holding the third global in-game event between November 23 and November 30, where trainers will earn double the XP and Stardust for completing in-game actions. Previous in-game events saw a higher number of ghoulish Pokémon over the Halloween period, as well as double the experience points during set times.

More: Pokémon Go, the ultimate guide

Recently, Pokémon Go was expanded to include eight new countries in the Middle East, including Bahrain, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates.

Pokémon Go

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5 months ago

Google Play Music's latest update is two steps forward, one step back


Last week, Google Play Music took its first step towards a long, long overdue overhaul.

The recent Google Play Music update changes only one element of the UI: the home page. Before the update, it was a mix of Recents and Recommendations. Now, Listen Now is entirely recommendations, with only a Recents button in the top right corner to remind you that Play Music is anything but AI-made radio stations… until you switch to Downloaded. Then, Home changes into something far more useful.

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5 months ago

Get certified to become an ethical hacker with these awesome bundles!

Hacking is generally associated with negativity, and with recent attacks and breaches people are scared of the word. Ethical hackers do a completely different thing though, they work with the companies to build up their systems to prevent attacks from happening in the future. They look for vulnerabilities in different systems, code bases, and more to see if there are any holes that people can get into and work to get them closed up before someone else can access them.

Getting into the field can be a difficult thing, but there are tons of great resources available that can help you get started to get your foot in the door. Here are some of the best courses that you can take at a huge discount.

Certified Ethical Hacker Bootcamp

The Ethical Hacker Bootcamp offers a ton of information that you have access to at any point during the day. You'll be able to utilize the more than 140 lectures and 45 hours of content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With more than 600 exam questions you'll gain practical experience with DDoS attacks, policy creation and much more.

Normally, this bootcamp would set you back over $5,200, but right now you can get it all for just $45.

See at Android Central Offers

IT Security & Ethical Hacking Certification Training

With this certification training you will have instant access to more than 50 hours of training and nearly 50 hours of courses to help you get on your way. If you invest up to three hours per week, you should be able to pass all the certification exams in under six weeks, which is not a whole lot of time at all. You'll be able to learn how to secure Windows systems against attacks, discover methods for guessing passwords and study different types of keyloggers.

Regularly this certification training would be priced at just under $2,000, but for a limited time you can get it for only $30, which is a 98% savings.

See at Android Central Offers

IT Security & White Hat Hacking: CompTIA & Cisco Certifications

Information is key when it comes to getting started. There is so much information out there, but accessing it is pricey. Getting your CompTIA & Cisco certifications with this bundle may put you a step ahead of the competition. With more than 50 hours of information and 40 lectures that you can access on-demand, this bundle will get you ready to pass your exams with ease. Some of the key topics that you'll master include cyber-security, spyware, keyloggers, and much more.

If you want to avoid paying the $1,400 retail value of the courses, you'll want to act quick so that you can pay only $29 for it all.

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Cyber Security Hacker & Pen Tester Certification Training

If you want to have access to the most classes, you'll want to check this one out. With nearly 120 classes available to pull information from and 20 hours of content that you can access on your own schedule, this can help you get certified in the time that you have available. This will help put you ahead of the competition by teaching you through video, quizes, assessments and even discussions.

For the low price of just $39, you'll save a boatload of money to act quick. If you decide to delay, you may be stuck paying upwards of $800 for this package, do be sure to act quickly!

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5 months ago

Master Python Programming for just $29

Learning to program with Python is not exactly the easiest process out there, but it is something that developers will have to conquer. Whether you are currently a programmer / developer or are looking to become one in the near future, odds are that you still have tons to learn. Unfortuantely, learning usually takes a lot of time and costs a decent amount as well, making it hard at times to justify doing it.

It doesn't always have to be that way, though. Especially with amazing bundles like this Python Programming Pro bundle which gives you access to six great courses. From learning data analysis to programming with Python for beginners, these courses cover lots of information that you will find valuable.

The courses you'll find in this bundle include:

  • Data Analysis With Python and Pandas $37 Value
  • Learn Python Django From Scratch $37 Value
  • Python Web Programming $37 Value
  • Data Visualization with Python and Matplotlib $37 Value
  • Python Programming for Beginners $27 Value
  • Python Game Development - Create a Flappy Bird Clone $17 Value

If you were to buy all of these courses individually you'd pay nearly $200, but right now you can grab the bundle for just $29, which is quite a deal. By the time you complete all of these courses you should be well on your way to being able to start development of your own game or web app.

Don't miss out and then be forced to shell out the regular price of $200 for this bundle, you will thank yourself later.

See at Android Central Offers

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5 months ago

Password manager Enpass now working seamlessly on Chromebooks, including browser autofill


Keeping your passwords safe and synced is just as important on a Chromebook.

Password manager Enpass has just released an update to include complete support for Chromebooks, following a couple of initial teasers as the Google Play Store started rolling out to Chrome OS. With the latest update you can install Enpass on your Chromebook and have access to all of your secure passwords and information, and of course any changes or additions you make will be synced back to your other devices.

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