Android 4.4.3

Yesterday saw the release of Android 4.4.3, which includes a plethora of bug fixes and minor enhancements that will surely improve the user experience for Android smartphone owners. And now we have a changelog. The update itself is already starting to roll out to specific hardware and we've covered other Android devices getting in line to be upgraded.

It's worth noting that while this open source changelog is available, it does not include any details regarding proprietary components from Google or additional manufacturers. Still, it's good to see what's new. Let us know in the comments should you come across any entries you find interesting.

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Check out the indecipherable changelog for Android 4.4.3 and see what's new


How bad would it suck if this was the one and only "guaranteed upgrade" that the Moto G and E promised? I sincerely doubt it is, but that would be a kicker...

The Moto line has gained momentum based on its fast updates and little bloat. Motorola would be insane to not capitalize and build on that momentum.

I agree for the most part, I am just saying that technically this is one upgrade.

I think that they will go with the spirit of what they said, which would be a major upgrade not a. 0.0.1 update

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Course they *said* my atrix would get ICS.
Not really the same, I know. But "they" say a lot of things.

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I guess I was one of the few who actually liked my Evo 3D. Still sore at HTC for just "abandoning" that handset immediately after release. I'd be lying if I said that didn't factor into me at other OEM's for my next device.

Didn't it get ICS eventually? I think I sold mine before that was ever decided and moved unto the EVO LTE, now on a N5, haven't really missed my HTCs but I wasn't unhappy with their update progress. I never kept any EVO for two years either tho...

It got an update a couple of months after it was released (bug fix) and that was it as far as I know. When my contract was up, I got a Note 2. I ended up flashing Mean ROM on the Evo3D and I still use it for a 3D camera.

There are some noticeable fixes for my Nexus 7 Flo. It doesn't have a hard time with my WiFi or Bluetooth anymore. (Could be unrelated to the update.) It wasnt hard to flash via fast boot yesterday.

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Better yet, how about going through that changelog, and reporting on the changes that matter to us, so all your readers don't have to either ignore the story, or spend a long time deciphering it?

Who are all these people that are putting articles out on this blog? All of a sudden its like anyone and everyone is putting up articles. This should be a Jerrry story. He would have put the details out instead of a lazy 5 line "story"

You missed the memo that mobile nations writers will be writing not just for their 'home' site but the others as well...

As for lazy writing how about you guys do it and let us know. Most of it doesn't matter...

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It appears the model over the last few months has been to report news as it comes available and refine the story over subsequent articles. This is how I process information anyway, so I am ok with it. I like my intel raw up front and refined on the backend.

Sorry, I think you took that the wrong way. Some childish part of my brain started giggling when I read "I like my intel raw up front and refined on the backend." ;)

Didn't mean for that to sound like I was taking a jab at anything you said.

You'll have to wait...

And then wait...

Then wait some more...

Then probably not get it, because it's a galaxy ace.

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After reading this changelog I think Google developers have been WORKING, even though most of this is under the hood and not visible to us users. If it were me, and knowing that the next future release is close, I have to wonder if I would have even bothered to do this. Kudos to them!

This is most likely a list of the "commit" comments on their source code repository system, and not something that someone sat down and "made". All the comments that read "DO NOT MERGE" further enforces this theory.

That said, I agree that it looks like the Android engineers have been busy.

As a developer it's this sort of update that the end users never appreciate.. Because it doesn't *look* different all the months you thought you've been working late into the night you've apparently been sat on your arse eating pizza.

Cudos to Google for releasing the raw changelog. Maybe I'll hint to $employer they should follow suit :p

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Agree. I was a developer turned manager for a corporate system , so when I see this list I know there was work and coordination invovled

What annoys me about most OEMS, updates like this fix lots of broken things in phones but rarely do we ever see them outside the nexus line

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Last I checked up until today my phone was as up to date as a Nexus...oh and so is my s3. How is the galaxy Nexus doing on that?
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Agreed, NoNexus. The only phones like "aren't likely" to see the updates are the super cheap devices. It's unfortunate if that's all you can afford, but those things are pretty much designed to be "disposable" so the OEM's don't put much effort into maintaining them.

There have been issues with companies, and certain carriers, making their users wait *far* longer than average for updates, but they all seem to be doing much better these days. And, sometimes, devices don't get updated because they can't handle the new OS. Same reason older "i"Devices don't get to update. The way the mobile device technology is advancing right now, if you've got a device that's 3+ years old, it's time to upgrade, or don't expect to get the latest versions of Android. Doesn't matter how good the device "was" or how good the OEM "is", a single core 1.2Ghz device can't run the latest Android in a way that wouldn't make you want to throw it across the room.

Yes you just comes in a more substantial update. If you don't see an update until 4.5/5.0/whatever's next, that doesn't mean the fixes in this update won't be included, or taken care of, in the first place. Once it's in the AOSP code, it's there until there's enough of a major change that it's been edited or replaced, entirely. And at that point, you won't have to worry about it either way, because the bug won't exist then.

I want to know if you could spell indecipherable without spell check?

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I really hope a native English speaker would be able to do that if they're woken up at 3am. It's not that complicated a word. Sure cipher is one of the words not really spelled as it's pronounced, but it's still fairly commonly used. :)

Haha, same!

Sounds like a remote town you'd find in the middle of nowhere in Australia. Except it'd be longer and have a few more oo's in there.

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Don't complain!! Until recently, getting changelogs from Google was like pulling be glad we got one at all!!

I read through the whole thing.

Ok, so I paged through it.

Alright, so I really just held down "Page Down" to see how long it took to get to the bottom. 8 seconds.

I always have "an error occur" while viewing something on youtube through the chromecast when I go back to an email and try to open another youtube link. I get the error message every time on both my G Pad GPe and GS3 CM11.

It's while Youtube is connected to the chromecast. I cannot open another link that opens up Youtube, I just get an error. I have to completely disconnect the chromecast and start again.

Sorry, just been bugging me and this would be the time to fix it.