Bitspin and Timely joining Google

Timely quickly became one of our favorite alarm clocks on Android as much for its beautiful design as its functionality and simplicity. And the hard work appears to have paid off, as developer Bitspin has announced on its website that it is "joining Google."

Details of the deal were sparse Saturday morning — we've got an e-mail in requesting more information — with just three sentences on Bitspin's website. "We're thrilled to announce that Bitspin is joining Google, where we'll continue to do what we love: building great products that are delightful to use," the message begins.

The immediate impact on Timely appears to be minimal. 

"For new and existing users," Bitispin writes, "Timely will continue to work as it always has. Thanks to everyone who has downloaded our app and provided feedback along the way; we truly appreciate all your support."

Timely, which was updated on Friday with some bugfixes, has between 1 million and 5 million installs, according to its Google Play listing.

Update 10:26 p.m.: Google got back to us this evening but had no additional details to share regarding the "joining."

Source: Bitspin; Thanks, Greg, for the heads up!


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Bitspin, developer behind Timely alarm clock, 'joining Google'


Love this app. It's been my go-to alarm clock for some time. I actually just paid for the pro unlock when it was on sale for 99 cents, and I'm still glad they are joining Google. Here's hoping their features get baked into Android.

Really happy for them as well. I think Timely is probably the most attractively designed app I have used on Android. If Google were to just drop Timely in as the default Android clock/alarm app without making any significant changes, I'd be happy.

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I hope it stays the same as well. I'm happy for the bitspin crew but so many good things are killed off or ruined after acquisition. *sigh*

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Hey Phil, is this "Samsungforlife" guy ever, ever going to be banned?...He's umm, beyond annoying. Ask Jerry, he knows about him.

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And that's why I uninstalled. Seems like a simple, common sense feature. I'm stuck on the 'Good Morning' alarm Jerry posted about some time ago.

I'll give the app a try, see what all the buzz is about, I see it has over a million d/l's!

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Seems like all the IAPs (Themes sounds etc) are now free, making this app 100x better! Thanks google!

Between 1 million & 5 million ... wow, that's quite a gap.

Nice, though -- expect to see some nice looking Google apps in the future.

While I love Timely, I'm more curious about what this means for their app, Tasks. It is hands down the best Google Tasks app out there.

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I've never heard of their Tasks app, but the only Bitspin app that is showing up in the Play Store for me right now is Timely.

It might be under Team Tasks. They made tasks first and then changed their name when timely was released.

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This plus 10,000!

I hoping at some point Google combines the features from tasks with keep, and I'm not just talking the android apps. Bitspin/Team Tasks could be the guys to do it, and do it well.

I was wondering the same thing. I love Timely, and paid for it when it cost money, but I just discovered their Tasks app and don't want to pay for it if it will become free as well.

This actually has me really excited because even though the 4.4 clock app is great, once I used Timely it just immediately took over as my main alarm app. The biggest downside to me is that android doesn't see it as the system alarm app, so I don't get notifications about my upcoming alarms on the lock screen and in the settings drop-down tab. Hopefully this means that that'll change :)

If you want to use Timely and have alarm notifications on your lockscreen, you can use the DashClock lockscreen widget. Timely has a DashClock notifier extension.

I love timely, but I had to go back to the stock clock because I almost always wake up 5 minutes before my alarm, and the early dismissal notification is really useful

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So i guess we can expect for next android release Timely to be baked in but not in AOSP. AOSP will continue to use 4.4.2 clock app...

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Kept hearing how great timely is so I installed today. Must say, it's very well done. Maybe that crew can bring some eye candy to other goog apps. Love goog but their apps are sometimes rather bare bones .

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As Naruvam said, would you believe what is essentially happening?

Google is putting a skin on Android. They are getting further away from AOSP. All they need to do is name it now.. and get a camera app...

looking forward to seeing how this all pans out in the future, wouldn't mind seeing Timely even ass is become the stock clock app.

Best alarm clock hands down. It's easy to set like the CM Clock. I'm backing up the apk just in case Google messes it up

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Just downloaded Timely. Great UI and functionality.

Would love to see the ability to customize the widget and use other alarm sounds other than the preloaded ones. I need annoying sounds to wake me up and the ones preloaded are not annoying enough for me.

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liking the app so far but how does it sync? i wasn't asked any sign in permissions, unless i'm missing something.

Another immediate impact is that Timely nw shows up in Google accounts as one of you synced apps. Discovered that today before i even knew about Google acquisition and thought it odd... But now it makes sense.

I disabled the phone settings there is no phone button anywhere cannot calls Samsung galaxy s 4

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I'm sure that Timely is a great app, however the earlier app that the team created - Tasks was, I feel ignored by the team when they released Timely.
Checking the User Reviews and comments on their G+ Page shows a repeated feature request for recurring reminders to be made available on Tasks, but they were never replied to or even addressed.

I am glad that the team is now part of Google now, good for them.