Couldn't agree more.

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The best Flappy Bird technique you'll ever see on Android


My friend told me he'd give me $100 if I could beat his high score of 50. I thought I'd be able to do it after watching this video.

F u Phil for getting my hopes up. :(

there is a way to cheat it...if you look at the play games leaderboards, the top guy is at like 2 billion just cheat and profit!!

IDK how. Another friend handed me his phone to try to get me to play. I played twice and couldn't even score once. Lol

That was enough to know it was a boring game for me.

Cbb to play. I tried once, but it was boring. I need a real cheat or someone who can do it for me. Lol

I knew from the way he was talking that some form of destruction was the 'technique'. Pretty funny!

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Someone close the casket... I. Am. Dead.

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I want someone, just farking anyone at this point to talk to me about the build quality on the SGS series again.

/Funny video

I know, it took what 4 direct hits before the one that shattered the glass? I never had a complaint about the way they are built but damn that was a bit impressive. I wonder how the One or Maxx would have done. The removable back really save it a bit...

Imagine doing it with a Flex? Would have snapped back and killed the guy...

It took the first shot to the front without breaking

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...


Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

This is fanfriggintastic!!!!

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*cough* should have been done on an iPhone.*cough*

Now that that's out of the way.

Fucking epic. I did not expect that. I was looking for a pattern and paying close attention until he died. Then I died.

So, when are we going to see "Flappy Bird Fanatics" as the new addition to the Mobile Nations family? Because with all the coverage on it, I'm thinking that might be true.

I know, right?

It's all about Demand and Supply. NOT Supply and Demand.  Seems a crazy amount of people out their are gaga for Flappy, so we're just doing our job and supplying it. :)

But no, there will be no 

Though it would be a little shortsighted, it would be an interesting name for ""

Haven't played it but that video was gold, pure gold. He even kept his hammer strikes in the same pattern as his screen taps.

I knew this was going to happen... I just played a couple of rounds with it and my blood was already boiling.

I'm still waiting to Android Central to be like "Now that everyone is addicted to this game, we made it. MUHAHAHAHA!

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Saw this coming a mile away but still pretty funny

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I'm crying!

This message was brought to you by the numbers 0 and 1

That was impressive how well it took those first few swings. The glass didn't even break until the end.

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Angry Bird is the most frustrating game out, but there is no reason to destroy the phone! I need a phone badly and it sucks seeing a good phone destroyed!

I'll be the minority and not play this game. Those pipes look familiar to me somehow super mario bros

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LOL! Caught me by surprise, I was expecting a legit technique. Anyway, got a 46 score and looking forward to beat it without resorting to this.

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Perfectly good phone smashed up.....smdh. If anyone has phones they don't give a shite about, I'd be happy to smash them for you. Pm me and I'll send a mailing address.

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Well, that escalated really quickly.
Also completely unexpected.

My device went through hell to send this message.

Wow that phone took 5 blows with a sledgehammer before breaking. This is more a testimony to the strength of the phone over a simple minded idiot that goes homicidal over a video game.

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thAT was Hilarious .. hahahahah .. I gasped, laughed, cried , and laughed again all in 1.33 seconds


You can modify the high score (if you're rooted) by:
1. Opening any root file browser (I prefer Root Browser) and navigate to /data/data/com.dotgears.flappybird/shared_prefs/
2. Edit FlappyBird.xml and change the value for score to "" and save it.