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One of the larger issues surrounding applications and the Android Market (OK, one of a number of larger issues) is the current inability to update more than one application at a time. The above screen shot, purportedly from Android 2.2 (which might or might not actually be Froyo; or might be Froyo and not Android 2.2) shows a checkbox for allowing automatic updating. We'll have to think about whether we'd rather see that or just the ability to update all our apps in one fell swoop. But either way, some sort of fix will be a welcome addition. [4chan via Android Community]


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Simer03 says:

sweet!!! hopefully it tells us that its updated, though!

i think people will run into problems with battery life and automatic updates. sounds neat though

Wow, go anonymous for discovering this one.

Auto updates would be nice...

csd says:

I don't like this option. I've seen too many app updates that actually took features away. (ie, when they come out with a paid version of a free app for example) So in those cases I choose not to download the update so I can stay on the earlier version with more features.

So auto-update would take that ability away.

I also wish there was a way to select which apps I want currently on my phone, and leave the others on a pc or something so I can save space when I don't need them, but load them on when I do want them. (ie, travel apps) I hate the iphone, but that's one ability I long for in Android. The only way I've found to do this so far is by swapping out various sd cards. Not a great solution.

Uh, as you can clearly see from the screenshot, this checkbox is found under the app description for Google Maps. In other words, it's a per-app setting.

Oddbin says:

Would be nice to have the option to have a couple of important ones do this and the rest have an update all when you choose.

See my above comment about this being a per-app setting.

oak25 says:

we know how this works... nice little leak... update MONTHS later.. ugh... horrible!

"One of the larger issues surrounding applications and the Android Market (OK, one of a number of larger issues) is the current inability to update more than one application at a time."

Um....I already update like 4 or 5 apps at once....Already a feature. I think I have updated up to 6 updates at one time. (All at the same time.) It even shows a compiled download progress of all the updates and the number of updates in a red circle. Some finish faster than others but, FOR SURE THEY ARE DOWNLOADING AT THE SAME TIME. =) Droid Does w/ 2.1

droideris says:

Meaning "update all," not tap>"update">"OK">"update">back to list, repeat process for every app

Gunner says:

I'd be all for this, IF there was also an automatic rollback feature. So that if you get an update that breaks functionality, or just changes an app in a bad way, you can roll back to the better, older version, just by clicking 'Rollback'. Currently, you have to manually back up your apps before updating if you don't want to risk getting a crappier newer version of an app that's already working well.

ERDude says:

After yesterdays FaceSpace fiasco I'll stick with the manual update process thank-your very much.

Execute says:

Yea I think I would rather see an "Update All" button over the auto updates. However, it's nice to see big G addressing the issue(s).
Also, as posted already, the ability to rollback to a previous version or undo an update would be a welcomed feature to many. Who hasn't updated a favorite app only to find that the previous version was superior. Some updates just plain make no sense at all. But again, cool to see them working on issues. Don't forget to give Google your feedback as well!

Wow, who cares? I think that users want to be able to pick the updates they want and when.

Yahma says:

$100 says Froyo will roll out on the T-Mobile Nexus One first... then the waiting game will begin for the other carriers. I say 6-8 months before we see this on the Droid or the Incredible.