Samsung Infuse 4G

With many folks awaiting the inevitable release of Gingerbread for the Samsung Infuse 4G, AT&T decided to go ahead and mess with our emotions a little by releasing a 14.5MB maintenance update. Our inboxes became rather busy, that is -- until everyone who had installed the update realized it wasn't Gingerbread at all. The update, doesn't appear to of have had any major changes in it. In fact, most are wondering what exactly it did. Look on the bright side though, maybe it was a primer for better things to come.

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AT&T Samsung Infuse 4G update available - No it's not Gingerbread


EVERYBODY considering the GS2 should read this. Here we have the almost exact same phone, and they're still waiting for Gingerbread? Seriously? How many months have other phones had it?

yes, I'm very tempted to get GSII and sell my Atrix. But the lack of updates and probably shorter battery life are two major dealbreakers.

The carrier that starts with (A) has said that the entire lineup of 2011 Android devices will receive 2.3* at some point*.

"*" - When they are ready.

Hello tochi88, apparently you are stuck in the year 2009. AT&T has embraced android these days, maybe not as much as other carriers, but when compared to 2009 or even 2010, they have. I guess you haven't been reading the paper.

They way ATT embraced shows it put few resources on non-iPhone devices. ATT doesn't care non-iPhone devices much. Go to check when SE Xperia X10 from ATT received its Android 2.1 update, compare that with non-ATT X10, you will know what I mean. ATT is also notorious for selling limited funcation devices. It won't allow side-loading. You can't buy apps from Amazon appstore. ATT may have removed some limitations for some device. But ATT think it's extra benefits for users, not their rights. I just moved from ATT to T-Mobile 2 months ago and bought HTC Sensation (shipped with Android 2.3.3) which was released in June. In August, it received 2.3.4 update. I wouldn't expect ATT can do something so fast like this.

This is ridiculous. I think the reason AT&T + Samsung push out this maintenance update is because Gingerbread update is not ready yet. We might have to wait a few more weeks.
Last time AT&T + Samsung were the last one to push out Froyo. And I swear that I won't be a AT&T + Samsung customer anymore.

Talked to a att rep today about galaxy s2...he had no answer when it would arrive and that gingerbread for the infuse is going to be released but they pulled it back to embed tethering service to where rooting a phone will not turn it off. They will automatically bill you for any tethering activity for now on.

@tochi88 actually the infuse does allow side loading apps. I have the Amazon App store on mine and it works fine. I agree that ATT isn't good with updates on their phones though. I think if it was up to Samsung the infuse would have had the update already but as has been said before, ATT puts too much focus on their igadgets... Irritating to say the least.

I tinkered with my device & found that Google Books is indeed now part of the ROM-- I can downgrade recent updates, but can't uninstall. Not that it matters, since the Infuse will probably always have plenty of space.

I fail to see any improvement to GPS functionality. If anything, I'm noticing that my unit is now prone to freezing and/or rebooting while GPS is running for very long, due to overheating. *MEH*

I am so pissed of by AT&T. When I bought Infuse 4g the sales guy from AT&T told me it is getting gingerbread update next month. It's already been 8 months and no GB at all. I tried that leaked GB ROM but it had some issues.

I was Android lover since last 1 year but will switch back to iPhone as soon as I can. Will wait for Android till Google comes up with it's own manufactured(motorola) phones.