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Supply chain rumormonger tips 1080p display, thinner bezel, same price point

The ASUS-made Nexus 7 has been a runaway success -- arguably the most successful Android tablet yet, and certainly the most popular Nexus device to date. So it shouldn't come as much of a surprise to hear that a successor might be in the works, and due for launch later this year.

That's exactly what's being reported by Taiwanese outlet DigiTimes, which cites its sometimes right, sometimes wrong supply chain sources with access to "engineering samples" of the tablet. The site claims the ASUS-built Nexus 7 successor (Nexus 8, perhaps?) will feature a "full HD" 1080p display, thinner bezels and the same attractive $199-249 price point. "Several specifications" will also be upgraded, DigiTimes says, though no specifics are given.

The site's sources also estimate total Nexus 7 shipments at six million as of the end of January, with the $249 32GB Wifi-only version being the most popular at present.

This is the first we've heard of a possible Nexus 7 follow-up, but there's nothing terribly shocking in there as far as we're concerned. The Nexus 7's low price has been instrumental in its success, and so any successor was likely to be priced around the same level. In addition, with mobile device screen resolutions reaching dizzying heights this year, the Nexus tablet's screen is an obvious point for improvement.

Then again, given the patchy nature of supply chain rumblings, a large pinch of salt should be taken when dealing with this kind of rumor. Either way, we'll be on the ground in San Francisco in May to see what new hardware Google brings to this year's I/O conference.

Source: DigiTimes


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ASUS and Google working on Nexus 7 successor, says DigiTimes


someone's wife is inheriting a 1st Gen when someone gets this one :) super excited. Alex almost always has good news in the mornings.

yeah right, it will go for more than that. have you searched ebay at all for android tabs? Even an HP Touchpad with CM9 on it, which is def inferior to the Nexus 7, goes for over $100

Definitely. When I buy a new device, I always sell my previous one on Craigslist, and the amount of extra money you can get for having unlocked/rooted/flashed a custom ROM on a device is pretty crazy. When I picked up an N4, I sold my old Verizon GNex for $275.

Not to change the subject but how do you like your Nexus 4 compared to your Verizon Gnexus....Honestly, do you miss LTE? I want to make the change know!

Awesome news, i was just thinking if i should buy myself Nexus tablet now or rather wait for next generation.
So i'll rather save up some more money till next Google I/O comes. =)

I would love to see a camera on the back. I realize that a lot of people would disagree with me putting a camera on a tablet, but especially on a 7" tablet I think it fits.

I am in real estate (specifically property management) and I am constantly at properties taking notes. I use Evernote and like to add pictures as well. The Nexus 7 is great for note taking, but then I have to constantly pull out my phone, open up the note, and add the pictures. So, I just end up using my phone. The camera would solve this issue (and many others). The other thing is I think more and more people may start using a tablet only, and this would be helpful in those situations too.

Good thoughts. I rarely need a camera on a tablet, but when I do, it's nice not to have to pull out the phone. I do the same type of things on evernote.

I'm planning on ditching a phone altogether and going with a 3G tablet, install GrooveIP to work with my GV account and the tablet would become my phone. My phone has been my only camera since they first started including camera's, so a camera on the next small Nexus tablet would be great.

Done that and no regrets... i miss the back camera, at first thought it would not be necessary but it is. Almost 3 months, i get some complaints on the phone calls quality but dont care very much text is a must. I forward calls to my work and home phone when need to make important call and need to use my number or contacts

It has to be said,

I'd be fine keeping the 1280x800 res in favor of getting the updated Tegra 4 processor then getting an SD slot and HDMI out.


As much as I'd love it, we are never again going to get an SD card slot on a Nexus device. Kinda the trade off for getting a Nexus device (still hoping for a Verizon Nexus 4 with LTE and 32 GB memory like they did with the GNex....but I do not see Verizon getting a Nexus again sadly)

I don't use my tablet as much as the hype would have made it seem like I'd use it. I suppose I will pass on owning another tablet. My son loves it though. There are a lot of great toddler games available. I think an ultrabook type laptop is a better option.

Hopefully ASUS gets the screen issue worked out before making another tablet as well. The issue I am talking about is the one where the left side of the screen in portrait mode starts separating or popping out.

This was an issue with the early shipments (including one I got). It was very common, but was fixed pretty quickly. You could probably exchange for a new one under warranty.

Huh, I guess the seemingly high defect rate didn't turn Google off to Asus. Hopefully it'll be a great tablet. I personally can't seem to win with Asus products, though.

The defect rate with the N7 was no or not much higher than that of other tablets. You probably think so because your own unit was probably defective.

also his high defect rate concept came from seeing issue post in the forums which is pointless. most come to forums to complain.

Oooooo! A 1080p screen, a Tegra 4/Qualcomm 800 processor, and 2 gigs of RAM! That would make one heck of a tablet!

Yeah, I like the naming scheme they have now, where the number in the name basically corresponds to screen size. Nexus 7.1, maybe?

Or maybe they'll pull an Apple and just keep the name Nexus 7. They've gotta keep that "best of Google in 3 sizes" thing going IMO.

Get one now. May announcement means June or July sale date. N7 wasn't purchasable until July... that is six months from now.

And assuming that you don't trash it, you should be able to get ~$150 for the $199 model...

That's the million dollar question, I find it hard to believe that they could make a full HD tablet with a Tegra 4 for $200 by this May though.

Not that I disagree that it would be a nice addition, but it isn't likely... Nexus means cloud-centric going forward.

If they make this next Nexus 7 just a little bit lighter/thinner and perhaps increase the screen size just a little it would be an instant buy for me. I love my Nexus 7 so much more than I though I would. It is the perfect couch surfing device and at a price that I don't feel guilty using it just for this.

I do hope that the 1080p doesn't mess up app compatibility or performance (I'm guessing no since everything is going super high-res these days). What I don't need is an uber-high res screen that still has washed out off calibrated colors...Focus on making the screen look good first and then you can throw in your crazy specs.

Also really glad Google is sticking with Asus. I would argue that unlike partnerships with certain other OEMs the Google partnership with Asus has been a good one and benefited both parties.

Also Google PLEASE keep offering the next edition of the Nexus 7 in retail stores and not just on the play store. I think that is a huge part of its success.

My #1 request for the Nexus 8 is a rear camera... there are so many things that I want to use it for.

My #2 request is a better headphone jack that supports a microphone...

My #3 request is stereo speakers ... better stereo speakers

Better speakers would be *awesome*. I don't have a N7, but one of the best things about my N10 is the front-facing stereo speakers, and since the N7 is a little more useful as a dedicated media device than the N10 is, it'd be a huge addition.

The only thing I really wish was my Nexus 7 had was a rear camera. Not just for pictures but for bar code apps and many other things. The current resolution is fine for me. The only other thing I can think of is the features of the Note but then I should just get a note.

Proper handwriting recognition please, plus the rear camera, and it would be the ultimate note taking machine.

My N7 is fantastic for watching a movie while traveling, playing games and catching up on the news, but it really let's itself down on the productive side of things.

Just thought of something else...

Does anyone else wish the Nexus 7 had haptic feedback like a phone.

I kind of need some kind of feedback to type accurately on a touch screen and the haptic feedback is less disruptive in a quiet room than the sound after every key press.

I wish they had a budget version of the next nexus 7 and a premium version. I'd pay extra for a nexus tablet that was built with the same care as an ipad.

I hope Google/Asus improves the sound quality of the N8. My 2yr old Asus Transformer TF101 has a Wolfson DAC that puts the audio of the N7 to shame.

new Nexus 7. Or just Nexus 7.

You are responsible for knowing whether it is updated or not. Maybe they will take Apple's route.

Actually I expect Asus/Google to roll out an 8" tablet instead of the 7". That's because now that we see the ipad mini at 8, Google will likely follow suit.

Personally, I believe an 8" size, plus back camera and 2 speakers would be a market-dominating device.

Nexus 4, Nexus 8 and Nexus 10