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At a Samsung factory in Brazil armed robbers hijacked a night shift bus, subdued workers, and made off with 40,000 devices, including smartphones, tablets, and notebook computers. Police estimate the value of the goods at $36 million, though Samsung says that's too high. Other estimates place the value at $6.3 million. Roughly 20 gang members were involved in the incident, which São Paulo authorities are currently investigating. Luckily nobody was hurt in the robbery.

So how did it go down? First the armed bandits took eight employees hostage as they approached the factory in the night shift bus. They took ID cards from two, disarmed the factory guards, and isolated the rest of the Samsung employees. It took about three hours to get the goods out of the factory.

It's an awfully theatrical scene, and likely a drop in the bucket as far as losses to Samsung are concerned (especially once insurance comes into play).

Source: The Guardian, Reuters


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Armed robbers raid Brazilian Samsung factory for 40,000 devices


Exactly. On an unrelated note, I just got an awesome deal on an S5 from some eBay seller in Brazil.

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The stolen items can be replaced, are probably insured, and likely to have known serial numbers etc.
The safety of the staff is far more important, no-one can replace a family member.


You can replace those devices, but there's no doubt that those employees would've suffered from serious shock.

Hell, maybe it's bad enough to make them not want to go to work.

They can do that, but it wont stop them from selling them to unsuspecting people and getting someones money.
I hope they get caught before the units are distributed.

You never know though....they could be using them for the parts. They could tear those things down and make a killing selling the housings, LED screens, glass, and other various small parts on the black market.

But they will probably be caught red handed before that happens.

And Samsung will report these as units shipped on their next sales report

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I smell price increases coming.

>I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

More likely One Plus One scrounging for parts so they can send out some more invites.

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Their security sounds kinda weak if a small gang could overwhelm it AND spend a few hours jacking the place... But I don't pretend to know anything about police response in the area, how sophisticated the heist was, etc.

Usually companies only hire 2 or 3 security guards and all their told to do is call police. Even if security was trained to engage, it's not a jackie Chan movie where 2 people can take 20 armed bandits.

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Even Samsung knows their cheap plastic isn't worth that much, lol I kid I kid!! Don't take it seriously!!

At least Samsung uses good plastic. The 5C felt like it was made by Fisher Price by comparison.

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I am surprised that we did not have another slow speed chase with the amount of lag on those devices

//glad no one was hurt

I feel terrible for the affected workers, but the thieves are only getting plastic. Shoulda robbed HTC, Sony, or Oppo

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Once the pieces are snapped together, there is a DHL worldwide guy there to put the packing tape and shipping label on.

He has to get there half past never so he has to hurry

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So... 40,000 devices valued at 6 million is only $150 each. Which means the materials were probably about $20, labor $10 (probably less), Android $0.00, and management $120 PER DEVICE... But are then sold for $600-700+. I wonder how much carriers really make from these phones.

Not reported was that the thieves were Galaxy S3 owners who recently watched Samsung's commercials about why they need to upgrade to the S5.

-"which São Paulo authorities are currently investigating...."-

...On their brand new, Samsung laptops! The case is expected to be wrapped up quickly, but it is doubtful that investigations will lead to meaningful arrests.


The Brazilian authorities were estimating the losses according to the prices THEY pay for those products.

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This has a sammie publicity stunt written all over it ! "Over took armed guards" "stayed around for three hours" couple that with the fact that Samsung will do anything for publicity (ESPECIALLY if it copies apple) and gs5 is a dud..... Nice try sammie but the facts tell a different story! :p

So THAT'S how drop testers and people like TechRax get their ridiculous amounts of devices..

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I feel sorry for the workers who were scared, the article doesnt give much feeling to them... who cares what the price was when thugs hurt innocent people..

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Wait...does anyone know where Yarrell was the night of the robbery...?


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