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According to documents unearthed by Bloomberg, Google just might be building a dedicated retail outlet in Dublin, Ireland at their European headquarters. 

A planning application submitted to the local authorities there states that the "Google Store" would be open to the public and include 123 square meters of space. At present Google has tried out the retail experience in a smaller setting, by setting up a dedicated space for their Chromebooks in PC World and Currys in the UK. 

Google has a retail store for their merchandise in California that isn't open to the general public. But this planning application passed on Jan. 23 this year paints a different picture. There are also plans for a staff swimming pool at the facility should this all go ahead.

Source: Bloomberg
More: Read the planning application in full



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Is Google planning to open a retail store in Dublin?


Apple has patents on stores, smartphones, computers, glass, water, how you open a door. How you start your car, how you hold your covers while you sleep and everything you do. Jk

Staff swimming pools? Will they have adverts? And will they find a way to give swimmers a "richer experience" by having cameras watch them and then they improve the swimming pool based on this pravacy invisive data...

Google - If it exists, we will try to give you a richer experience of it.

Aaaaall part of the plan boys. First the software (Android), then the hardware (Motorola), and then the retail store to sell it in.

Give it a few years and I bet they'll have a wireless service. Gotta do it slowly though. Can't risk alarming the government.

The government ain't worried. Once Google do a deal, they will have unfettered access to everyon's lives. 1984 is just happening 30 years later.

^Agreed. The government is simply allowing google, apple and facebook to do their dirty work.

I saw "Dublin" in the headline. I had to look. I was hoping for Dublin, OH. That would be cool for me. Ireland, uh, not so much.