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One thing that Archos has traditionally done pretty well is video, and back in December they launched a standalone version of the video player app that ships on their Android tablets. With a lengthy feature list, and a well designed UI, the only thing preventing some from giving it a spin was the price. At $4.99 (£3.99) it carried a premium price along with the excellent feature set. 

Now though, Archos has released a free, ad supported version of the app into the Google Play Store. Above all, it gives you a perfect chance to test out the full version of the app without dropping down any green first. It promises to work on both smartphones and tablets, but will require Android 4.x to run. Grab yourselves a copy at the Play Store link above.


Reader comments

Archos releases free, ad-supported version of video player app


Actually it's pretty good. Browsed my smb share and played all of my videos that I threw at it. Plus the user interface is decent - seems to index network folders. Wish there was a decently priced ad free version.

the app was actually on sale a few weeks ago. thats when i got it. i think it was 2$ i believe so i tried it and i like it alot