Here's how to flag an app as 'inappropriate' in the Android Market

Is my son gay? Is my son gay?

We suppose it should be flattering that there's currently a  fairly massive Twitter campaign calling for Google -- and Android Central -- to remove the obviously offensive (and ridiculous) "Is my son gay?" app from the Android Market.

If only it were up to us.

Actually, we don't even like calling attention to this app -- or any of the other scores of offensive apps that are in the Android Market. That's one of the pitfalls of having a relatively open app ecosystem -- you have to take the bad with the good.

But that doesn't mean you have to like it, and petitions and Twitter campaigns are two great ways to let Google know you don't want apps like this in the Android Market. You can also flag an app as being inappropriate, and we recommend you do so. Here's how:

Market inappropriate app Market inappropriate app

On your phone, go to the app in the Android Market. (Here's a link for you.) Scroll down, then tap "Flag as inappropriate." Then chose a reason.

Want to do more? has started a petition, seeking 10,000 signatures calling for the app to be removed. Here's a link to the petition.

And if you'd like to e-mail the developer of the "Is my son gay?" app, you can reach it at -- that's the e-mail address listed in the app's public market listing.

We're all for an open market. But we could all do without the hate.

Edit: Tweaked the headline to better reflect what we were trying to say - Phil


Reader comments

Another app we could do without: 'Is my son gay?'


I am not sure what is worse, someone bigoted enough to make this app or someone stupid enough to pay $1. 99 for it.

Actually they already raised the price to $2.68. This app is stupid, bigoted, and useless. How 'bout you just ask your son if he's gay. If you're so concerned about him, but can't talk to him, then obviously you don't have that good of a relationship with your son. And if he is gay, who cares??? It's not like you're going to "cure" him if you find out he is, Jesus isn't going to save him...because he doesn't need saving. You're just going to make his life worse due to your constant disapproval of his lifestyle. People need to stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and mind their own f***ing business! But, if I flag it as inappropriate, aren't I not minding my own f***ing business? Let the haters hate...we're not going to change their minds and let gay people be gay...they're not going to change their minds. There are more important things to worry about in this world than if your son is gay or not!

Yes lets get everyone together and flag things that doesn't affect anyone's life as being inappropriate. I can't stand basketball or spiders... I'm a bigot towards those things. Boy I sure do hope I don't offend anyone with a question like "Does your son play basketball" or "Is your son into spiders?" What is the world coming to by asking questions! And for the stupid people on this site that is called sarcasm

"A bigot is a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices, especially one exhibiting intolerance, irrationality, and animosity toward those of differing beliefs or genetics."

Somebody needs to invest in a dictionary.

A dictionary? How old are you? We use google now.

Ummm... you need to invest in knowledge and being able to read and comprehend. If I hate basketball or spiders and try to get others to hate that, which I do, then that is "obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices, especially one exhibiting intolerance, irrationality, and animosity toward those of differing beliefs or genetics." idiot. Feel kind of stupid right now don't you? It's ok we all know you're an idiot and as I stated before I was being sarcastic. sar·cas·tic/särˈkastik/
Adjective: Marked by or given to using irony in order to mock or convey contempt.

It's a figure of speech, I wasn't suggesting you actually buy a dictionary. I'm not even going to bother trying to explain how wrong you are, because your delusions are clearly beyond my help. Have a fun life being a miserable prick.

Furthermore, if you want to call yourself a bigot, which you have just described yourself as someone "exhibiting intolerance, irrationality, and animosity toward those of differing beliefs or genetics"... be my guest, idiot.

Is the Bible bigoted? Christianity? Maybe we should ban those too?

Unbelievably absurd. Sexual perversion should be treated as perversion. Love the people who sin yes, but unnatural vice is still both unnatural and a vice. Google "sins that cry to heaven." I'm sure catechisms will be next on your censored list...

The bible actually says nothing about homosexuality directly. It simply refers to general debauchery. Of course thats lost to many modern bigoted religions. Besides, the Bible is fiction anyway.

It also forbids the eating of shellfish and wearing clothes with mixed fabrics. The Bible thumpers always gloss over that.

Wrong. Just so wrong. Have you even picked up the book? To quote Wikipedia, "There are a number of direct references to homosexual activity in the Bible."

Depends on which version/translation of the bible you're reading actually. They were correct, technically speaking, when it comes to certain versions.

Ohhh, you mean the bible that says you are to kill your wife if you find out she was not a virgin when she married you? Or that you should stone your children to death if they talk back to you? Or that you're allowed to beat your slaves, as long as they don't die?

That bible, right?

To answer your questions: Yes. And yes.

In response to your second paragraph: Sexual perversion? What, is this the 1950s? Homosexuality is neither unnatural nor a vice. It occurs naturally and observably in nearly every species (mammal especially) known to man. The only thing unbelievably absurd here is how absolutely uneducated and hypocritical you appear to be.

I'm a highly educated Catholic priest. Thanks. If it were the 1950's, maybe you would have a more coherent philosophical anthropology. Perhaps you should pick up some John Paul II and appreciate that he has much to teach you, O uneducated one.

Already hung out with him at the Vatican after I completed 13 years of private Jesuit schooling. Being articulate doesn't change the point that nearly everything you said in your post was factually incorrect.

Edit: For those of you who are incredibly daft: I meant I visited his tomb.

Yes the bible is bigoted, but no we shouldn't ban it. Books should never be banned; we should just outgrow the idea that we need something like the bible to teach us how to live.

And homosexuality is not perversion.

sorry you were raised to believe that the normal and natural sexual activities of roughly seven hundred million people are somehow "bad" without really thinking about why. yeah, i get it, when a man loves another man it's icky, and i'm not turned on by other dudes either, but brother, in all honesty, does what two fully grown men (or women) do under the sheets really matter? i think the world's gonna be just fine.

Normal? Natural? I would bet the farm that I've "[thought] about why" far more than you. Read "Homosexuality and Hope" by the Catholic Medical Association. Mature, healthy people engage in sodomy precisely never.

Why don't you go on a crusade against murder or something that's actually harmful? I always wonder about people that get so stirred up about other people's disposition to love whomever they want. Protect free speech and send us sexual perverts - as you call us - to the depths of burning hell. I'm sure that's exactly what Jesus wants his followers to do. Ha.

Let me give you a worst case scenario: Parent sees this and buys it, and it tells him his son is gay. On the one hand, it's probably wrong (since this is obviously stupid) but the parent now feels the need to punish the son because he hates homosexuality. I'd hate to think anyone is stupid enough to take these things seriously, but then again, I've met plenty who are.

FYI, this is the response you get if you email the publisher:

Focus on the right fight !

I was extremely surprised by the negative comments about "Is my son gay?". I was also surprised by their nature : some people didn't hesitate to compare it with "Jew or not jew ?", an application which was listing all the French jewish famous people. That is not acceptable !

"Is my son gay?" was made with a fun approach. It does not rely on any scientific element. It relies on the fact that some behaviours, some family and social environments are often met among gay people. No more. No less.
I would like to ask two questions.
- To what extent would it be a problem for a mother to know if her son is gay ?
- Would it be a problem if he was ?
If the answer is no, then this application should not upset anyone. We can see it is not the case...

The application and the upcoming novel (in French) "Is my son gay?", from a gay writer, use fun and humor to talk about difficult moments for families to go through, such as coming out.

Focus on the right fight.

Christophe de Baran

Who cares? Have we grown that sensitive to everything that we have to make a big deal about an app like this and draw more attention to it?

It is a stupid app, so I WONT DOWNLOAD IT. Simple. Move on. There are hundreds of apps that might offend me in some way but I don't start petitions for them. I don't understand why this should ever even be brought up. You can disagree with them all day long, but the fact is, they are not breaking any laws here. It isn't illegal for people to "dislike" gay people. People are free to decide how they feel about things. If you actually look at the app, it asks a bunch of stupid questions, and if in fact it determines "your son is gay" it says you should "accept him for who he is" not "Take him straight to church" or something like that.

People have got to stop being so whiny and sensitive. You don't like the app, don't download it.

Well said. This country has gotten WAY too sensitive and 90% of the crap that they want to protest wouldn't even make it to the mainstream without that protest. Many years ago my sister went to a clan rally to protest against them (we are caucasion). When she got back she called me and told me that she wished that she hadn't even gone. She said there was no coverage of the rally itself and that almost no one was there in support of the rally. All the coverage was on the protesters which then gave publicity to the rally. Wake up America!!!

You're missing the point here. It's offensive because it plays into incorrect stereotypes about gay people and displays sheer insensitivity towards what is a very serious topic, and what it says at the end doesn't even matter because the entire premise of it (suggesting that you can find out whether your son is gay through 20 questions) is already demonstrating sheer ignorance and indirect prejudice. Whether it breaks any laws is not even the issue.

And to say that people are just being whiny and sensitive over this only shows a lack of understanding of how inappropriate this app is and the effect that such insensitivity can have on people.

I'm 17 and gay, my parents have struggled to accept me, and I hope it gets better.

It is whiny and so what if the developer is ignorant. So now if I write an app with pictures of ugly poodles and I going to offend someone who owns poodles? This guy and his app should have absolutely no effect on you and if you had never heard about this app it would have not changed a thing about you. My advice to you is to stop tripping on what other people think about your lifestyle and live your life the way you want. You can't change the world and shutting down his rights are only going to effect you in the long term. Focusing on all the ignorant people in the world is going to make you crazy.

If enough people found your app offensive, they'd likely protest it and have the absolute right to.

Hey man I hope it gets better for you with your parents but you are being whiny about this... it's an app... an app! There is no incorrect stereotypes here it's not saying "How to change your gay son, straight" app. Now that would of been insensitive. It's simply asking a question. Is your son gay? As to the app being stupid I would agree it is but nothing more. Move on with your life and try to be happy this won't be the last time you will have to deal with idiots or things you don't like in your life.

Thanks, I stand by my opinion but respect yours all the same. Maybe I'm indeed taking this a bit too seriously but it offended me just now and still offends me now. Also this isn't the 1st nor the last time I'm dealing with idiots and things I don't like, both in real life and on the Internet.

Man don't let things like this get you down... life is hard enough as it is. You're gay... so what... just go do your thing and let the others be douche bags, it will show at some point. Keep your head up and be proud of who you are. F the others!

WHY does it offend you?

Just forget about it! You are being SO sensitive it is ridiculous. If you are going to let something like this bother you to this extent, you have a tough life ahead of you.

You know what offends me? TOMATOES. and I have to deal with them everyday... they make me gag... I would go so far as to say they are offensive to me, and I think it is absurd that people like them.

Guess what. You are going to come across many many things that you find offensive in your life time... Just like everyone else.

It's offensive because it reinforces gay stereotypes. Is that so hard to understand? Can you imagine an app called "Is your son black?" that asked questions like "Does he eat fried chicken a lot?". It's the same thing.

Stereotypes by their own nature are born out of ignorant people. Fighting to repress them is not going to make them disappear. People are what they are, there will always be bigotted ones among us.

You guys need to accept and embrace who you are and pay no attention to ignorant fools who thrive on stereotyping those they don't understand or accept. An idea, maybe you should make an app to make the record straight (no pun intended) on gay stereotypes. You will gain more acceptance by correcting people's misconceptions than by trying to repress them.

That actually sounds incredibly funny. Insensitive and potentially offensive to some but funny. It would also be a waste of an app but might be a good skit on a stupid comedy show.


Because the whole idea would come off as ironic and satirical.

So to answers the question: Yes I can imagine an app called "Is your son black?" and no it's not even remotely the same as the app in question but I get what you were trying to explain.

Adjective: Causing someone to feel deeply hurt, upset, or angry: "offensive language".
Noun: An attacking military campaign."

What the fuck tomatoes are YOU eating?

I find it absurd and offensive, but I wouldn't try and get it banned. One can't tout about being an open system and then complain when it something you don't agree with.

Why is this so appalling? Sorry don't see it. The app is simply asking a question or just a reflection of how stupid or PC our society is becoming and the dev wanted to show that. Would you be upset if there was an app called "Is my son straight?"

Seriously, I don't get it either. Sure it's a dumb app but it's really not a big deal. We don't always have to be PC on issues like this. Especially since gays have really never been mass murdered, enslaved, or have society accept brutality towards them. There are some issues that do need some political correctness because of justified sensitivity but I think this might be overkill.

The fact that people don't get it shows that we have a long way to go in our society. Perhaps rude, insensitive people like will always exist.

The overall tone to tolerance of all races, creeds, and colors in this article makes me proud to be part of the community.

Thank You Phil!!!

If I'm not mistaken, nowhere does the app "hate" on anyone. Rather it tells the "parent" they need to be understanding and accepting. I think the app may open the door for the parent to discuss the issues with their son.

So where is the "hate"?
Looks to me like the complainers are the intolerant ones.

The fact is that the app is about as understanding as a brick, and reinforces stereotypes. I'm gay, but would rather shoot myself than listen to Madonna (that's one of the questions). It doesn't open the door to discussion because it's going behind the son's back.

Wow I'm not gay and I listen to Madonna OMG I'm closeted without even knowing it! OMG....wait or maybe there is no one measure to externally define if someone is into guys, other then oh I don't know asking them...


I've flagged it as inappropriate. If there were an option to flag it as condoning hatred and incredibly destructive to society, I would.

destructive to society?? Are you kidding? What's destructive is all the PC crap in the world. I actually find your user name destructive and would like it removed from this system. It hurts and scares me.

Ummm DOMA and everyone who rallies around it. Enough said. I know dozens of people who are gay and the outright hatred that is spewed by people who are so threatened by the concept of equal rights. And this IS about equal rights.

You want a perfect example? See the soldier who was booed on the Republican debate no more then a few days ago because has asked the question about him having to stay hidden in the military.

The simple fact is welcome to the new civil rights movement. This is NO different. Where family are denied medical coverage because they are gay, where family don't get the same visitation rights to a dying person because they are gay, where family have to spend extra to use loopholes to get wills setup correctly, and even then blood family can still swoop in and decimate a will because being gay isn't recognized in many states. In short being gay is the new black. If you are going to deny gays from being married then time to go back to keeping dem colored folk from marrying our white women. (See my point year?)

People don't like the idea of gay relationships? Then don't have one. Pretty damn straight forward eh?

PS- If DOMA and NOM are trying to "protect the sanctity of marriage", why are they not trying to ban divorce? Oh that's right this is a single focused attack on one group of people.

I've flagged both of them. I am appalled that someone would even make this, let alone that Google would let it into the market.

It isn't that Google _LET_ it into the market. There is little to no screening process for the Market. However, we have to allow the choice for things like this to happen, to allow for other possibly controversial things to happen as well. Remember a few weeks back the "Phone Story" game? Apple banned that from their App Store because it painted them in a poor light. It is currently on Android Market, no problems.

I think we can all (hopefully) agree that an app painting Apple in a poor light is a LITTLE different than an app supporting hurtful stereotypes and hate speech.

I agree. Who cares about this stupid app. This guy has as much right to create and sell this app as the guy who creates an app showing girls with big boobs. Stop being so damn sensitive. Have we really turned into to a bunch if politically correct whiners?

Yes, this country has. Everyone wants to cry freedom of speech, religion, etc. as long as it doesn't contradict what they believe!

"Everyone wants to cry freedom of speech, religion, etc. as long as it doesn't contradict what they believe!"

I know. Look at the crazies that booed the gay soldier in the Republican debate. Look at the Westboro Baptist church that protests soldiers' funerals. Look at the people who bomb abortion clinics.

The problem is I will bet you $10 that money made from the app probably go to and other such orgs who's very existence is centered around intolerance.

Would you be OK if this app was How to tell if your girl is dating a N***ER and the money went to the KKK? The constitution allows for free speech since they are the government. However that doesn't mean Google and the like need to take a blind eye to it. Google represents a social netowork now. While they don't need to keep things 100% PC, stopping a app from spreading stereotypes and BS. On a topic that many consider the new civil rights movement....yah.

I agree, to a point. I think the app is pretty clearly stupid and offensive (it's just feeding on and reinforcing stereotypes; whether or not a boy is interested in fashion or listens to pop music is not indicative of sexuality), but calling it "hate speech" goes too far. I think it's important to mark a distinction, however arbitrary between something that's offensive and outright hate speech.

Apps like these make me glad I have an iPhone there has to be a way to fix this kind of problem.

What does this have to do at all with the iPhone? There are more than one "questionable" apps on the app store. You be trollin...

Then please explain the "Shake the baby" app? It has been removed, but only after a LOT of vocal complaints.

That's not necessarily true. There was some hilariously awful "pray the gay away" type app that made it through the App Store screening process a few months ago. It was pretty quickly removed, though, and I do agree that the upside of Apple's App Store screening policies is that this kind of trash is rarely seen in the Apple ecosystem.

There are MUCH worse apps than this in the app store for iOS. The difference is Apple APPROVE them in the first place. Google remove them later, there is no approval process.

You know, I downloaded this to see what all the furor was about.

It is ridiculous app, of course. 20 stereotypical questions like "Does your son listen to divas (Madonna/Lady Gaga)" and "Does your son spend a lot of time in the bathroom?"

Upon receiving your "results" there is a clear statement that you should accept your gay son for what he is and that "this is not a choice he made." Hey, bravo for not being totally homophobic!

Now I gotta run so I can get a refund.

The overall tone to tolerance of all race, creeds, and colors in this article makes me proud to be part of the community. Thank You Phil!!!

Not even an Android owner, but as a geek, I really appreciate seeing a community stand up against something like this. Oddly enough, according to the app, I'm straight (my bf would probably beg to differ).

LOL! Exactly why this app is only relevant because of the people who want to get rid of it (who of course spout freedom of everything that benefits them).

The Bible doesnt need an app to degrade it, it does that all by itself by being factually, historically and morally incorrect, as well as badly written.

*sigh* its people Like you...So just because you don't like it, it needs to be removed? Just because someone has a opinion about something thats different from yours, it needs to be removed. Religion just makes people live in their own little bubble.

While I can understand the religious outrage, I do believe (based upon his other apps) that it was largely meant as a farsical and sarcastically humour filled app. Mostly filled with sound-bytes and bits of text. I can see this being offensive, but I don't see a reason for it to be banned


You're not offended by a clearly anti-gay app, but you're offended by a clearly humorous Bible app.

I think we all understand where you're coming from now.

Lol, he didn't say that he wasn't offended by the first app, just that he was MORE offended by this one. So according to you people aren't allowed to be more offended by one thing over another?

How is that a liberal double standard? The comment doesn't say you shouldn't be offended by the Bible app, it asks why is the Bible app more important than the gay app. A perfectly sensible question for a discussion in a free country. Of course a conservative only believes in the freedom to do what they believe is right.

Yeah. Christians in the US are so oppressed. :-p

You don't have the right to not be offended. Grow a pair ffs.

It takes so much energy to hate, I don't get why people waste their time on it. Just let people live their lives as they want to live them. I've flagged this app as inappropriate.

Those of you (including the forum here) asking for apps to be banned, please turn in your Android card and pick up your Apple card. You belong over in that camp.

There's a difference in the consumer deciding to reject an app, and having the decision made for you.

You are exactly right, you have the option to reject the app and others have the option to download it. The freedom of Google.

So you're offended... I don't see why that means the app should be removed. Just don't download it and don't support that developer. Problem solved?

If you don't like it don't download it. So simple. The same people crying about censorship of their favorite vice want to do the same. Hypocrite much?

What's wrong with the app? Its for people with suspicions that their child may be gay. Not necessarily for hate purposes, maybe better understanding, or support. /s I personally don't have a problem with the app, we call it open for a reason people. If you don't like it, just don't buy it. Don't ruin it for those who might find some use for this app. You can't have it both ways people, so how do you want it? I personally find the other "gay" apps more offensive. Not my thing

because you can't tell if someone's gay by answering a bunch of stereotypical questions.

It's not like a disease or spotting a breed of dog.

How do you know if your son is gay? He tells you. That's how you know.
He starts dating boys. That's how you know. There's no screen for it, and no reason to be obsessed with it.

If you suspect one of your kids might be gay, here's what you NEED to do. Assure them that no matter what, you love them. No matter what they do, or where they go, you'll always be there for them. No matter who they love, or who loves them, you'll still always love them.

eh stereotypes exist and most are funny. Blacks like fried chicken, whites like hooty and the blowfish, jews are stingy with money, blondes are dumb, jocks are dbags...and gay males listen to lady gaga. who cares? get the stick out of your ass and laugh like the other half do.

if you cant laugh at those you probably live your life seeking out ways to prevent yourself from ever being offended.

Ha. This is hilarious. If you need help from an app to learn about your own child, well, that should tell you something about your parenting.

I don't get it how this is hateful? If someone put out an app is my son a Mexican or Asian would that also be offensive? To many people are making such a big deal over nothing. And you give the editor props for what? I agree you cant characterize a person by asking 20 simple questions but seriously.... There could be better time spent reading (or writing) articles on other things.

"If someone put out an app is my son a Mexican or Asian would that also be offensive?"

Most likely. You see, to be similar it would have to ask a question like, "Is your son a bad driver?" or "Does your son wear a bandana?"

I'm confused by the whole twitter campaign. They are saying @google & @androidcentral as if android central can control what apps are available in the market? While android central is the biggest android related blog in the world, and this editorial is going to get the app reported a lot, the campaign makes no sense. Either direct it at only google or google & every major android blog for example, @androidcentral, @xdadevelopers, @androidpolice, @phandroid etc etc etc.

Ya know what....I am pro equal rights for all ...but I think this is hilarious. Some gay folk need to lighten up and get over themselves

we'll lighten up and "get over ourselves" when DOMA is gone and we don't have kids being bullied to death. When we don't have people constantly trying to treat us like we're diseased rats trying to destroy the country.

When all that's addressed, then we'll have nothing left to do but get over ourselves. Until that time, however, we'll be addressing this kind of stuff. Get used to it.

straight kids get "bullied to death", too. kids (and adults) find reasons to pick on others; it often has nothing to do with being gay, but simply being different from someone else. It may not be right, but that's human nature.

i dont know much about doma but kids of all colors, races, sexes, and sexual orientations will be bullied for as long as humans exist. it's human nature, and it will never change.

short version: QQ, life isnt fair and everyone has problems. some are just bigger than others'. Pick yourself up and become stronger from it.

Not for being straight they don't. The difference is those doing it feel 'righteous' because they think they are doing it in Gods name. Very sad, very wrong, very pathetic and deluded, very dangerous.

Bullying a gay child to death because you think its what god wanted is NO different than flying a plane into a building because you think its what god wanted.

Really? I don't see a problem with the holy bible app or the gay app. Who cares??? If you don't like them, don't buy them! I don't understand why everyone has gotten so PC. I would much rather a couple stupid apps get through than everyone have to deal with censorship.

Wonderful. Now you bring attention to an app that doesn't deserve it. Bitching to Google because it offends you will only lead to other apps getting banned because someone is going to get offended by something no matter what it is.

Just let it sit there and rot away.

Reminds of the 2 Live Crew back in the 80's. Nobody cared until the "do-gooders" made a stink about their lyrics. After that they became huge...but just for a bit.

Its full of incorrect stereotypes and implys being gay is something the parent needs to worry about.

WOW and what if they are true? does not the media portray gay men as whimsical characters that stand around at the water cooler with other women spouting out nonsense.

OMG; Really come on Phil, get the app banned "Flag as inappropriate"? I hope Google leaves it up, on what grounds should it be taken down? Because it questions someone sexuality? Oh, heavens!

So leave the app along FREE SPEECH!!!, everyone is entitled to have an opinion even if you think it is wrong.

I bet you even have a COEXIST bumpersticker too ( your more intolerant the the app dev.


Free speech doesnt even slightly apply. The Market is owned and run by google. It can censor whatever it wants and for almost any reason (should be ANY reason but governments are retarded when it comes to protecting rights). Google OWNS the Market. Free Speech only applies to public areas/ideas/etc, not to someone- or some company's property, which is what the Market is- google's property.

i agree with everything else tho.

Everyone quotes freedom of speech lately with out having an idea what that really means.

Your constitutional right to freedom of speech was created to protect you from censorship or retribution from the GOVERNMENT for any speech, specially political speech. Hoever, it does not imply that you won't face consequences as a result of what you decide to voice - if your speech incites a riot, you can (and most likely will be) prosecuted for the results of your speech, in this case the riot.

The first amendment does NOT apply to speech restrictions imposed by private entities who have the right to censor and/or discipline for such violations. As said, Google owns the market and has the right and authority to suppress any and all apps they want with no explation required ~ as Apple does regularly. Freedom of speech protections would not apply on such a case.

Having said that, people asking Google to remove this or any other app because is offensive to some goes against the TRADITION of freedom of speech we have in this country. If you count yourself in favor of this type of censoship now, don't claim freedom of speech when someone else asks for you to be silenced because they find what you say or do offensive.

I don't think Google should censor any app, unless the app's purpose is to facilitate illegal activity. So, I don't think Google should bow to any pressure they receive. However, it's up to them. They own the market.

That said, I am appalled at those that claim they don't understand how this app can be considered offensive. They are either heartless a-holes, stupid, or homophobes themselves.

I think this app is in bad taste, so you know what I am going to do? NOT DOWNLOAD IT! What do you think will come of banning offensive apps? That offensive people will run out of offensive things to say or do and start being better people? No. No one is making you download it. If you have kids that you're worried will find it, maybe they are too young for this kind of phone and you should get them a childrens phone and let steve jobs decide what's ok for them.

You know, you diehard fandroids are really going to have to re-word some of your rhetoric now that Jobs isn't CEO. Just sayin'.

This app is obviously not for everyone and might inspire bigotry, but who cares. If there are people bigoted enough to buy it, let them. To each their own. If this "report as inappropriate" campaign succeeds, what's to stop the anti-gay community from banning pro-gay apps? Stop trying to change people's minds. There are racists and homophobes and all sorts of people in the world. Deal with it. Banning this app won't change those people's beliefs.

Phil, i love ya man(no homo), but this post is idiotic and therefore Android Central should be banned from the internet. 8p

But seriously, I dont see the problem here. If I made an app called "Is my son Phil Nickinson?" does that mean I hate you?

I don't see how this app is offensive? I think those people that see it offensive believe that being gay is something odd and disgraceful, otherwise they would have reacted to it just like anyone who would have reacted to an app that is called "is your son attracted to girls".

For those defending gays (I'm not one of them, but I don't hate them of course), if you think gay is normal, just act normal, there's no reason for all the fuss around this app.

So what is offensive about this app? Is it just a stupid test or is it telling people how to "un gay" people?

Are morons protesting the Moron test app?

This is obviously not a scientific app. There is gay meter in the market place. Do we need to get rid of that too?

Great, I just bought the app and now I think my son may be gay. Does anyone know where I can find the "Fix My Son" app?

Come on, seriously? Freedom of speech. The app (from what I can tell from the two non-descriptive screenshots), asks questions that may make you question if your son is gay. If he is, what does the app say to do? Does anyone know? Does it give tips on how to be supportive? Does it give tips on things you can do to help him get through tough issues at school? I'm guessing nobody knows because everyone here is on the "hate anything that is not PC" bandwagon and simply wants to ban an app they really have no idea what it does, simply based on the title.

Judge a book by its cover much?

I personally would not download something like this, and quite frankly believe that anyone who would download something like this is a moron. However, this app should stay on the market. It isn't misleading in its intention, and it doesn't infect your system. This is an open community where things don't get removed because people are offended by them. Free speech is a major factor in an open platform

This app is awesome!!!!

Excuse me while I go make the "How to turn your gay dog into a fighter to make millions!" app.

Ok, I'm a little disappointed in AndroidCentral for this post. This app should not be banned or flagged as inappropriate or anything. Android is about being open, and that means taking the good with the bad. If you don't like it, do what I'm doing...don't download it.

Same with that dog fighting app from before. Sure, if you find any app offensive or whatever, go ahead and state your reasons for not liking it, try to get others to rate it low, etc. You are free to do that. But I disagree with banning apps in an open system. It's a slippery slope. Just where do you draw the line? What some people find offensive, others do not.

Let the community decide the success of an app, not the ban hammer.

Ok so if we had a 'lets fly a plane into the Willis tower' app, thats ok, because its free speech?

The main problem with this app is that is isnt humorous and is completely wrong. Its reinforcing tea-party stereotypes and IS harmful, to both the parents and the children.

I believe you are coming across as a very intolerant individual here - not saying you are, but you are acting like one in this discussion. With your prejudicial referrence to tea-party stereotypes reinforces this perception.

The difference between this and the ficticious 'Let's fly a plane into the Willis tower' app you mention above, is that could be construed as inciting an illegal act - flying a plane into a building... just like the Turner Diaries in my opinion, should have been banned.

I disagree with DOMA, also with the stupid Don't Ask Don't Tell policy. I believe we are ALL Americans regardless of race, creed, gender, sexual preferrences, socioeconomic status, etc. I also believe we should be free to do as we please as long as we do not directly harm anyone with our actions. Gay people do not harm me because they are gay; my 'straight' marriage (and rights) will not be dimished by someone elses 'gay' marriage, therefore I see no reason for DOMA to exist, I consider it a quintescentially unamerican policy dictated by people hell-bent (pun intended) in imposing their moral views unto others.

Please, don't be like the hypocritical religious fanatics that created these policies, don't try to suppress other's ideas because you don't like them or are personally offended by them - if you do, then you are no better than them. This app, as stupid and offensive as it may be, is not going to harm you in any way... the people who may buy it will do so to either poke fun at it, or because they are prejudiced already.

The way to combat ignorance and prejudice is not by suppressing offensive speech or ideas - that's what religion and totalitarian regimes usually do. If you want people to accept/embrace your point of view, is not enough to talk about it, you also need to show tolerance for dissenting points of view.

Funny, as Google's entire policy on acceptable apps completely disagrees with you. That's cute that you can speak for an entire operating system without reading a single word of the guidelines and all, but maybe you should stick to facts and reality next time. Or, you know, you could try actually reading Google's stance on the matter (who are very pro-gay rights, for the record).

who cares? download or dont download, it doesnt affect anyone's life. i bet the app is made by a gay guy who wants to make it easier for parents to recognize and understand their children better.

if even that's not the case, WHO CARES? Am i the only one that TRULY wants an open Market? I dont care if there are KKK, dog fighting, anti-semetic, anti-christian, anti-white, anti-straight apps, i just want choice. i dont give a shit if there's an app that makes fun of me personally, i'll just ignore it...

ppl need to take the sticks outta their asses and live their lives without getting worked up over stupid crap like an app in a phone app store. there are much bigger things to worry about...

Well look at this another writer trying to dump their beliefs on the collective public drumming up traffic for their site. Would you have a problem if there was an app called "Is my son straight?" Don't think so. Are gay people really upset about this app? This is ridicules and stupid get over yourself if this really bothers you. I really did just lose some respect for this site... not just saying that either. Is androidcentral now into politics as well? News flash for you there are thousands upon thousands of straight people who don't care about homosexuals, not because we are bigots but because we are tired of stories and events like this where lets make sure we hold the homosexual hands through life because it might be to hard for them or they see something bad they may not like. Welcome to the rest of the world.

Dude seriously? Writing a fucking news article to rally a bunch of people to bring down someone's app? It's an open fucking market. Let people write (and publish) whatever the hell they want. This whole article and petition are absolutely pathetic. Move on already. This isn't news.

I am going to start a petition on android central to get rid of crap articles like this and their writers. Cry cry cry we all want equal rights but hate it when someone else gets the upper hand.

Boohoo. People are free to make what they want. If it was an app bashing republicans Android Central would be Woohoo! But the reality is It's anyone's right to make a app like this. If you don't like it, don't download it. You people are so sensitive. Homosexuality being wrong or right isn't the issue. It's the right of free speech. If you pussy liberals can't get over it then move to Uganda where they kill homosexuals and try to make a difference there.

Oh no, don't do that all these "tolerant"people protesting this app might get offended! I love the double standard of tolerance. Most of the comments are "I can't tolerate you having a different opinion than me". Just because I disagree with you doesn't mean I hate you, it means I think your wrong. And guess what I have as much right to my opinion as you do.

I don't particularly believe in banning apps unless it's promoting hate speech or inciting violence in any fashion.

In this case, I don't see either conditions. Being merely offensive shouldn't be grounds for banishment. Many different people are sensitive to many different things. However, anyone stupid enough to pay 1.99 for this does not deserve their time or money back.

Let me be clear, I'm not defending this particular app's content. This is certainly not a valid tool to confirm suspicions of a child's sexual orientation, and anyone who thinks it is needs to get their heads out of the ground.

Methinks someone didn't get the humor part of this app. Yes, it is offensive; yes, its wrong; yes, its definitely not politically correct. Would I buy it? F-No. Do I support the views of the developer, even if his intentions were for humor? Also-no. I think it was the developers attempt at a bad joke (read the questions someone posted the app has... lady gaga HAS to be a joke). While I can agree with Phil, that apps like this 'shouldn't' exist. The fact of the matter is that they do. You have the choice the support it or not. Just ignore it like I will and not support it. Who knows, maybe this app just made some extremist's day!

Remember, we're all gay to an extent ;)
(insert Ron White theory here)

Phil, im really rather disapointed in you. Getting on the bandwagon
and banning free speech is very anti-american and anti journalist.
Our free speech is protected by years of dying in the trenches.

The app itself is rather tame in comparison to others in the market.
There are far worse anti-jew, anti-black, anti-religious, anti-anti anything Apps out there. And to top it off, the app isnt REALLY offensive, but the campaign against it, IS! Period.

If you dont like it, dont get it, problem solved. Same with television shows, radio stations, songs, books, websites, dance clubs, social groups, etc.
Stay away if you are not into it. Very simple

What you have done now is made what you dislike, much more powerful and will allow even more people interested in having it, simply because its "possibly" going to be banned. (highly unlikely) . Lets think, a certain video game comes to mind....grand theft auto....billions of revenue later, these people that tried to get it erased from "society" only secured it as a permanant fixture... Good going idiots. You cant fix stupid.

Baahahahaha. This is hilarious. If you don't like it then don't buy it. Everyone needs to stop being so sensitive about everything. I might buy it just to have fun with it!!!

At the time of this post:
0+ downloads
18 +1's

I don't think you have to worry Phil, no one really wants to buy this app.

Wow.. I almost want to pay for this app just because all of you idiots are making such a big deal about it. I seriously don't see anything offensive.

I think it is in very poor taste(especially looking at the questions), and if you click the petition link you can see the questions.

Also, on the web interface, it is 2.79 to buy it.

I'm offended by this post! How do we remove it how does an editor feel they have the right to abuse the system. This post reeks of hypocrisy. The claim here is there is no tolerance for hate, but the app in question does not promote hate, it's simply an app that tries quell a parents concern if their child might be homosexual. The only hate mongering going on is done by the poster of this article.

People have different views on morals, keep yours to yourself. This site is a site based on the Android technology lets keep it that way and keep your views to yourself.


I agree. It wasn't promoting hate. Its just for parents that might be curious. If I had a child that was gay I would want to know so that possibly I don't offend them by jokes i say n stuff like that. THE AUTHOR OF THIS ARTICLE SUCKS BRING DOWN THIS ARTICLE AR AT LEAST THE GAY APP PIC.

If you think that a parent should be using an insanely stereotype-reinforcing app instead of talking to their children, you sound like a f-ing terrible parent.

What about all the porn apps that some of us find offensive. You don't seem too upset about those. They treat women as objects of male pleasure rather than humans with dignity. Those should be removed also according to your own standards.

Android central promotes porn.... they want to give it to all our children as easy access through the apps they promote.

while i get your point, who says they "treat women as objects of male pleasure rather than humans with dignity"? have you met any porn stars? i bet most of them would disagree. Isn't it the women not getting any sex that find porn offensive?

Also, "porn" isnt even "porn" any more. the industry is dieing in favor of amateur videos. are those amateur females screwing their boyfriends, husbands, girlfriends, and complete strangers being treated as "objects of male pleasure"?

GIMME A BREAK! Let people live their own lives and stop imposing your morals or someone else. A society will naturally have its own moral and ethical standards without a government influencing it, and it will never be aligned with 100% of any population.

Do I think there is a need for this app or will I buy it? NO, but there is a big difference between something in poor taste and something that is inappropriate.

Is it in poor taste? Yes, but so is the stuff that half of the people who are in a Walmart at any given moment are wearing.

Is it inappropriate? Personaly, I don't believe so, free speech is there for all of us (in the US at least) and who are you to say that someone shouldn't be able to say what they feel?

If you are offended by this, there is one easy thing to do, don't buy it and don't call attention to it. When things like this are called into the public eye, it might get the app (or whatever product it is) pulled, but that isn't until way after sales spike because people who most likely wouldn't have even known this existed and agree with the message will end up purchasing it.

Any publicity, whether it is positive or negative, is really good for this developer, so why help them out by drawing attention to it?

If you have freedom to be gay or straight or whatever, you have freedom to make app and freedom to try to get me to mark as inappropriate... I get it... The Nazis tried to mark things inappropriate... They were called Jews... Look no one wants violence but do I really have to love everyone.. that would be pretty boring.

I agree with you 100%

The damn tolerance NAZIs thinks everyone should accept everyone because of what they want to do.

So in essence, I should equally be able to be accepted for making a "Is your son gay app" without harassment or prejudice.

If you are a true follower of Christ you will realize the following:
- it is not bigoted for a parent to want what is best for their children not only in this life but the next
- homosexuality is immoral according to the teachings in the bible
- today's culture tries to shut down this discussion by calling Christians bigoted because they are seeking God's will rather than the will of corrupt cultures forcing this agenda.
- those who struggle with homosexual feelings do not need our approval of their behavior but our love and compassion to help them rise above this difficulty just as you would try to help your child to avoid other immoralities in this world to help them to attain happiness not just here but in heaven.

Read in the bible how Christ will hold us accountable for the sins of those we failed to warn. Imagine our lord saying to someone you love you are condemned and they turn to you and say why didn't you teach me About Christ...what good did you do them for their eternal life?

If you are a true follower of Christ you will realize the following:
- it is not bigoted for a parent to want what is best for their children not only in this life but the next
- homosexuality is immoral according to the teachings in the bible
- today's culture tries to shut down this discussion by calling Christians bigoted because they are seeking God's will rather than the will of corrupt cultures forcing this agenda.
- those who struggle with homosexual feelings do not need our approval of their behavior but our love and compassion to help them rise above this difficulty just as you would try to help your child to avoid other immoralities in this world to help them to attain happiness not just here but in heaven.

Read in the bible how Christ will hold us accountable for the sins of those we failed to warn. Imagine our lord saying to someone you love you are condemned and they turn to you and say why didn't you teach me About Christ...what good did you do them for their eternal life?

Good thing I don't have to deal with this stuff. In my religion, everyone goes to this place call Seven. Its wonderful.

Only modern Bibles list homosexuality as immoral, older ones (closer to the original texts refer to general debauchery, NOT homosexuality. Homosexuality as a sin is purely the opinion of your priest and the version of the bible you choose to believe.

Im gay and there is nothing difficult about it, except having to put up with passive and/or aggressive bigots like you. YOU cause all our homosexuality related problems..YOU. Remember that while you feel morally superior.

This app is similar to the last time AC objected to another app. I think a dog fighting app? Anyway, this app is too funny. Why would you pay for it. Second, who gives a damn if someone wants to buy this app and use it to "diagnose" their children sexual preference. If they're actually stupid enough to use it as such and confronts their child, the parent(s) deserve to be ridicule.

I signed up just to point out that this is such BS. You can't say this is so bad, and leave pro-gay stuff alone. That's what's BS. If you are trying to get rid of anti-gay then you gotta get rid of pro-gay. Any anti-straight apps out there? Anybody in an uproar about those? Then shut up.

There are no apps that try to make you gay, only ones for people who are gay. This app is anti-gay. There is no such thing as an anti-straight app. Apps like Grindr are not anti-straight or pro-gay, they are for gay people to use. If you cant see the difference that's your problem..

You're right... I think we need some white power apps to help balance out the black ones.

Oh wait, that logic doesn't really work, does it?

I don't agree with it either, but people have a right to make this kind of stuff and if people want to buy it that's their issue. The real problem here is why in the world are we giving it so much free publicity? If you hate calling attention to the app, then just delete this post, or at least remove the name of the app, links to it, etc and just ignore this kind of crap.

For the life of me I can't understand PC mentality or people advocating for inclusion and acceptance. They are going to include and accept you so long as you think, do and say as they command.

I am an atheist (not an ANTI-theist though), but I have absolutely no problem with anyone else believing in whatever deity or religion they choose to for whatever reason feels legitimate to them... this a free country and should stay that way. Likewise, I do not feel the need to atack the bible, quaran or any other book to either justify how I think or make a point. Whenever I get the you need to repent and accept god speech from religious people (including my wife) I let them know right away that I don't want/need/appreciate their preaching nor do I need to be saved. I don't say that I am right and they are wrong, but this is how I think and I ask them to respect that. Some do, some don't and at the end of the day I have to accept that not everyone will think the way I do and some people will be more tolerant than others, and there is NOTHING I can do to change them.

With this app, I can't understand the calls for banning it coming from the same group that is asking everyone else to be tolerant and accepting of their lifestyle. Tolerance and acceptance begins at home; you have to accept that even if you disagree with someone else's point of view, they have as much a right to express their opinion as you have to to express yours. If the app calls for any retribution towards the person that has been "found" to be gay, then I am certainly with you... not only ban the app but prosecute the author to the fullest extent of the law. So long as that is not the case, even when I personally think this app is dumb, distasteful and bigoted, the author has a right to make it, post it and sell it to whom ever wants to buy it (not very many from what I see), and there is no logic in calling for it be banned just because it offends some of you.

Beware what you ask for, when you start down such a path you may not like where it may lead you...


You politically correct people are ruining this country and world. You cry and cry and cry about name calling or people not liking someone for their life choices, sex, skin color, etc. You people are way to oversensitive. We do not want to be brainwashed to be all lovey dovey love everyone.

You complain about content in video games, movies, music, etc. If you don't like it, dont watch or listen to it or play it. If you are worried about your children playing it, watching it or listening to it, then be REAL parents and control what your kid does, things have RATINGS for a reason.

You people are just out of control with your politically correctness. If people can't stand name calling, then they are weak people. Sticks and stones anyone? Geez, I thought people are proud to be gay? But if they are hurt by comments, then they really must not be proud of what they are. Unless someone is physically hurting you, then STFU and grow a pair.

If you want to do something, then why dont you go protest our USA government and tell them to quit wasting our tax dollars on killing people in the middle east for resources and obtaining power over these countries. Do something and save peoples lives instead of worrying about people getting their feelings hurt. If you can't stand being called names, then you are weak, its survival of the fittest and if you are gonna let names hurt you, then you should not be spreading your seed.

Political correctness is just an attempt to force people a way to believe, to attempt to brainwash people to behave a certain way, to remove our personalities as individuals, to drown out peoples opinions, and make everyone think alike.

If someone says something disrespectful about the gays, blacks, whites, midgets, asians, diseased, women, men, children, rich, poor, ugly, beautiful, etc, then they are entitled to their opinion. Noone should be forced to not believe in their opinion or forced to do a fake "apology" on television, when in the fact they do not even care what you think, they are just putting out their fake apology because their publicist says so. No one is ever truly sorry for what they do, they are just sorry they get caught.

The app is obviously in poor taste. However, the only thing all of this outrage is doing is drawing more attention to something that only would have deprived a few dumb people of their money.

question no.2: does he like football? lol im gonna download the apk from somewhere so i can see the rest of the questions

edit: apparently if someone is gonna host it SOMEONE has to download it first. it shows 0 downloads how is this app bothering anyone its just funny as hell. especially the price

So sad that AC & Phil find a need to restrict something they dont agree with. If you didn't bring attention to it then nobody would know. Here's hoping that newspaper people like Phil dont one day find themselves on the receiving end of this kind of outrage disguised as political correctness.

A/C is biased these days towards what they like or what they hate then they want something done or removed/boycott started etc.

One of the reasons I come here alot less than I used to.

There are better non-biased blogs without posts like these that still focus on android.

and I agree, no one would have been paying attention if they didn't know the app existed before this post was put up.

Now its advertised, and A/C feels it to be removed (which I agree with that part) but ever hear of reverse psychology? Tell them not to get it or whatever and they'll do the opposite out of curiosity, not to mention the ones that are anti-gay/lesbian just to throw there hate around.

I vote to have the article deleted, just like the app itself

OK like who cares but I'm gay, and don't see what's the big deal .. if you don't like it, ignore it.. I would waste 2 precious minutes that will never get back and flag this on the market. But hey its the marketplace after all.. if you walk by Spencer's and see a penis coffee mug on display are you gonna call there corporate manager lol.. no you will simply keep passing it by on the mall and move on to something else. Although yes its ignorant to boil thus down to twenty questions.. so what.. parents should just talk to their kids... its so much easier and heynits free. I'm not the sensitive type believe it or not.. this is 2011 after all. Whoopee doo. Anyway its nice to see amdroidcentral post this.. there's more to it than just an app at any rate.

Completely unnecessary. Even if its there parents, they have a right to privacy. This app just shows there are assholes out there that are anti-gay/lesbian. I actually like gays, there fun to be around and they can be great friends. There just like anybody else in the world with the one difference being there sexual preference. That shouldn't matter and thats how I stand on that subject.

There is nothing wrong or hateful or insensitive with saying that a man who rubs his part in another's fecal area is statistically more likey to be exposed to disease, depression and suicide. It is just true. It's a fact just like saying the sky is blue. Nothing hateful about the blue sky. If your doctor tells you this fact, you would of course not say she or he is being hateful. Let's all agree to disagree and respect other intelligent individuals' opinions without calling them hateful. ~Peace

Not all gay men engage in anal sex, rather a lot don't actually. Thats the problem with bigots, they only understand stereotypes. People like that might find this app helpful. Shame its giving them incorrect information.

If anything this app is hurting all men. Its basically saying all men who dont like all masculine or over-compensatory masculine activities are fem.

There is only one stereotype about gay men that's true, they like other men. The ONLY way to know if a man is gay is to ask him.

They're not more prone to depression and suicide because of their sexuality... they're more prone to it because of uninformed idiots like you.

Well, I am an MD. I don't know where those 'facts' come from but I find them rather dubious at best. A man - straight or gay - would have equal chance of disease exposure from the same activity.

As far as increased depression and/or suicide rates I would argue those are not a direct result of his orientation but rather from societal pressure brought to bear against anyone deemed 'different'.

What about a man rubbing "his part" in a female's "fecal area"? Are they statistically more likely to be exposed to disease, depression, and suicide?

I have no interest in the politics of or of the "Is My son 'gay'?" developer. I'll not join a boycott/protest against either for injecting their politics into what should be an apolitical arena.

"We're all for an open market. But we could all do without the hate."

If that's the case, then it's not really being "for an open market".

My take on this app, it doesn't interest me in the least. Therefore I won't be buying it, and aside from seeing it pop up in articles I won't give it another thought. From the comments I've read by a few folks that have downloaded it, it certainly doesn't appear to be along the line of "god hates fags" type of garbage. Just a poorly thought out app idea. And I think we can all agree that the market is overflowing with those.

I don't believe in banning app. However, people who want to rally others to pressure Google are within their rights to do so. It's up to Google whether to succumb to the pressure.

I think it's funny that when something like this comes up that the people on the right pretend that only the left orchestrates protests or boycotts. They might want to look into what happened to Bill Maher and his "Politically Incorrect" show. For a more contemporary example, look at what the religious crazies have said after Chaz Bono, a transexual, was added to this season's Dancing with the Stars cast.

People are free to post the app
People are free to be offended by the app
People are free to bring attention to the offensive app and ask Google to remove it
Google is free to remove the app
Google is free to not remove the app
People are free to cast judgments on Google based on whether they remove the app or not

Everyone is free here. This is exactly how it should be.

"People are free to post the app
People are free to be offended by the app
People are free to bring attention to the offensive app and ask Google to remove it
Google is free to remove the app
Google is free to not remove the app
People are free to cast judgments on Google based on whether they remove the app or not
Everyone is free here. This is exactly how it should be."

I have to say, I totally agree with this.

Wow. Dumb app.

But I'll still take the occasional dumb app over a naziesque system like those "other" guys.

And to all you whiny babies in this blog post, grow up and read your history books. There aren't too many times when banning something was a good thing.

Think about it.

Maybe someone should make an app called "Is My Husband Gay?" and give Michelle Bachmann a free copy. She could obviously use it.

Dear Bible thumping dimwit conservatives crying foul over your bigotry being censored:

In case you didn't notice, Google is very much a pro-gay rights company. If you have a serious problem with that, maybe Android was a poor choice of platform for you. This isn't about being politically correct or "censorship" or restriction of "free speech". There is a very clear set of guidelines and rules when it comes to what apps can or cannot say. Here is an excerpt:

"Hate Speech: We don't allow the promotion of hatred toward groups of people based on their race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation/gender identity."

This app is clearly in violation of these rules. Your "wah wah wah Bible" mentality is both pathetic and irrelevant. Again, if you have a problem with this, maybe Android isn't for you. Personally, I'm incredibly happy to see AndroidCentral stand up to this kind of crap.

How is the phrase "No need to look the other way! ... He is gay! ... ACCEPT IT! ..." considered hate speech?

Is this app misguided, sure you can argue that. Poorly thought out? Considering the apparent controversy, I think that's a safe assumption. But an app that states the user should accept a person's sexual preference is hardly an app that promotes hate speech.

Seems like people were so in a rush to get outraged over something, that they didn't take the time to see exactly what it was they were outraged about.

If the app's developer were gay (which is a possibility), this would probably be considered a "poignant social commentary on public misconceptions of homosexuality", or something to that effect.

I don't think that's the issue that people have a problem with. As a gay person myself, it was the absolutely ludicrous stereotypes that I have a problem with. I like soccer, football, rugby, UFC, beer pong, punk/metal, Top Gear, and all sorts of other manly shit. The insinuation that a gay person should or will automatically like the things mentioned in this app is where it goes wrong.

If someone had made an app called "Is your son black" and asked questions like "Does he love fried chicken, koolaid, and watermelon a little too much?", I think all of the religious bigots posing as advocates of free speech would be singing quite a different tune, regardless of whether or not it said "Don't worry about it, go give him a hug" at the end.

I'm practically braindead after this horrendous day of work, but hopefully that made some sense.

I find it so ironic to see someone cite this policy as a reason for the removal of the app.

"Hate Speech: We don't allow the promotion of hatred toward groups of people based on their race or ethnic origin, *RELIGION*, disability, gender, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation/gender identity." (emphasis mine)

And then goes on referring to people expressing a contrary opinion as...

"Dear Bible thumping dimwit conservatives crying foul over your bigotry being censored:"


"Your "wah wah wah Bible" mentality is both pathetic and irrelevant."

And before you come out attacking me for my comment, know this: I am an atheist (another repressed minority so to speak), I certainly do not agree with the biblical opinions about homosexuality held by some of these religious people. I have absolutely no problem with you (or anyone else) being gay. I do have a problem with censorship and degrading comments.

If you want to win the acceptance and respect of others, don't launch what could be argued as hateful comments at those you happen to disagree with. That makes your arguments weaker and you to be perceived as a bigot.

The poster has to worry about AC's terms of use, not Google's.

Google set the rules and because language can be interpreted different ways it can be argued that this app violated the "hate speech" rule. I personally don't think it meets the standard, but it's debatable.

If the poster had turned his opinions of religion into an an app then Google would again have to make a judgment call if community pressure was brought to bear. That's why I'm against Google banning any app as it requires them to make a judgment call.

As a gay man I actually really want to download this app just to see how ridiculous it is. waste of $2 though.

Relaxe go to it .... whatever... God rules... Nobody else does .... BE SURE HE WILL FIGURE. THIS OUT AND EXPLAIN IT CLEARLY. 2 U... do what u can to make God happy through his Son Jesus... then have. Faith!

God didn't invent the Caps Lock key, man did. Perhaps that mistake rivals the eating of the forbidden apple.

I was laughing at pretty much every post and almost forgot the topic. All of your parents, teachers and employers must be proud of you. Everyone is missing the real issue here. Now that AndroidCentral has voiced their official ruling on a subject other than an Android electronic device, they can no longer be considered "objective" as sexual orientation, religion and philosophy are highly subjective. Ask yourself this; Would you try to "Ban" and app with the title and subject matter of "Is you child Heterosexual?" or "Is your child Christian?" or "Is you child and Atheist?" how about "Is your child balding?"! You hopefully get the point, but I doubt it. If you "Ban" these apps, you're just as much a Bigot as any of the posters on here. You're forcing your opinion onto everyone else. Sure, click the flag as inappropriate button. Go it already! Just know that you're silencing your own voice and rights for the future. For once in your lives....think about the big picture. and simply put, if you want the app to go away.....don't buy it. How easy is that?! and BTW...try being independent, objective and fair and ditch the selfishness and person hate. Have a great day :)

Well, considering this is Android's official stance on the topic: ""Hate Speech: We don't allow the promotion of hatred toward groups of people based on their race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation/gender identity." ... I'd say it's pretty relevant. They're supporting the official Android statements and beliefs. I'm pretty sure that's actually EXACTLY what they're supposed to do.

'Ask yourself this; Would you try to "Ban" and app with the title and subject matter of "Is you child Heterosexual?" or "Is your child Christian?" or "Is you child and Atheist?" how about "Is your child balding?"'

A lot of your hypothetical examples would probably offend the target of those particular apps. Those offended people have the right to express their offense and petition that the private entity that allows it do something about it. This happens all the time with religious folks protesting this that and the other. It's up to the private entity to decide how much weight to give the views of the offended parties.

I had a long discussion on a similar topic when AC talked about the Dog Wars app. Most of those that felt that no apps should be banned really were wishy-washy when you presented them examples of other types of egregious apps. This proved my theory that most weren't really against banning apps. They were simply people who didn't care about the offense of that particular app. Most of the people have a line they they draw on what should and shouldn't be allowed. They just don't like to admit.

You may not care about the well-being of gay people. That's your right. However, this disdain shouldn't be shrouded in faux righteousness regarding banning apps. My guess is that you have a line that you would draw. Perhaps if someone came out with an app that simulated raping your sister you might sing a different tune. The real consistent folks truly don't believe in banning any app. They deserve respect. They are rare.

"...My guess is that you have a line that you would draw. Perhaps if someone came out with an app that simulated raping your sister you might sing a different tune..."

I certainly would in this case scenario; rape is a crime of violence (not sex), a truly hateful act towards the victim and depending on the age of the hypothetical sister, may also violate child porn laws.

I guess I'm consistent... I don't believe in banning any app, and I certainly don't believe that AC has any conrner on morality.

There are people out their like whoever wrote this nonsensical crap column who see their judgement as superior and demand that we all agree with their view.

Well, it isn't... and we won't. And if AC wants to cause an internal crap storm, then by all means, add morality to the discussion of the Android system.

Because frankly, it has no place here. If the writer has a hard on against the app, then he/she can feel free to whine about it on other blogs and discussion groups.

am i the only one who isn't offended by this? And I'm actually gay.

You pussies need to stop being so sensitive. If you don't like this app how about you just don't download it?

Free speech > your lame over sensitivity.

Thank you for saying this...

From the comments on here, I would have thought that this app encouraged HATE or even violence against gays, but it doesn't. Unless I'm wrong, it doesn't even say anything about "stopping your son from being gay". SMH at how we find EVERYTHING offensive these days.

I really had no idea that the organization that is Android Central is populated by Net Nazis.

While I believe this app to be moronic, I really don't give a rat's ass that it offends anyone. And a word of advice?

Stay out of politics and morality. I don't give a damn what either of yours are, and you shouldn't care what anyone else's might be.

Meanwhile, if I need your opinion about content, I'll ask for it.

Don't like the app? Then don't buy it. It's that simple, really.

I only read half of what was posted. So, this may already have been posted but here I go anyways.... I'm offended that somebody is offended and feels like they need to spread their discontent. I thought it was both ignorant and funny. It was more funny than anything else. If that offends anyone, that's their problem. I can not avoid offended everyone, nor do I do want to. I have my own opinions and if you don't like it, Who is the one with the real problem?

Next we will have some animal rights group finding "Angry Birds" offensive... wow, where is the "HATE"?

I agree the app is pretty useless, but HATE....??

Equality and tolerance are extremely important to me. But seriously though.. chill out. Part of being able to have free speech is also having to respect the fact that everyone else is granted this right too. While the app is extremely ridiculous and ignorant, I don't think it should be taken down. Nothing illegal is going on, it's just poor taste. I'd rather have to deal with the occasional bad app MYSELF, rather than having Android decide what I should and shouldn't see.

Gay rights activists really need to think harder about the battles they pick.

Oh. And before you start barking at me about being anti-gay or something, please take into account that..


I certainly don't agree with the views expressed in this article and I don't appreciate the injection of politics into a site I frequent for technical information. Since they are posted by the editor, I would like clarification on wether I should take my patronage elsewhere. I suggest we contact the parent company Smartphone Experts and ask if they agree with the actions of their editor and if not what they plan on doing about it.

I agree. Why can't android central stick to android? If I wanted to debate gays I would surf elsewhere

Based on that definition it seems that anyone should be allowed to do that. That's their choice. Are we going to start burning books again? I'm so tired of people wanting to change others rather than just ignoring stuff like this and learning some tolerance. This is harmless.

From the definition given, a bigot sounds like someone who would campaign to have apps they don't like removed from the public market.

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