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Believe it or not, we're several months into the life of Android 3.0, and we're just now seeing our first Honeycomb-optimized Twitter app. Brought to you by the developer of the Honeycomb-optimized Newsr RSS app (see our review here), TweetComb takes advantage of the "fragments" design feature in Honeycomb and actually makes use of the full tablet screen, unlike smartphone-based Twitter clients.

TweetCombThe gist: You've got three columns -- your timeline, mentions and direct messages. Scroll down to read through them. If you want to act on a tweet -- reply to the sender, retweet, mark as a favorite, etc. -- you tap and hold. You can refresh all the columns at once, or independently. Settings are tucked away in the Action Bar, just as they should be in Honeycomb. No extra menu button at the bottom for this app.

TweetComb is still very  Version 1.0. It doesn't yet have support for multiple accounts (a must for some of us), and the list of trending topics displayed neatly at the bottom doesn't actually do anything more than display the list of trending topics. But these are small niggles, and the developer's known for quickly pushing out updates.

Probably our biggest gripe right now is that TweetComb is $2.99 in the Android Market. There's no shortage of free Android Twitter apps, and you just know one of the major players -- TweetDeck, Seesmic, Twidroid, Plume, etc. -- will bring free versions of a Honeycomb-optimized Twitter app at some point. And if we were first out of the gate with a Honeycomb Twitter app, we'd give it away to bring in as many users as possible before the big boys show up. But for now, if you've gotta have some proper Twitter on a tablet, this is the way to go.

Download links are after the break, and there's more on TweetComb in the Android Central Forums.


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Android Quick App: TweetComb - Proper Twitter for Honeycomb


Been using it since last night. Nice to have a Twitter app take advantage of what Honeycomb has to offer. Hopefully there is a widget with future updates but overall, happy with the app.

Bought it, but sadly got a refund a few minutes later. Has so much potential, and I love this dev for his timely updates, but just because this takes advantage of fragments, it doesn't make it a $2.99 app. Missing a ton of functionality.

Early adopter but confident Chris the Dev will incorporate new features in days and weeks to come. Perhaps .99 or even 1.99 would have been easier on the pocket book but don't mind helping a great new developer.

His Newsr RSS reader for honeycomb tablets is the best.

While the app itself shows promise and a fluid design, one can't help but notice the huge keyboard. Meant for Giants is it? Seems that it would be effort to key in
The distance across the kb is too long for easy reach. Imho

Man!! I thought my prayers were answered.... but in it's current form with just the 3 basic columns.. nah, i'm fine.. If it did list as a columns that would be an improvement. But in it's current form. No need.

I think twydroyd if properly scaled could be the winning formula with it's browser in another 'fragment'...

Also are there any good scrollable honeycomb twitter widgets?

This was just updated to 1.2 via the deveoplers twitter post with #TweetComb 1.2 is now available. Includes the Profile tab, profile search, follow/unfollow from profile screen, and more.
via @chrisstewart