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At long last -- it's time for Plants vs. Zombies on Android. And it's instantly addicting. Turns you into a Plants vs. Zombies zombie, even.

Gamplay is simple. You've got a house. Zombies are attacking your house. And the only thing standing between you and the zombies are your plants. You start out with just a few basic resources. Your single-shot plants, the sun to provide some, well, sun for the plants, and sunflowers for extra sun. You collect suns to purchase more plants. The more plants you have, the more zombies you can kill.

And that's it. Plants vs. Zombies doesn't require quite as much strategy as some tower defense games, which is nice, but it can seem a bit too easy at times, at least in our initial time playing.

Plants vs. Zombies is available now in the Amazon Appstore (free today, $2.99 regularly).

Download: Plants vs. Zombies

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xLite#AC says:

So the UK misses out again? Thanks Amazon..

mikevo says:

Check for a work around.

Found the link

demonte21 says:

moo53 says:

Amazon only has a 2 week exclusive deal. So the odds of it going to the Android Market after that is pretty good.

stedyone says:

Great game! love it on PC and now equally as much fun if not more with achievements on Android! Large download at 75 Mb and seems to run much better on phone memory than mounted on SD card. Graphics are awesome on Samsung Galaxy S i500.

stedyone says:

dupe post! 'Save' button needs an action animation!! Come on web designer!

wormeyman says:

Can anybody tell me where it stores the save game files so i can back it up?

Harmor1928 says:

Im happy this game is finally here but is anyone else having a problem with it being lagy on Samsung Droid Charge?

wormeyman says:

It is not the best port, as far as i can tell it is a port of the iPhone version.

techieteeroc says:

I have the thunderbolt and I have absolutely no problem. I have been playing all afternoon. I am actually impressed with its performance. I hate the way it plays on my iPod touch. PvZ rocks.

Treknologist says:

I've been playing on my TBolt too. This is one damn addicting game!

Yeah I cannot believe how smooth this game is on the Thunderbolt. Great game and the TBolt really shines here.

MCF3778 says:

you cant download this to your device... I hate android more and more every day... good thing I tried this game on my ipod touch and it is worse than angry birds... so no loss to me

FrasierCrane says:

It takes a lot of effort to fit four trolling remarks into two and a half lines, but you, son, have gumption!

Treknologist says:

What did you smoke before you tried the download? Geez, what a troll!

NickF227 says:

So um, Texting of the Bread plz?

brivette007 says:

Can't wait for Peggle! Hopefully it won't be such a big file, as well.

Is PvZ also this big on the iPod/iPhone? Seems really odd for a game that is a similar style of game as Angry Birds (obviously different gameplay, but similar graphics, etc.)

Anyway, the game runs great on my Aria (CM7). But when the screen shuts off, after you unlock the phone the game sticks on the loading screen for a couple minutes.

Kinda sucks it was only for WiFi... had to go out of my way to connect and get some zombie love... I know I am a freak for only using a mobile connection but 4G is so saturated where I live I don't need anything else.

Kromen says:

Sexy! I thought I was excluded because I had a Captivate, but the update allowed me to sign up.

kingtz says:

This game is really fun and it was ported very well as an android app. The graphics looks great on my Samsung Captivate and there's no lag. I was expecting the typical blurry iphone port but, fortunately, I was wrong.

I don't know why people are even complaining about it being 75MB. We're in 2011 now, and when everyone's talking about space in GB, what is 75MB really? It's just a drop in the bucket unless you have a 3 year old phone or something very low end.

Also, thanks Amazon. I installed the Amazon appstore today just for this app!

manyard77 says:

Doesn't work on my Droid inc2 good thing it was free today lol

Kevinjt4 says:

FC on my DX everytime - never plays.