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Inside of every man, woman, and child is a tiny little urge to shoot comically large guns and single-handedly stop a force of bad guys doing ... bad guy stuff. While there might be a slew of options to choose from over the course of your life, at this time, on this day, GUN BROS (hereafter referred to as Gun Bros) takes that crown.

What you've got in Gun Bros is a goofy plot (you go around offing T.O.O.L. bad guys, cause who likes a tool?) with big guns, large, muscular men, and awesome gameplay. Gameplay is pretty straightforward. Run around with the left digital joystick, point your guns with the right. Fortunately, there's no fire button. As soon as you activate the right joystick, you unleash the fury of your boomstick.

Your object is to survive wave-after-wave of baddies, running around picking up health and explodium, as it reveals itself. When you finally run out of life, you're taken back to the menu screen. No game over, no sad music, none of that. When back on the menu, you're free to refine your explodium ore for gold coins, which you can then spend on better weapons, armor, and other misc. stuff. (Pro tip: buy big guns first.)

Ultimately, you're hoping to survive all of the waves in a given level, so you can unlock the next series in that section of the game, but even if you don't, other planets (with more T.O.O.L.s on them) still reveal themselves, so you can bounce around a bit if anything starts to feel stale.

The controls are relatively tight, although sometimes it feels like both joysticks lag up a bit as you need them, so be prepared to both run and shoot a little preemptively if you don't want to take damage. Other than that, everything is mad responsive, just as it should be.

Gun Bros is absolutely free in the Android Market, so if any of this has piqued your interest, I'd go download it without hesitation. Solid graphics, great gameplay, and saving the world (near single-handedly) is just too much to pass up.

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Personally I hate Gun Bros. Not really the game itself but the fact that the damn game keeps on turning on the background service and eating up 10-20mb of ram constantly. After spending a week seeing it pop up randomly in my task manager, I decide to just uninstall it. It's a cute game, but the annoying battery draining/memory stealing issues have forced me to uninstall the game. Infact any game by Glu I have decided to boycott till they get their crap together and stop draining my battery and taking up space in my memory randomly when the game is not supposed to be on.

GunBros installs a background service that runs constantly in the background doing god knows what. For that very reason I uninstalled it and wouldn't recommend anyone installing it.

I feel the same as most of the comments above. Entertaining game, but because it keeps running something in the background, taking up resources, I have uninstalled it.

I believe it runs in the background to keep you notified when you can refine the explodium, and collect your daily bonuses.