Fruit Ninja for Android

That's right, folks, it's Fruit Ninja on Android. No longer is it just for the iPhone. And better yet, with Open Feint, you can compete against your friends and join leaderboards as you slice and dice your way through various pieces or juicy fruit. Yeah, we're addicted already. And for 99 cents, it's worth every penny. Check it out after the break, along with the download links.

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Android Quick App: Fruit Ninja (with Open Feint)


Scanned the barcode here, androlib, and did my own market search, and get 0 results. Anyone else getting this? Hope this isn't as bad as the angry birds launch.

Even putting it on my appbrain account and syncing doesn't work

It runs absolutely flawlessly on my Evo. Awesome game and awesome port. Easily worth $0.99. So addictive!

I'm surprised they didn't include multitouch like on the ipad version. After all, the X, EVO, and Galaxy S have much bigger screens than the iphone.

Watch the video again. I could have sworn that Phil did, indeed, throw two slashes with two fingers at the same time, once.

You saw two slashes, but the game does that automatically with a single touch if two fruits are close together.

I never seen this game so was expecting some type of side-scroller. This looks like it is kind of lame just slashing random things on the screen. I bet this would get old REAL fast, for me at least. Maybe it is better for kids.

I am not complaining though, either way I am always glad to see more games coming to Android! If people like it, that is all that counts! :)

It seems that there are people that cannot find it in the market, no matter what. Me included.

+1. My Droid X on 2.2 was unable to download it, wifes Droid 1 on 2.2....flawlessly.

the fruit pirate rip off game is pretty awesometacular too though.

When attempting to purchase, I receive a message saying that there is not enough room to install this item. I know that I have more than enough space for the downland.

just did the Demo--- why are there 2 free version?? Odd.
Anyhow. Just downloaded the Fruit Ninja Kaka.(6.20 MB)
(NOT fruit ninja kaka demo) Oh, just realized, that is a completely different app (And free) Interesting.

My friend with an iphone 4 showed me this 2 weeks ago and was secretly jealous as it is addicting getting the combo points. No I am happy!

Dear Developers--- Just port us WordswithFriends please so I can play with my iphone friends!!!!

I dunno whats up with mine... tried downloading, went to screen to confirm payment, said server error over and over. Restarted the phone, tried it again, but when I went to purchase it said "you have already purchased this item and received a refund for it, so you can't get another". On top of that, I still can't buy the dang game.

I have it on my iPhone and iPad it's not that accurate on the evo 4g a little disappointing but it's probably the 30fps lock on the evo.