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Just 48 hours since Google announced a major update to the Android Market, Susan Wojcicki, senior vice president of advertising, announced during today's second-quarter earnings call that the Android Market now has more than 250,000 applications, with more than 6 billion downloads.

By comparison, BlackBerry's App World just passed the 1 billion mark.


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Android Market now has more than a quarter-million applications


I totally misread that last line and almost sprayed coffee on my screen. I didn't realize you were referring to downloads; I thought you were saying BB had a billion apps :D

maybe not but there was this little game in the apple appstore that was allowing kids to buy materials in the game like play money, until the parent was getting the bill being charge 99 dollars in purchases on that little game, yeah no thanks.

I suspect that 250,000 applications is 150,000 too many.

Apple claims 425,000 apps, and even the most die-hard apple fanboi will tell you there is simply too many junk apps and duplication.

The same is true for Android, and the market (as well as the app store) is very poor at winnowing the wheat from the chaff.

It always amazes me to go to the market and select Top Grossing Apps, and find most of those listed are FREE. We must be working from different definitions of the word Grossing.

about as much malware as you make it out to be. relatively speaking there is little malware and it is a very overpublicized story. Google will remove malware publications. search through this place and youll find stories of it. out of 250k apps maybe a few (Probably less than .01%) could be malware and most of them are no named apps or just porn. Everyone is so dang paranoid, im sick of seeing reviews of apps saying an app is malware because it didnt work on their crap hardware android wannabe phone. Also, the Amazon App store has just as an extensive review process(if not more) as apple, so there is none on there. so before you take a crack out android and malware actually get your story straight

I agree. I don't care for some duplication, it makes for great competition between apps like music players, Twitter/Facebook clients, podcatchers, & others where people might prefer one UI or feature that another doesn't have.

I do hate, however, people who repackage wallpapers, for instance, that you can get anywhere into seperate apps...and stupid apps, like soundboards.


Worse than wallpaper are the News Apps cookie cutter produced for every TV station and newspaper by the same back-room bunch of guys, each of which garners a separate review here on Android Central.

Sometimes the market makes it look like there is more duplication than there really is. Search the market for "Gas Prices" and every little tv station app pops up. Whats up with that?

(P.S. Gas Buddy. Nuff said. )

HAHA soundboards. thats probably because the first thing they teach you in highschool programming in VB/C++ is how to make a soundboard. easy, and requires not skill whatsoever

most with malware, duplicates and multiple currencies. (I'm from the US. Why the fuck should I care about "pounds" . Give me the price of the app in USD. ) I'm switching to the iPhone. Yes its closed but I get much better quality apps that are screend for malware and junk. Plus I have yet to get the new market that they been blasering all about.

You gave yourself away as a troll with the comment, "Give me the price of the app in USD." since the Market has done specifically that for >6 months now! LOL!

As far as the new Market goes, if you want it before it is pushed to everyone's phone, go to the Forums & download/install it like everyone else already has who you say is "blasering" (maybe you mean "blathering"?) about it.

I'll high five you on the way past - I'm coming from an Iphone4 to a Galaxy S2.

The app store is a lot better than it used to be (I've had Android devices before) - but I tend to find that the apps that people create for the Android market are focussed at giving the user what he/she wants.
The Apple App store is far better in terms of quality, but there's half a million apps to do 50 tasks in one specific way.

I miss certain things about my iPhone to be honest, but I'm happy with the Galaxy S2 for now.

As others have said - Amazon is your friend if you need your hand holding while you cross the road.

There's an APK floating around. Have fun, don't let the door to the walled garden hit you on the ass on the way. hive player for honeycomb...only third party music player out with scrollable widget for music navigation and playing hive player for honeycomb...only third party music player out with scrollable widget for music navigation and playing