The winner of this week's photo contest is Watermeloen, who took this picture with his Samsung Galaxy S II in Ankara, Turkey. The picture is composed great, has a very interesting subject, and above all is clear and focused. Very nice work Watermeloen, thanks a bunch for sharing it with us. Keep an eye on your e-mail for information about your prize.

As always, there were plenty of great pictures to pick from. I recommend you take a look at all of them in the Android contest forums, but we want to share the ones we think are the best of the best here on the blog as well. You'll find those, in no particular order, after the break. Keep your eyes and ears peeled, we're cooking up a new contest shortly!


Photo credits, in order of appearance:

  1. apcyork; taken with the HTC EVO 3D
  2. Denenaste; taken with the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket
  3. gearjunkeez; taken with the HTC EVO 3D
  4. jeversion1; taken with the HTC One X
  5. jvee_; taken with the HTC Incredible S
  6. kstoutdog; taken with the HTC Rezound
  7. kurosenpai; taken with the Samsung Galaxy Note
  8. LadyDi; taken with the T-Mobile MyTouch 4G
  9. ​way2broke; taken with the LG Esteem

Reader comments

Android Central weekly photo contest winners: Street scenes


Actually, without that guy (who I suspect never signed a model release) this is an average picture, well framed, but merely average. "That Guy", with his suspicious glance, almost hiding in his coat (or was he merely ducking to get out of the way) makes the shot, adds that ambiguity, and question in the viewers mind, and changes an average shot into a great shot.

The lighting, the shadows off the little posts lining the road, the general ambiance of the picture... It's easily one of the best photos we've seen in the photo contests here. It's street photography done in exactly the way needed to "speak" to the viewer.

And, sure, the guy is a critical element of the overall photo. Without him, the other cues don't have impact. On the other hand, that's kinda the point. He is indeed the subject of the photo.

When I looked at the picture, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out if he was suspicious of the photographer, surprised by the presence of the photographer, generally grumpy, generally pensive, cold, a secret agent, a clockmaker, a cobbler, pure evil incarnate or simply someone's grandpa out for a stroll. It's really something when a picture can cause your mind to play through hundreds of scenarios and still never coming to a conclusion. I'm actually equally content to accept any of of those scenarios as fact and that's the very thing I love about the photo.

Well done.

Very nice and interesting looking pic, love the crisp, clear black and white old school picture
theme look "Bravo" very well done.

Love the winning shot. Among the runner ups though, how is a picture on a golf course a "street scene"?

As soon as I saw that Watermeloen's photo I didn't even bother taking any myself. Great shot. Bordering on photojournalism and that SII camera is very nice (shame it's not in the Nexus).

That's definately well deserving of the prize (whatever it is!) The black and white contrast, as well as the long shadows, coupled with the old man passing by is spectacular. Great shot!

glad you won.... i liked your pic the best...cool....

i still wonder if the cones come as standard option with the car in my pic ....