Android Central App

Fresh out of the oven comes the official Android Central App, version 2.0. It's been a little while since the initial release, and we've definitely been listening to all of your feedback.

Here's what you have to look forward to in the latest version:

  • Updated graphics to match the website.
  • That pesky ad (hey, we have to pay the bills) has been anchored to the bottom of the screen, it's not nearly as sensitive now, and the appropriate parties have been flogged.
  • There's an all-new alert framework for those of you on Android 2.2 that should make alerts much more alerty.
  • Podcasts are fixed again, so you can listen to them in-app.

As always, if you have any problems or suggestions, leave them for our developer (Notice Software) in our developer's forums.


Reader comments

Android Central App Version 2.0 brings a host of improvements


It wasn't working for me when I first tried to access it either. Load the app first then go back and load the widget.

Hey Phil you talked about in last pod cast about Google giving developers a spot about what's been updated. But sadly I don't see it mentioned in your app what's new. Had to read it on the web sight what is new and improved.

How is this any better than using RSS with notifications or Twitter or Google Reader or going to the mobile site?

(Besides being supportive of course and dealing with those 'pesky' ads.)

This new app sucks harder than a port authority whore trying to get her next hot meal.

Widget only shows one news headline compared to the old one's 4.

Headlines take forever to load if they do at all. Usually it comes up as a nonexistent link. If they stall loading you can't escape out of them until it decides to quit trying.

No access to forums from within the app. Have to leave the app then open browser and point to site to get to them.

Can't add comments.

Can it get much worse than this? I found all these issues in just a few minutes of use. Who knows how many more there are? Did you guys even test it at all?? Thank god it didn't replace the old AC app. I will continue use my old version that takes me to the mobile site.

I uninstalled the original AC app as I didn't like the widget, and from the comments above, I don't think I'd like ver 2's either..

The widget's key (imo).. Obviously, it should be informative, responsive, easy to use, visually appealing.. etc etc. Also consider more than one widget style/size for users to pick from. ..take a look at other news widgets to see what design(s) might work best if that helps..

Commenting would be a nice feature (would need to be able to log in, and stay logged in)