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Update: Due to overwhelming response from way more people than we expected, we're going stop accepting new applicants to the Android Central app beta group. We're already getting great feedback, and we hope to push v1.3 out to production just as soon as we can.

A quick heads up for you hard-core fans of the Android Central App. We've finally rolled out proper beta testing, and we're starting with a pretty good build to try it on. Version 1.3 of the app has been pushed out to our beta group for some final testing. There it will remain until we're happy with it, or until we just can't stand it anymore and have to release it into the world, free to spread its wings and become a beautiful butterfly. Or something. 

If you want in on the action, just hit the link below to get going. Namaste.


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Android Central App v1.3 now in beta testing


I'm apart of the group and still get a 404 error.
EDIT: I had to wait for an approval email to get into the group. The link works now!
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I believe as much. I couldn't figure out how at first, but then realized I needed the desktop version. (On Galaxy S4) So, I have 'applied' and I figured that made me apart of the group?

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You will need to have been approved into the beta Google group ( I just approved a bunch of new requests from this evening).

After you get a message that you have been approved, you'll need to visit this link:

and follow the directions to become a beta tester. For more help, see this post in the Beta Google Group.

Then you'll be able to install an update from Google Play that puts you on the Beta track with version 1.3.

Do this from a computer, not your phone.



If you're not currently a member of the beta group, hang tight, I'll keep approving new requests for a while longer tonight, and we'll get back to it in the morning :)  They are rolling in as fast as i can approve them lol.

You can do this entirely from your phone as long as you are hitting up the Play Store via desktop mode on your browser.

Via the Play Store app you will get a "This app is already installed" error message.

Looks good so far guys, time to play!

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Features I'm most excited for:

- Google app drawer integration
- YouTube api
- Talk Mobile article access

I'm sure the other additions are things I do not even realize I want/need yet :-).

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Seems like everything is working for me. Joined beta and updated app. Great job AC.

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Nice for those that'll use it, but I'm gonna stick with Google Currents, so I don't have to install an individual app for each blog I want to follow on my phone.

Suggestion : rewrite AC internal links to be oppened directly in the app instead of in a browser, for inner articles lunks pointing to previous AC news.

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Make sure you are in group people I didn't click join at first as I hadn't realised but when I saw it and clicked it I was finally able to open the link and become a tester ^_^

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