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A quick heads up, folks, that we've pushed out an update to the Android Central App that addresses some bugfixes and crashes involving the widget. It'll be available to everyone in the next couple hours.

Just as important is that we're moving the beta track from Google Groups to a Google+ community. Everything still works the same — you'll just need to be a part of the G+ beta community going forward. This update — V1.4.4, for those keeping track at home — is available to both beta groups, but we'll start using the Google+ community going forward.

Have at it, folks!


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Android Central App updated; beta testing moves to Google+ community


I'd like to join in the group. Isn't there two steps to Beta test? (Aside from joining the G+ group which I just did.)

If you look at the first post in G+ about the update it directs you to the link to finish that 2nd step.

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What am I doing wrong?
When I click the link on Google + I get a 404 error.. :(

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