Android 4.2.1

If you like to roll your own built-from-source Android ROM -- or if you rely on a developer to roll one for you -- rest easy knowing that Android 4.2.1 (Build JOP40D) has dropped into the Android Open Source Project. That means the code is there, and proper building can commence. No huge changes here (the missing December thing is the most notable at this point), but having the code is better than not, and Google's pushed it out just hours after devices started getting the update.

Google's Jean-Baptiste Queru also mentions that factory images should be pushed "in the next few days," so you can get your reset on without worry.

Source: Android Building group


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Android 4.2.1 hits AOSP, for you build-from-source types


I know it's a CDMA Nexus (like) device but any ideas on Sprint updating the GNex? No 4.1.2, 4.2, (& obviously) 4.2.1 yet. The last couple updates seemed pretty fast but now it's been awhile.

Bout Time...

Our Note *1*'s were actually falling a few weeks behind the Note 2's in ROM Development.. Our Note 1's already have the Sphere Camera & Keyboards but we don't yet have the Split-Screen Hack That allows *Any App* to run Split-Screen with another.. Now we will have that Apk Treat as well on our Note 1's in the upcoming ROM's... Thanks for finally releasing the 4.2 code.. :-)