Although Sprint had some issues with rolling the update out back in December, causing it to be delayed until January 4th, Virgin Mobile USA is making sure they have their update working fine as kind before release. Yes, Samsung Intercept owners on Virgin Mobile US will be able to get their Android 2.2 update come spring. When, exactly, was not noted but we'll be sure to let you all know if and when we find out more. Thanks girldroid! [Twitter]


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Android 2.2 coming to Virgin Mobile USA Samsung Intercept this spring


Getting 2.2 Froyo just in time for everyone else to get 2.3 Gingerbread? Nice... I hope users wake up and cancel their subscription and go with a carrier that actually supports them.

As soon as any of the other carriers come anywhere close to the $25 per month I am paying for my Intercept I will switch, until then no way. And LOTS of Samsung phones are still running 2.1, even those on other carriers.

I'd be happy with 2.2 on Virgin. Plenty of other phones are stuck with 1.6 and 2.1 and some of them aren't even getting updated.

An entry level prepay gets froyo before US captivate. My upgrade can't get fast enough. Never Samsung never again.

I'm so tired of people hating on Samsung. It's 100% AT&T's fault. Samsung gave them the source code ages ago. AT&T just won't let us put it on our phones for reasons that I can't imagine are justifiable.