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Kindle Fire owners receive $5 worth of Amazon Coins for free as an incentive

Amazon is debuting its new virtual currency, Amazon Coins, today as an alternative means for buying content from the Amazon Appstore on Android and Kindle Fire devices. The coins, which Amazon gave the details on back in February, can be used to purchase apps, games and in-app purchases -- but not subscriptions -- the same as you would with just dollars previously. Each Amazon Coin is worth 1 cent, so for example a $1 app can now also be purchased with 100 Amazon Coins if users prefer. Although developers receive the same cut for purchases made with Amazon Coins, Amazon seems to think this may be a good model to help fuel more purchases in the Appstore going forward.

The driving reason to use Amazon Coins over directly purchasing with dollars is that Amazon is offering a discount on bulk purchases of 500, 1,000, 2,500, 5,000 and 10,000. For example 500 Amazon Coins can be purchased for $4.80 rather than their purchasing power of $5. If you purchase 10,000 coins, you save 10-percent and pay just $90. Coins can of course only be used at Amazon, so it's banking on using the discount to lock people into having currency that can only be spent on certain purchases.

Kindle Fire users (provided you're in the U.S.) should see their 500 free coins deposited in their account today, but if they're not showing up a reboot of the device should fix that. If you're interested in checking out Amazon Coins as a way to save a few bucks on your Appstore purchases, see the source links below.

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Reader comments

Amazon Coins can now be used for Appstore purchases


I can see Amazon offering you coins instead of a refund for an app or digital purchase. That isnt very good. I do like that I can buy in bulk and save $10 since I am planning on buying a 5 season show from amazon so saving $10 would be helpful. Not sure if non kindle users can use these coins though.

Being pegged to a penny, and having discounted bulk purchases, this is more of a virtual gift card than a currency.

MS had their own currency for the xbox and have reverted back to regular currency. They should take a page from that. And I'm guessing all sales final, no refunds. Just a way to boost profits like gift cards, I hope they aren't "Time Sensitive" and have to be used with in a year.

Too bad they Don't offer Amazon Prime to all android devices, they would make a lot more for their ecosystem

Instant Amazon Prime would be more than enough of a reason to buy a Kindle over another Android. Otherwise, I don't see the point.


This is ridiculously stupid. What the hell is wrong with just using the US Dollar? Is Amazon hedging against a potential collapse of American society and our currency? Also, as we continue to try and get rid of the penny; Amazon makes it their standard currency.