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It has been a few weeks now since we last delved into music apps, with a smattering of app picks from the rock music world. This time up, it's the turn of country music. Personally, I am a huge Johnny Cash fan -- you might just have picked that one up already. 

The good news for country fans is that the Google Play store has you covered. We've picked out a selection to get you started, but as ever sing out in the comments with your own favorites.

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K Bear says:

Thank you for the links.

Absolutely awesome, thank you Android Central!!!

Droid Brick says:

The Ryman also has an app. Just looked it up after wondering why it wasn't on the list. Thanks for the list!

irishman06 says:

For those fortunate enough to live in Music City, there's also a Nashville app that has listings of live shows all over the city.