Google Glass display

Military researchers are toying with the idea of using Google Glass on the battlefield. The U.S. Air Force’s Battlefield Air Targeting Man-Aided Knowledge research group has been testing two pairs of Glass for search and rescue missions, communicating with ground forces, and targeting enemy bogeys.

The group cites the maximum visibility and low power demands of Glass as some of the eyewear’s more attractive attributes. As you might imagine, the prototyping these guys are doing involve some pretty significant changes to Android, though it’s worth noting that Google has no official relationship with the Air Force.

Let’s be fair. For most of us, Glass is an interesting novelty with a lot of potential. There are many use cases, industrial and otherwise, where hands-free access to detailed, real-time information can be of real practical use, and military’s just one of them. What other industries can you see Google Glass playing a pivotal role?

Via: VentureBeat