Stock Android on the HTC Evo - no Sense

We still think it's kind of cheating to want to run an HTC phone without the Sense user interface, but we're also champions of choice. And so, we bring you instructions on how to turn off the Sense UI on the Sprint Evo 4G. And we ran a couple more benchmarking tests to see if there was any noticeable speed difference once Sense was gone. Our results, after the break.

[YouTube link]

So as you see in the video, we didn't get much of a speed boost, at least as far as Linpack and Neocore were concerned. In fact, the only major change we noted is one that you don't see here -- we had a couple of reboots (as in the phone completely reset itself). Once as we were struggling to turn off a live wallpaper, and another time while we were on a phone call. That could just be a fluke, or it could have something to do with stability. Not sure just yet, and we'll have to toy with that some more. You also lose access to the HTC widgets, so you'll need to take that into consideration, too. Otherwise, it ran just fine.