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Google brings word today of an imminent update to the YouTube Android application for mobile and Google TV, that brings a much welcomed feature with it. Apparently they've been working on it since 2010, and it's now ready for the prime time. The updated app hasn't been seen in the Play Store yet -- at least, not by any of the AC staff around the globe -- but when it does drop, you'll be able to send videos from YouTube on your mobile device, to your Google TV. Sweet. 

With your devices on the same WiFi network, they will be automatically paired, no setup required. When you've found a video you want to watch, tap the TV icon at the top and the video will instantly start to play on your Google TV. 

But, that's not all. Your mobile device then becomes a remote control, allowing you to pause, scroll or skip from your device. Additionally, because the two are connected via the cloud, you're free to browse YouTube for more videos to watch  without interrupting what's currently playing on your TV. And, as with the Nexus Q, multiple devices can connect to the same TV allowing for a collaborative playlist. 

This kind of added functionality is definitely welcome, although it does leave us with further worry for the future of the Nexus Q. Google has stripped some pretty hefty chunks of its functionality here for use with Google TV instead. It's hard to imagine Google would try and market two devices with the same functionality. It also seems like the YouTube Remote application may well soon disappear, with the core functionality of this app now seemingly being integrated into the main YouTube client. 

When the update drops for you, hit up the comments below and let us know your experience.

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YouTube update allows video pushing from your device to your Google TV


Yeah the Nexus Q should've been a Google TV with some really cool hardware, basically a halo device like the rest of the Nexus line. They could've just added the features to Google TV and used the Nexus Q to spotlight the new features.

I accidentally discovered this weekend the Google TV Remote app allows you to share YouTube videos and other media/websites to the Google TV.

I've been doing this on XBMC for years....not sure why this wasn't integrated with Google TV from the get go....not that I have one....

I'm guessing that when you hit the "Play on GoogleTV" button, your just sending the relevant link and current position to your GoogleTV and it starts streaming the video on it's own. Don't get me wrong, that's cool and all, but I really want to see Google do what Apple has been doing for awhile with AirPlay where any app that uses the requisite API's can stream any content from the mobile device to the set top device, whether local or online streaming.

I've been using Google tv remote since I've had my Revue. Works almost the same way. Once the video starts I would choose to share video and select remote.

I discovered this a couple of months ago with the YouTube app on my TiVo. I believe they call it "YouTube Pair". Very convenient. I use YouTube on the big screen much more frequently now.

Likewise on the the Xbox360 YouTube App - seemless pairing, and you can fast forward, rewind, etc from the phone. Pretty sweet actually

This is awesome, I just set it up today on my Xbox. I hadn't had much luck using the Xbox youtube app previously since you couldn't see your favorites. This is a game changer.