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Good news, folks. A bunch of you have asked us if you can purchase a Nexus 5 from Google Play and activate it on Sprint. We've just heard back from Sprint, and the answer is in the affirmative.

Repeat: Yes, you can purchase a Nexus 5 from Google Play and activate it on Sprint.


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Yes, you can buy a Nexus 5 from Google Play and activate it on Sprint


Pre ordered! 32 gig black. Ships November 8th. I hope you are right about it working on Sprint.

Go Hokies!

If I buy one from Play, is it dual band? I am on Sprint right now but plan on leaving them in June, switching to ATT will I be able to use it with them or is it CDMA only?

It may have the internals, but this is why I loathe Verizon's Gestapo policies for their devices and updates. Great coverage, but lack of availability for certain devices like the nexus line, and historically HORRIBLE update service for the device, as it's a NEXUS. And so what if "projects are in the works for 2014"? A nexus 6 maybe? Thats theoretically a year away, and even if the wait is shorter, what other Verizon roadblock crap will ensue to hinder these projects? Nexus 5 goes on sale, and Verizon gets in the way. The only, ONLY reason I have them is because of their coverage where I travel. Security on their network as a reason to block devices and hold up software is BS.... bloatware that's always rated poorly, and bully power are more evident. They miss the boat willingly, yet again.

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Never said it was the Jesus phone. And I already put my money into the network I need. It's in the better.

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I just bought a Nexus 5 not knowing it didn't work with Verizon. And of course, I have Verizon. Is there ANY way I can activate it through them or is it simply just not compatible?

Well technically no, the ATT and Tmo models don't come with the CDMA antenna, but the Sprint model still contains the GSM antenna.

They all have both, it's not like it's an entirely different radio array. Multi band and protocol support is based off the radio chipset used and it's increasingly more common.

I know the Verizon model is always GSM-unlocked. Also, I thought the radios were integrated into the chipset. Maybe I'm wrong...

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Yes but Sprint has 800LTE rolling out to significantly expand coverage. Tmobile has no lower band to improve coverage. N5 can use Sprint 800/1900/2500 LTE bands.

So Tmob N5 users can also easily switch to Sprint when 800LTE is available.

Not only does it support all three bands, but by doing so, this will be one of the first phones to support Sprint's new "Spark" (LTE-Advanced) network. Sprint is FIRST to launch LTE-Advanced, and they have demonstrated speeds (in a lab) up to 1Gb/sec! Real world initial speeds are expected to be around 50-60Mb/sec...with faster speeds available "soon". The fact that Sprint has more spectrum than ANY other US carrier is about to pay off!

What they meant there I think is that Sprint will sell you the phone on contract and TMo will do their subsidize the phone off contract thing (forgive me I don't know what that's actually called). Guessing AT&T isn't directly selling and subsidizing the phone, but you can put it on their network since their bands are in the phone's available ones.

Hi Scotty

I am from India and my friend is returning back from the states in 4 weeks. I want to buy an unlocked nexus 5 from the states ( cheaper in states by 22-25%) - does the same phone support both GSM and CDMA or should i specify the GSM/CDMA of my choice while placing order at google play store?

Please advise


I'm planning on leaving Sprint for T-Mobile in July, assuming T-Mobile has expanded their LTE into my city by then. Sprint has been great for the last 12 years, but T-Mobile's $30 plan is tough to beat.

I don't think so, but contact your local store tomorrow morning for details. Would love for us to carry this device!

Source: Best Buy Mobile employee.

Not very likely, orders aren't shipping until Nov. 8 and on Sprint's site it says purchase tommorow (for subsidized version), shipping Nov. 8. I think that Sprint is going to delay them until they officially launch Spark since it is compatible.

For all I know, Sprint may be rolling out an update that allow activation of the phone on their service on the 8th [or possibly 7th for testing] with the Spark update on their servers.
That would be my guess, so they don't have to pay for OT on any system engineers twice in 2 weeks if they have any errors for changes to be made.

Actually, the LG G2 and Nexus 5 will not be spark compatible until early 2014, so it doesn't matter when we get it.

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Source? I read that the G2 needs a firmware update to support Spark, but I heard nothing about the Nexus 5 requiring new firmware...

Omg this is great ... should I ditch my Moto X? Hmmmm probably not, I can't live without the active notifications.. but sooo tempting

I have been using DynamicNotifications and it works pretty damn good. check it out in the play store. I will be using on my Nexus 5

Right that's what I want to know! I dont want to have to sign a new 2yr agreement!
But my guess is that this is the same as buying a new phone without using an upgrade, meaning that it shouldn't make us restart the 2yrs

probably $36 "upgrade fee" or maybe not and if you buy it off contract then it doesn't renew your contract

which is what i plan to do, love that i can finally do this from the play store, and not have to renew my contract in april.

You are not resigning, but you are paying a premium for a subsidy you are not using.

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I have bought used and new phones off eBay and not been charged anything. This us slightly different though I guess but I will put up a stink if they try. I mean you could walk over to t mobile with it which I doubt they want you to do...

You can activate a phone on an existing contract on the website for free. I switched between my International BB and my Epic that way several times.

nothing. I've never been charged an activation fee for activating a new/used phone as long as it doesn't extend your contract.

The upgrade activation fee only applies when the device is purchased from Sprint. "Activating" a phone is just considered a normal phone swap. Phone swaps do not change your service agreement or upgrade eligibility, and do not generate any fees.

In this particular case, I'm not sure. For our current phones, each phone comes with a UICC card that is "tied" to the ESN/MEID. But with these phones coming from a third party vendor (Google), I'm not certain that it will be the same. But on the bright side, I have sucessfully ordered UICC cards for iPhone users that have lost theirs. They were free, with free shipping. But again, I'm not sure how this will be handled for the unlocked Nexus (Nexii?).

Yeah, me too. I ordered my N5 already in hopes that it would be compatible with VZW. I'm hopping off of Verizon as soon as possible. They're such Nazis when it comes to controlling their devices.

Yeah, and it sucks, because they do have an awesome network. I'm still bitter that Verizon won't activate the Nexus 7 LTE.

Yet you can activate a Verizon LTE SIM in another tablet, then pop it in the N7 and it works fine.. just sayin.

But, that method requires me to purchase two devices. Seems like a bit of a hassle, don't ya think?

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If you have a friend with a VZW LTE device maybe they will let you borrow?

Yes a hassle, but if it gets you onto the network you want, more power to you. Stick it to the mann! VZW, you will take my money and you will like it!! :)

Hahaha you just motivated me! I'm gonna go and make a Verizon friend! Then, I'm going to mooch off of their service!! Yes!

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So I have a Verizon HTC One that is active already. If I pop that SIM card into a nexus 5 it'll work for calls and texts and 3g right?

The problem I have is its not their devices, no one collect's phones. They will bill the h e double L out of you. Try returning a phone in say deduct this from my ETF...LOL but they sure want control of what's yours.

Ok so if I bought it from the play store and went into sprint to activate it, would that get me on one of their cheaper plans?

Maybe he means get in on the plan that goes with the one up yearly renewal. I doubt you can get on that plan without buying the phone through sprint and paying the monthly phone charge. Would be cool if you could though but I think we would have seen much more media coverage if that was the case.

If you're buying it off of the Play Store, why not just go to a Sprint MVNO? You'll get a cheaper rate and be off-contract, not too mention the same level of service.

It is *not* the same level of service. You get no roaming and your data is capped/throttled depending on the MVNO. Great option for some but it isnt true to say it is the same service.

That's fair. I just meant that you get access to LTE, instead of being relegated to just 3G, which is the case with Verizon's network.

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Because, thanks to my grandfathered SERO plan, I get unlimited data and texts (and my area has great 4G coverage), roaming on Verizon, 500 anytime minutes, free mobile-to-any-mobile, free nights and weekends starting at 5pm, and free calls to home all for just $50/month. Between the free mobile-to-any-mobile, free N&W, and free phone-to-home I barely use any of my anytime minutes. Show me an MVNO that can beat that.

The key word is "grandfathered." That plan isn't currently available for anyone to choose from; thus, it's irrelevant to any comparison with current smartphone plans.
Still, that's an awesome plan. Kudos to you.

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So if I buy a Nexus 5 from the Play Store, will I be able to go to a Sprint store and ask them if I can use Virgin Mobile instead?

To my knowledge, Sprint's MVNO carriers carriers can use any Sprint phone. When I get to work tomorrow I'll try to find out for sure.

Historically, Virgin Mobile has not allowed Sprint devices on their plans. They typically limit you to Virgin Mobile only phones... Same with Boost Mobile.

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I just got off the phone with Virgin Mobile customer support. They indicated they "cannot activate Sprint phones on the Virgin Mobile network". Furthermore, the nice guy (Leo) indicated that his file "had no mention of the Nexus 5 being available on Virgin Mobile."

First of all, I know folks who have taken the Galaxy S 4 from Sprint to VM with no problems. Second, it would not surprise me if the Marketing department of VM didn't tell the CSRs about Nexus 5 being compatible or not.

So far, looks like I may have to switch carriers. :-/

Yeah, sorry if I set anybody up for disappointment :( I had a look at the employee document today, and it just boiled down to the "Bring your own Sprint phone" thing they started some time ago, which only seems to apply to certain devices. So this will be entirely at Virgin Mobile's discretion, and it seems like a lot of people are getting a "no" from them.

I wish this had been posted somewhere quicker! Luckily I got through to Google customer service just after ordering mine and confirmed it would work with my Sprint plan.Can't wait to get this baby up and running!!

why would it be more expensive? Its 200 with the contract plus then a $50 rebate. I can see the desire to not want to be locked in, but it isn't cheaper

I mean, if you're going to be on Sprint anyway, you have to sign a contract, so why not just take the subsidy? Of course it only applies if you're due for an upgrade or are switching to Sprint.

The great, and possibly the biggest thing about the N5 is that Google is essentially supporting whatever (minus Verizon) carrier you want to run it on. It has all the radios you need regardless of who you use. Spark, LTE, CDMA, GSM it's all right there in the phone.

I'm seriously debating between this and the Moto X but, the radio situation is a large factor that might just swing me away from the Touchless Controls and Active Notifications.

So basically, Verizon isn't on board because Verizon, not Google or the technology, now that we can finally clear the air about CDMA keeping another Nexus from being on Verizon, since it works on Sprint. Let's petition the living shit out of Verizon to bring us the Nexus5

We don't know how updates will be handled. If the gnex is an indication it will suck, but we will not know for a few months

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They are not on board because only nerds but a nexus, and nerds are a pain in the ass, and there are not very many. Have we ever seen actually nexus sales records? Just because they sell out does not mean they sell a lot.


There are already apps in the Google Play store that replicate the Touchless controls and active notifications of the Moto X.

Well considering they have just rolled out LTE in some areas it's a no Brainer, my woman has sprint and pays $75 a month all in unlimited everything, she uses over 20gb a month watching Netflix while at work with no issues, where else can you get that?

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Either Sprint or T-Mobile. Or Verizon, if you still have its unlimited plan and were lucky enough to upgrade using the "glitch."

I get good Sprint LTE and coverage will improve with 800LTE now rolling out. Get 6-20Mbps up to 30 and use over 10GB/month so ATT/VZW not even a viable option.

Because they are ALREADY rolling out LTE-Advanced, and they have more spectrum available than ANY other US carrier.

Awesome, done deal for me. I briefly thought about how much it'd cost thru One Up but nah, I wanna have my options wide open once my Sprint contract ends next summer. I've actually been pretty satisfied with the pace of their LTE rollout in Puerto Rico, but who knows how plan prices and the networks will be 6-12 months from now...

Heck, I kinda wanna try out Tmo and AT&T regardless just to compare speeds and coverage myself, and this will be the first time I'll realistically be able to do so with the same phone. Pretty hyped for that tbh. Splurged on the, 32GB version even tho I rarely pay more for storage (and I'm a big advocate of USB OTG, Meenova's OTG/microSD reader, etc).

I figured I'd like more than 7-8GB of music (you shouldn't fill the phones to capacity,b it impairs proper TRIM of the NAND) on it and even tho the price for 32GB starts bordering close to the price of an off contract carrier phone, what the heck, I'm way more likely to keep this phone for two years anyway.

If it wasn't for the return of the Nexus line to Sprint I would've held on to the EVO LTE tbh. Just gotta sell that bugger now, Sprint's Buy Back for it is pitiful.

Diztronic and Cruzerlite already have cases btw.

So what about the opposite? If I buy it from Sprint, will I be able to use it on other GSM networks?

Yes, of course, it's an unlocked device. There might be some complication to the activation process on Sprint but it should otherwise be like any Nexus/unlocked device.

Not complicated on Sprint. You just go to website and enter ESN number on phone to activate.

Unless it doesn't come with a sim card or something which Sprint needs for LTE. Can iPhones be activated on sprints website? I assume the N5 will work just like the iPhone for activating.

Just got a hold of someone at sprint and they said that they do have LTE sim cards and they are $36 in stores. The representative also said that the nexus 5 should have a card already in it for LTE. Not sure if that last bit is true so I will just wait and see.

Most of the newer LTE phones have a "UICC" card (I forget what it stands for). Generally speaking, they're "tied" to the phone. As in, when we enter the ESN/MEID into the computer, the UICC number populates automatically. They are pre-installed in the phone. With these phones being unlocked and ordered from a third-party source, I'm not sure if they will also have the appropriate card pre-installed.

I don't know yet how it will work for this device, but the UICC cards for iPhones are free. Sometimes the stores have them, sometimes they don't. I know my department (Business Premiere Care) can order them, but there may be a different process for personal accounts.

EVO LTE has a sealed in SIM, latter Sprint LTE phones have had user accessible ones. I wouldn't be surprised if the Nexus 5 comes semi pre-configured for Sprint, you basically activate it on Sprint (the only CDMA carrier supported) or you slip in your own GSM SIM which overrides that. Probably a combination of this and ESN website registration.

The EVO 4G LTE has a sim card, but it's soldered to the motherboard and not user accessible.

I can confirm that the Sprint Moto X has a user removable nano Sim for LTE. When I take it out the phone reverts to 3G (CDMA) only. Thus I would presume you need a sprint Sim in the n5 for for sprint LTE to work. However I think you need to take an extra step (probably going to the sprint website or store) to get the CDMA radios to work even if you already had a sprint Sim.

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Correct, the UICC card (the LTE sim card) alone will not be enough to activate the phone. You still need to call in or go online to activate the phone.

So is Sprint also selling a 32GB variant of the nexus 5? And if not, does that mean the Google Play 32GB nexus 5 will work with sprint?

And the phone that you buy on Play, activated on Sprint, gets its updates straight from Google, correct?

You cannot say that unless I missed an article

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You buy the phone from Google, it gets updates from Google. I have a hard time believing that Sprint would handle updates for every unlocked Nexus 5 :P .

And with that news I hit the buy button. Thanks Phil, the local Sprint store staff I called have never even heard of the Nexus 5.

Sadly, I'm not surprised. I find out about new phones here LONG before we get any communication about them at work. When I left work this afternoon, there was no mention at all in any of our systems about the Nexus 5.

I'm enough of a phone nerd that I choose to read websites like Android Central in my free time, and utilize what I learn when talking to customers. However, most of my co-workers don't keep up on this kind of news. I facepalm'd at work today when the older woman who sits near me referred to all smartphones as "droid phones" to a customer.

Damn, I don't get paid until tomorrow! How it doesn't sell out... White 32gb

Posted via the Android Central App on my Note 2

Just snagged a white one. Would have went for black but I can always return it. This also might be the first time I throw a case on a phone. Those quickcovers look sharp.

So is there a sim slot.

This looks good but I want to switch back and forth.

My Note 3 is my daily driver, and always will be. This would be a nice device for when I don't need all the goodness of the Note

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We will see, I just want to see sample pictures and I am sold. I can give a pass on battery size since it is close enough, and size doesn't ALWAYS matter

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That is the other problem, coming up with a new one

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Won't take but a week. Jerry won't let me have my real name back...

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If the band fit it is up to the carrier to allow it on

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So much hype on the Nexus 5, I will stick to my expandable storage oh and my extra 1gb ram on my note 3 and my mega although i do appriciate the Nexus 5 perhaps a trade in on the Mega hmmm.

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Does T the Mega have 2gb?

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yes. They have just subsidized the phone, so you will be able to use T-Mobile or AT&T with the device as well.

According to Ting's wikipedia page, any Sprint phone can be activated on Ting. Wikipedia being what it is, I would contact Ting first to try to get an answer.

So.. Verizon? I mean.. CDMA is supposedly the reason a Nexus could never work with Verizon, and Sprint doesn't even use SIM cards in their LTE devices.

I am pretty sure sprint uses sim cards for the LTE it's just they are usually not accesible. That's why I am curious to know whether the Nexus 5 comes with one or not. Do iPhones come with sim cards? I assume the N5 will be done the same way iPhones are done. I would love it if they came with a SIM card though so we could just activate them online the way I activated my Nexus S and my Galaxy S3 through

So where does that leave sprint? On my note I can see the sim, but haven't been able to take it out

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My sprint Moto X has a user removable Sim. When I take it out the phone reverts to CDMA 3G only. Thus I assume that you need a sprint Sim in the N5 for sprint LTE to work. However I think you would need to take extra steps (such as activating on the website) beyond inserting a Sim to get the CDMA radios to work on sprint.

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CDMA isn't the reason - it's just the tech. It is the gated community of the wireless world and you can only get in if the gatekeepers allow it. You can have one SKU across multiple standards, Apple did that already with prior iPhone generations, it is just a matter of getting that SKU approved and the serial numbers put in to the carrier's databases. Basically, getting the carrier to play ball.

Sprint was obviously willing in this case. Pretty good move too, I think. It won't get them crazy additions to their network but just by having the phone they're giving themselves the chance at some good press.

Now we'll just need to see how the update process goes.

I am so happy to hear this.
I will see if I can buy the 32 GB from Sprint for my line up for renewal and use it with my T-Mobile prepaid

Keep an eye on it. I hesitated to buy the phone when I could have gotten it when it was available to ship in 1-2 days because I was unsure about the Sprint activating thing. Then the phone listed as ships by Nov 8th, then it went out of stock. Then when I learned Sprint could activate these I checked back and it was listed as shipping Nov 8 again. It seems to come and go.

That website is probably getting hammered. I tried to order the 16GB black version, but when I saw that it was "sold out," I "settled" for the 32GB White version.

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You would have thought they would have learned. Put me in charge of it dammit

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Haha, I wish I could. At least, we have retailers assisting with the launch, now.

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I'm wondering if I can get a US version to use on StraightTalk's ATT bands when I'm home and use a NTT DoCoMo sim when traveling to Japan.

Yes, it's unlocked for international use. You should be good to go, out of the box.

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Got my black 32gig ordered.

Will have to see how sprint wants to activate it. I have a LTE phone right now that does not have a sim. Must be with the meid#

Yes, even on devices with a removable UICC card (the LTE sim), Sprint still requires the MEID number to activate the phone. For all the current devices, including the iPhone, when we enter the MEID number into our computers, the UICC card number automatically populates, as they are included with the phones and "tied" to the MEID.

I'm not yet sure how this will work for phones ordered from Google Play. They may already have the UICC included. If they don't, I see headaches in my future. lol. But at the very least, I have sucessfully ordered UICC cards for customers in the past, free of charge (and free shipping). Sometimes the stores have them in stock as well.

Proof? Link?

The important thing is the updates. If the gnex is an example...

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Galaxy Nexus was a whole different story, separate Sprint specific SKU, Samsung was involved etc. There's no possible way Sprint could have any control over updates for a device sold thru the Play store, I'm sure they wouldn't even try since they can't survive the bad PR... LG has more of a hand here than Sprint, tho most drivers etc would really come from Qualcomm and such.

Dang lol...I just got my Note 3 lol. I may have to grab this too now since I can get on Google Play for sprint and activate it.

Posted via my Samsung Galaxy Note® 3

well just when I was fretting about my Galaxy Nexus no longer being supported, this news comes up! Unlocked Nexus 5 on Sprint, here I come.

I thought Verizon had a "bring your own device" program. So why couldn't I buy this from Google play and activate it on Verizon? Looks like it has all of the right bands....

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Mainly because Verizon doesnt want you having a phone not locked to their service, and without their bloatware, and without their control. It's all about control with Verizon, so it's not surprising that they are blocking truly open devices from their network...see also Nexus 7 LTE activation.

Shop does this mean that the nexus 5 radio is built in for att, sprint, and tmobile? Or are they selling separate phones depending on carrier? I tried to find an answer but no luck.

One phone, one model, one SKU; at least as far as the USA is concerned. It's a big deal, first Android phone to support three major carriers; only phone in recent memory to be sold unlocked and support 3G across three national carriers, and definitely the first to manage the same for LTE.

This is actually kind of brilliant. Just keep in mind that the 5S is currently on a 4-8 week backorder (depending on color/capacity).

Yeah, this is BS. Guess i'm switching to T-mobile... They've made it pretty easy to make the choice.

WHY would I buy a device out of contract and pay for all the up front costs yet STILL pay for subsidized plans? The fact that I have ZERO options here on the other 3 carriers aside from T-mobile pretty much tells me to switch. Unless they can get with the times and cater to what people want, why should I give them my money? This has been aggravating me all day. Unless I get word that they will sell the 32GB model in the next few days (so I can cancel my Google Play order), they've lost me as a customer.


So if I buy the 5 from the Play Store, and get a At&T Straight Talk Sim. Will it work?

Posted from the Google Nexus 7 2012 via Android Central App

There may be an activation fee of $36 for the new account. You will (unfortunately) also be locked into a 2 year service agreement for the new line, even though you are bringing your own phone.

FWIW: Just talked to a Sprint rep, they are saying that they will only activate phones on their network that are Sprint branded and bought through a Sprint retailer.

I figured. It's just nerve wracking to plop down $430 for a phone and then hear from a rep that they won't allow it on their network.

Please understand that us Sprint employees don't always receive communication/education about new phones as soon as they're announced. Up until now, it has been true that we can only activate phones made for the Sprint network. This news about being able to activate phones from the Play store is quite a game changer. I wouldn't be surprised if we don't receive any info about this phone until next week. There certainly wasn't any available today (Thursday).

But, is it unreasonable, to expect employees - that work in a phone store - to read up about the latest phones that can/may/will come to the network of the company they work for?

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While I'm all for improving one's job performance, there are a whole lot of people out there who don't care to become in expert in a certain field, just because they work in that field. This holds especially true for lower-level customer service employees. Do you think the employees at the grocery store care about a new line of frozen pizzas that may be coming out soon? Try finding a gas station clerk who can tell you exactly what octane does, and why it's important. Or a cable tv installer who can tell you about a new network that may be coming soon.

Additionally, we really aren't supposed to speculate about phones or service. Because we had not (as of 4:30 pm CST) received any official information about the Nexus 5, anything an employee would have said about the phone would have been speculation. I break this rule quite often, because I like reading websites like Android Central and have the knowledge to talk with customers about upcoming phones. But the fifty-something woman who works a few desks away from me, who still refers to all smart phones as "droid phones"? Yeah, I don't expect her to go home at night and read about phones.

I would imagine that Sprint is just hoping to gain/retain customers using any means necessary at this point. It's common knowledge that they're hemorrhaging post paid subscribers like crazy. I'll likely be one of them if this thing doesn't pan out. Hopefully they do the right thing and activate the Play Store versions as this article claims.

My Nexus 5 is coming tuesday, and I would like to know about what plans I can get and find out the pricing, etc. But Sprint reps everywhere insist they won't activate the Play store Nexus 5. I inquired 3 times online, and today I went to the sprint store. They told me to use T-Mobile.

I don't - that doesn't sound like a company that is hemorrhaging customers. Seems to me more like a company that has too many and doesn't want any more. I could have just saved the hassle and signed up with T-Mobile like I did with my Nexus 4.

Supported Service

Unlocked: Use with any provider that offers service on Nexus 5 supported networks

Carriers: T-Mobile, Sprint

I copied and pasted this from the Nexus 5 Technical specifications page.

A definite no. I already pursued that. But then again everyone but everyone at Sprint is telling me they won't activate the Play store Nexus 5 either.

I've been reading what everyone is saying about one phone for 3 networks(att, t mo, sprint) and sounds awesome. Anyone know if Boost Mobile supports Sprint phones? I thought I heard something like that, but would love some other opinion, thanks.

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I'm almost certain that Boost and Virgin Mobile can activate any Sprint phone. I'll try to find out for sure tomorrow.


I am from India and my friend is returning back from the states in 4 weeks. I want to buy an unlocked nexus 5 from the states ( cheaper in states by 22-25%) - does the same phone support both GSM and CDMA or should i specify the GSM/CDMA of my choice while placing order at google play store?

Please advise


It supports both. Below are the specs taken from the Play store.

2G/3G/4G LTE
GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
CDMA: Band Class: 0/1/10
WCDMA: Bands: 1/2/4/5/6/8/19
LTE: Bands: 1/2/4/5/17/19/25/26/41

It pretty much is a "global" phone which will work on any network.

Hi Siva
I am from Chandigarh and a friend from us is coming with Nexus 5 . Hope it shall work perfect with airtel GSM
And there should not be any problem with 2G! 3G and 4G , pl confirm !

I'm glad to hear this. Especially since Sprint is charging $100 more for the 16GB model (that's all that's available for pre-order on their site ATM).

I would bet a lot of money that the Nexus 5s bought from Sprint will be SIM locked in some way - at a minimum the phone will not be usable with US GSM carriers. Sprint has never sold a phone that was unlocked for use with US GSM carriers.

I'll believe when I see it , I have never seen Sprint allow a phone they did not sell originally (their logo, their box) ever to be activate on their network .

Would like to see the communication that says this will be permissable.

Or better yet some success stories news and updates - so I can get mine ordered and sell my S3.


I stopped into my local Sprint store today and spoke to the device consultant, who is also the repair technician. I've talked to him before and he's very knowledgeable. He knew exactly what I was talking about, and had also been following the news on the N5.

He said that Sprint will activate them, but that they will indeed require SIM cards, since they don't have the built-in SIM chips like some phones have (the EVO LTE for example). He said that they should be getting the cards in the store around the same time that they begin selling their own stock. He said that I will have to get a card before activating if I don't already have one (which I don't).

Hope it helps, and I hope he's right. My black 32 should be here by the 15th.

Why couldn't thy use the same UICC cards that they already stock for Galaxy S4? I believe the S4 and N5 both have micro-sim slots.

On a related issue - I haven't been able to find a manual on line yet. My assumption is that there is a setting to turn CDMA on and off.

They better tell their reps then. I contacted them 3 times twice was told they will only register Sprint phones. The third time someone told me I can to call some number to verify the phone will actually work and then go to a Sprint store because you could not sign up online and the rates are unavailable online as. If Sprint is uncooperative. I'll just use T-Mobile like my Nexus 4 - it seems to work OK.

Okay. So now I just have to figure out my options as which no contract plan to use with this and when to leave Sprint.

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Few questions:

Can I buy it on Google Play for Upgrade Price (use with sprint)?

If i Buy 32 GB model on GPLay, (Not avail. on sprint retail), Can I use it on sprint "Spark" Still?

First "unlocked" device, How do I get a Sprint Sim card?

What kind of sim?

Is it worth it?

Will sprint get the 32 GB version in the future?

Please help me out guys. I'm new at this. and don't be harsh and call me names. I apreciate it.

PS. Is this a good phone to last me 2 years?

Hows the camera?


Can anyone tell me how to sign up with Sprint with a Nexus 5 from the play store? I have contacted Sprint 4 times now. First two times they said no, but I asked again when I read articles like this one - and the third person said, go to the Sprint store and they can do it.

Well I went today to inquire, since I am getting the phone on Tuesday the 5th and the rep asked all the other reps who said no, and then "looked it up" on his computer when I insisted and then told me nope, I will have to go to T-Mobile - they will register unlocked phones :S

So is there a phone number to call, or a Sprint web page to reference so I can at least get plan details. I can't even get plan info - so I don't even know if they are competitive with T-Mobile in the first place.

Supported Service

Unlocked: Use with any provider that offers service on Nexus 5 supported networks

Carriers: T-Mobile, Sprint

You: that's what's on the google website

*******Christian C: My apologies. I've discussed the issue once again. Sprint does not support unlocked phones and you can activate only those phones that has been locked only for Sprint. The system has the serial number of all the deices that was meant for Sprint. So, if a phone is not in the Sprint system, the system will not recognize that. You can not get that activated by any means.***************


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. Here is what you need to do to get a SIM mailed to you:
Call 1-888-226-7212
At first voice prompt, Enter your phone number or confirm that you are calling from your phone
Press 2 for "otherwise..."
Press 2 for "International voice or data service"
Then you will go into the call queue and wait for an operator

Explain that you need a SIM card for your new Nexus 5 that you purchased directly from Google mailed to you and that you are unable to visit a store to get one. They couldn't find the Nexus 5 in the system, but they checked with a supervisor and found the same one that will work. They even said it would come via FedEx, but probably wouldn't go out until Monday or Tuesday. All for no charge

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Just a few things regarding sprint I found from 2 reps (at 2 different stores) and an online agent (if you buy the Nexus 5 from Google direct).

1. You WILL still need to sign a 2-year contract (this makes no sense in my opinion).
2. You would not be eligible for the 1-up program (makes sense since the $15 discount is only as long as you pay an installment towards the phone)
3. You would not be able to activate the phone on the "on-the-go" option since there a few precious phones they allow on that program and Nexus 5 is NOT one of them (I was really hoping for this one because this would put them on parity with T-mobile when you bring your own device)

So rep had no answer to which termination fee would apply to my case (the feature phone or smart phone) but he had no answer to why a termination would even apply in the first place.

So it is going to have to be t-mobile for me unless Sprint move away from their "Verizon-like" ways :)

Please do not absolutely not listen to in store reps they are very bad at information I went in the store yesterday asking about the SIM-CARD s and bout the phone and all he can tell me is that they will not carry the sim cards nor activate the phone but wen I called in to international sprint they didn't give me any hassle about it and they have now prepared to send me a sim card for the nexus 5

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I was just at the sprint store and they didn't have the imei in the system so i was unable to activate my phone. I was told the same thing from a rep on the phone once I returned home. I am curious if they will have the number setup on 8th once they start offering the phone.

I also found that you can't get the contract free plans, which makes zero sense. They also informed me that I would have to pay an ETF if I wanted to cancel my contract, but none of them could tell me exactly why or which one.

I am going to try again in the morning, but if they can't get this going by the 8th, it looks like t-mobile is the answer.

No need to go to the store for you will do is this call sprint and tell them to activate your phone tell them that is the nexus 5 from google play store then let them know that they have to take out whatever insurance you have on the current line or phone that are going to swap and then give them your IMEI Minus the last Digit on it then you should be able to activate i did it and they managed to get it done... Let me know how it goes??

Had I already been a customer that would have worked, but because I am new customer they wanted me to sign a two year contract which carried a 350 dollar ETF. I spent a great deal of time on the phone with various people from Sprint and they said there was nothing I could do. I am not sure why I can't get a pay as you go plan, but that was there policy. So in the end I went with T-Mobile.

I wanna buy this phone as bad.. But I have at&t
Did anyone buy the unlocked one and diud it really work? If so did you have to change the SIM card or its same as iPhone SIM card?