Google I/O

Real world examples and practices from the Android design team make this session from Google I/O 2013 a must-watch -- even if you'll never write your own app.

See how Android apps should look and act, and see what the folks behind Android say about why they should be this way. Whether you're into design, or just into great looking Android apps this one is a treat. Catch it after the break.


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Watch this Google I/O session on Android design principles because it's awesome


Jerry's Beard = Positive emotion
Those Sunglasses = Negative emotion
1 to 1 emotional experience, not good Jerry, not good.

her point about the last screen when people enjoy that blue effect and play with it.

its absolutely true. I loved it and play with it.

This was actually a big waste of time watching. They are connecting design to emotion throughout the entire presentation, which is all fine and dandy - but I honestly don't have time to sit here and watch them roll through stock photos and talk about how convenient and smart and joyful using Google Now is. I know it already.

I'm big on design, but these ladies - although talented - are terrible presenters and the slides were very rough. Thanks anyways.

I gave up after 10 minutes when I realized that they were babbling on verbally in precisely the manner that they were saying we're hallmarks of poor design. The irony of presenting the topic in a terrible, boring, uninformative manner is stunning.

I got lost when the Google Now exploration began, but before that, there are a few potential eyebrow raising underlying points that could help upgrade human relation courses, and our own lives if we take note.