Sprint Epic 4G Touch, T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 getting fixes so far

When word dropped in December about an exploit to the kernel used with some Samsung Exynos chipsets, Sasmung promised an update "as quickly as possible" to plug the hole. Looks like fixes are starting to push out. Here's what we're seeing so far:

Other devices affected include the international Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note and Note 2, certain tablets using Exynos 4, Galaxy Player models, Galaxy Tab 2s and the Galaxy Note 10.1.

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IceDree says:

A little bit too late Samsung, The Damage is already happened.

piizzadude says:

I know right? The world came to a total end. If they only would have released it sooner, little Johnny could have been cured.

IceDree says:


Magnus#AC says:

What's your damage?

IceDree says:

The CPU in my father's Note II just Died for no reason , They refused to replace the the phone & it took 3 & half weeks to fix it (2 more than what they said) alongside a bad customer service !
My father now can't stand Samsung, Between the Note II issue & his old overheating SGS II ,he had enough .
He's gonna sell it & Get a RAZR

leerage says:

Cool story bro.

IceDree says:

Yep, We just Trollin Trollin Trollin ...

borgdog says:

bah, Verizon will probably release the fix next summer.

Ha! No doubt, but that's why I turned to the dev community & patched my Note 2 a couple weeks ago.

gaphair says:

If not later!!!!

mkozak says:

How about the fix the GPS on the Epic Touch since it's been broken for about a year now.

Early morning 2am update on Wednesday. It's great to get any update with fixes. Great job tmobile.

howiesf says:

How about the fact that the Sprint Epic 4G Touch is utterly defective? Except for ye ole Treo 650's, I have never had such a poor experience with a phone. I have gone through 6 replacements ! Samsung "tried" to help via Twitter DM and then dropped the ball. I cannot believe that a company as big as Samsung does not rally care about their customers.