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If you're looking for the latest version of the Android Market, look no further than the Android Central Forums. Member Upstreammiami has blessed us with Version 2.2.11 in .apk and .zip form. He says it's a security fix, and apparently some people have seen it pushed out already. But if you're not in the waiting mood (that'd be us), you can get your download on at the source link. Huzzah! [Android Central Forums]


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Updated Android Market (2.2.11) appears in the Android Central Forums


I'm guessing this version logic is not the same as decimal logic. As in .11 > .7 because software likes to do that.

That's probably a function of your ROM. You might have to wait for the new market update to be cooked into the next version

I just started looking around to see if some stealth update has been pushed because my CM6 incredible started going ape shat. All the Google apps and a few others started force closing. It also happened about a week ago and I had to go to a nandroid backup but I thought it was a game I installed. Now I wonder if its updates. Has anybody else had this problem?

Yay. So when do us Nexus One owners get Gingerbread as "Nexus phones get it first?" Has Samsung deduced enough time has passed since the Nexus S(hite) went on sale?

Go back to your bridge you troll. Google alone controls when their developer phones receive updates. When it's ready to be released, the Nexus One will be the first phone to receive Gingerbread, and not a second later.

Phil, are you running an ASOP Gingerbread ROM or did I miss something and El Goog released Gingerbread quietly?


He mentioned on the podcast he was running a gingerbread rom, and tweeted a link to it if your interested.

WHAT!!!!!! What was that!!!!! Did anyone saw a red square passing by your back when we read a security fix!!!!!

Netflix anyone???

Titanium backup update says recently changed:
"Supports Market links with Market 2.2.11 and up."

What does that mean about the Market update?