Tweetdeck for Android

Tweetdeck -- one of the most popular Android Twitter clients -- has wrapped up a two-month beta test period and is now available in the Android Market. It's a free app, has widgets and basically is a big ball of Twitter awesomeness. Check out TweetDeck's official demo after the break, where you can also find download links.  [TweetDeck]

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Tweetdeck Twitter app out of beta, officially available in the Android Market


Tweetdeck is having some issues with FB comments currently (specifically comments on photos or "likes"). Also, clicking a FB comment in your "ME" column now brings you to the browser instead of staying natively in the app. TD says FB changed thier response format and that's what's causing the issues and they plan to address it in v1.01. Otherwise, the beta had been great (once they got FB to stay synced). I nearly uninstalled both Twidroyd and the FB app off my N1 (but I LOVE Tridroyd's "live preview" as it works better than "new twitter" on my desktop). TD's latest issues have me back to using official FB app though...

He's running a custom ROM (probably CM6) and he either modified his status bar with Spart Parts or its part of the rom. If you want a batter indicator in your status bar w/o rooting, try "Battery Indicator". There is also a pro version for $0.99. I install that on every one of my friend's Android phones. The pro version allows you to set color thresholds based on % (green= 100-40, yellow= 39-11, red = 10% or less)

They need to fix the column view widget to stretch horizontally and vertically beyond 3x3 and to allow users to reduce the text size on that view.

They way they do columns is still so strange. I don't like my Twitter and Facebook merged, but it would be nice to have Buzz/Foursquare merged but that doesn't seem like an option. It's ALL together or ALL separate it seems.

Still can't reorder the columns either right? bummer.

My favorite interface so far is still Seesmic, I just wish they would offer Facebook support.

You can seperate Twitter from FB (I have the seperated), but you cannot change the order of the columns (I don't like this either). To seperate them, when you first load the application, input your twitter criteria first. Then input the FB stuff. Go to "home" stream under "column settings" and turn OFF the "also include updates from FB" option. Then hit the "+" sign and add a column for "FB Feed". It will seperate the two. I wish I could put the "Me" column last and have Twitter and FB next to one another.

Looks good, but seeing that I have FriendStream from HTC on my EVO, don't really see much of a need. and Twitdroyd for an actual twitter client is great.

"It's pretty cool that Android lets us distribute the app outside of the market as it makes testing so much easier."


The theme of this application is ugly. They could have done better than that gray background.

Just installed the beta last night. The full version did not overwrite the beta, I had to do that seperately.

I like it! I was worried about having a MyTouch 3G, but it works great! I LOVE being able to have columns. I'm used to the color scheme because that's what I use on my computer. Really never bothered me.