BBC Push Test

The BBC today sent out some weird push notifications to the broadcaster's official news apps on both Android and iOS. It's a developer's worst fear when testing some new functionality goes live somehow and this is exactly what happened to the BBC. Push notifications were inadvertently sent out to live apps on both mobile platforms with some sample text. It is what's contained in these push notifications that makes this report rather humorous.

Without spoiling too much for you Game of Thrones fans, apparently there'll be no nudity in the latest episode. Oh, and "push sucks" and "pull blows". Jesting aside, this is the result of testing the breaking news feature available in both apps where push notifications can be sent to the smartphone and alert the owner to a breaking story. The BBC later apologized for the error.

If you don't have the app installed, find it through the download link below.

Source: Julian March (Twitter), via: The Next Web


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Strange notifications from your BBC News app? Don't worry, here's what's going on


Funny thing is that really is considered breaking news nowdays. Either that or scare tactics.

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BBC sending push notifications for Actress' getting naked on screen.

I need to reinstall BBC app

Publicity stunt WIN

When I used to work as a typographer in the late-Eighties, I had to fill a layout with "Greek" type (i.e. nonsense dummy text to simulate typical text; read about it here: and since the system didn't have a way to automatically generate this stuff, I had to manually make up nonsense like, "Uawe ase lwleaa dppenuw psej alad waljel," and so on. it was a drag.

To entertain myself, I slipped into a block of text something like, "awl da Jung doodz, kerry da newz..." The next day, the owner said, "Cute 'All The Young Dudes' quote. Don't do it again, please."