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Sprint has launched an Android app to allow push-to-talk on some phones. The Kyocera Rise budget phone will support it, as will the upcoming LG Optimus Elite, it said.

Push-to-talk is a transmission method that turns your phone into a walkie-talkie, of sorts. The type that only allows communication one-way at a time, so like an air traffic controller, you’ll have to say “over” after each sentence, and of course “over and out” when your conversation is done.

For cell users, push-to-talk cellular is supposed to give people a way to quickly broadcast a message to receiving handsets. If multiple handsets are hooked up, a team leader can speak to all of them without ringing each one up individually.

Some apps already emulate this function, like HeyTell and Zello, but the Sprint app uses the carrier’s Direct Connect push-to-talk service. Sprint says it has a million users on Direct Connect already (most on rugged handsets), and hopes the app will allow it to tap into a new user-base.

Sprint customers can hit the Google Play link above to download the app.

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VDub2174 says:

It only works on some phones? Why not make it compatible with all phones?

ya, like whats so hard about making it good for all phones on sprint. seems like a low blow to get you to buy a crappy phone just for this

marisdaman says:

If everything could work on all phone's there wouldn't be a need to distinguish phone as high end. Some apps (not to say this app) need certain specs to run properly. That's like buying a cheap PC with 1gb ram and trying to run a program that call for at least 2gb to run right. But it should be runnin on all newer phones thiugh. Jus' saying.

Bishounen says:

That's the trick though. It appears to ONLY run on older hardware that is LESS capable than the new stuff. That makes no sense at all. Especially given that it is just a software app with a big green software button in the middle of the screen.

Doesn't even work on the Galaxy Nexus. Worthless app.

staticK78 says:

I really wish they would spend more time on ota updates, such as ICS for the LG Viper. These pointless, already-thought-of apps are a waste...not to mention they're probably just gonna charge for it's use after 30 days anyway just like their messaging app. Come on already...

BruhMan says:

"....The Kyocera Rise budget phone will support it, as will the upcoming LG Optimus Elite...."

To launch an app like this for 3 phones sounds like it was not well thought of in the least. If you have an app that doesn't work with an HTC and/or Samsung phone is pretty pathetic in my opinion.

Dhalgren says:

Hey Sprint, get back to me when you support the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S 3.

mstrblueskys says:

And the EVO 4G LTE

ajonesma says:


Duffin says:

How about instead of pointless apps most people don't need, you get on the Jelly Bean update for your phones, Sprint?

CountryDevil says:

Is there a list of what phone will support it? How dumb is it to release this type of feature for Android and only support a handful of phones?

htatc says:

Actually, as an Air Traffic Controller, we do not say "over" or "over and out" after radio transmissions.

kcz7 says:


Victoria Ho says:

Lol, TV lied to me.

Oh gosh, I hope this isn't like those old chirping Nextel phones. That sound got old really quickly...

ConTejas says:

Do you guys think that push to talk apps are new or something? LOL.

setitoff215 says:

Get Zello Guys It Works Just The Same Way But With Every Phone and Platform Ptt instantly

Masheen says:

TikL is another great ptt app.

djjk2004 says:

some things sprint does doesn't make sense.... making this app only for certain phones is one of them. im shaking my head at sprint. when my contract is up i'm not wow'd with sprint anymore (2004 i signed up with Nextel), the competition has more to offer.

They really need to release this for everyone! Especially the high end phones! SG3, and the EvoLte

DWR_31 says:

This seems as though it will only work with other capable Sprint phones.
Tikl works with pretty much all Android phones, over multiple carriers, and on Wifi.