Big Android BBQ 2013

A great weekend with the biggest Android fans around

For three days in sunny (and then rainy) Dallas, a group of several hundred Android enthusiasts came together to share some words, some experiences and some food. The Big Android BBQ 2013 wrapped up last night with a fantastic party full of great people and money raised for charity, but the two days prior were just as action packed.

Android fans, journalists, sponsors and event volunteers came from all over the country (and the world) to talk about our favorite mobile OS and share some like-minded discussions. The Big Android BBQ gave everyone a chance to learn a thing or two about devices of all kinds, hear some great speakers and meet with representatives from well-known companies as well.

I have to say that the BBQ was an absolute blast, and most of all I'm glad I had the opportunity to meet so many Android Central readers and fans over the past couple of days.

So to all of the great people who attended this year, thanks for making this weekend one to remember. Have a safe trip home and we'll hopefully see you again next year at another great Big Android BBQ.

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So long, Big Android BBQ 2013


You mean some of the biggest Android fans around - the ones who live nearby or have enough money and free time to travel... Just saying. Not disappointed or anything that I couldn't go (well, maybe).

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Glad to hear you had a great trip, Andrew. Look forward to sunny and warm weather all week in Seattle. At least you aren't coming home to rain

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I was connecting through DFW and waved to the BBQ from my connecting flight.

Glad people had a good time, I have thought about attending but never been able to work it into my schedule.

As a side note, IMHO the best Texas BBQ comes from Austin.


[quote=Dan1431]As a side note, IMHO the best Texas BBQ comes from Austin.


We have BBQ that can hang with Austin any day of the week. The trick is finding the places that are worth mentioning. There's a lot of chaff along with the wheat.

I was there, and it was OK. Last year was more fun.

Major problem: They really need to move to a venue that can handle the data needs. There was no Wifi available. That really blew.

Minor problem: I really liked last year's setup with the vendors. This was a personal preference of course, but they had them in a ballroom last year, and it was pretty cool. They had them out in the foyer this year, and just felt like an afterthought.

Finally: I know it's a developers/enthusiasts conference. I just wish they had concentrated a little more on the enthusiasts than they did.

For example, room 1: The only things that I'd consider non-dev was "Ubuntu internals"
Room 2: Hacking aruduinos with Androids (maybe?)
Room 3: Developments in the Open Source community, AOSP framework, Clock work recovery porting, and the Future of CyanogenMod (Most of these were day 1)
Room 4: Something to do with repairs and Serenity for Google TV.

Day 2 was pretty sparse for me, and I left at noon, not wanting to wait around for the Google TV stuff.

The people were great as usual, and the fans were fun. The pins were pretty cool, and the speakers I listened to were great. Just wish it trended a little more to the enthusiasts. Over all, I give it a C vs the B+ of last year.

Don't know if I'll go next year, even though I live 15 minutes away.